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Hollywood Make-Believe

Posted by V the K at 9:37 pm - March 1, 2014.
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The plot of the new movie Non-Stop is apparently totally credible and believable… if you’ve spent the last 13 years watching nothing but MSNBC and Bill Maher.

It turns out that the villain is not a hijacker but a terrorist — someone who wants to murder everyone on the plane to further a political goal. You ready? The terrorist is a 9/11 family member. Yes, you read that right; the terrorist is a 9/11 family-member who lost a loved-one in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

It gets worse…This 9/11 family member-turned-terrorist then joined the military but found himself disillusioned by the pointless wars. And now…The 9/11 family member-turned-terrorist is upset because America hasn’t done enough to ensure there will never be another 9/11. And so he figures if he can get an air marshal blamed for a terrorist attack, America will wake up and anally probe us before we’re allowed on a plane, or something.

It gets even worse…The villain’s sidekick is a member of the American military willing to murder 150 innocent people for a payday.

If that isn’t inconceivable enough…The one passenger on the plane who is forever helpful, kind, reasonable, noble, and never under suspicion is allegedly a MUSLIM DOCTOR in traditional Muslim garb and full beard.

And these are the people who think we should follow their cultural and political lead. They also think Obama is a god.

Mission Impossible: Trying to Make Hillary More Human

Posted by V the K at 6:41 pm - March 1, 2014.
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Recognizing that Hillary Rodham Clinton possessed all the charm of a canker sore, Clinton White House aides spent countless hours trying to figure out how to make the first lady look more human, and less like a socialist android.

Even in the early days of the Clinton White House, consultants and political advisers were scrambling to soften Hillary Clinton’s hard-edged image, looking for ways to “humanize her” for the press and public.

In the latter years, as the media turned, the advice was far more blunt. “Be real,” media consultant Mandy Grunwald told her in a 1999 memo. Grunwald told the first lady the public tends to see her only in “very stern situations,” and warned her not to let the press see her “uncomfortable or testy.”

The 1999 memo was a particularly frank example of advisers looking to style Clinton for the public. At the time, Grunwald was with the Grunwald Communications firm she founded and was trying to smooth relations between retiring New York Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Clinton — who would later win Moynihan’s seat. The memo referred to an upcoming “Moynihan event.” Grunwald urged Clinton to stay “conversational” and not raise her voice.

They even tried to push her on the idea of appearing on popular 1990’s sitcom Home Improvement. I can imagine the plot pitch. Tim Taylor bangs one of the interns on Tool Time, and Hillary comes round to tell Jill Taylor, “Hey, what difference does it make now?”

If they wanted to make Hillary look more… warm and human… they should have turned to an expert.

Also, Clinton advisor Sandy Burger (the guy who filched classified documents from the National Archive before they could embarass the Clintons) was apparently miffed that none of the characters on The West Wing was based on him.  Maybe he should have been worried a little more about Osama bin Laden and a little less about TV shows.

Update: Below the fold, a video of Madame Clinton at her most charming. (Courtesy Commenter Charles)


Oh, Good Lord

Posted by V the K at 12:00 pm - March 1, 2014.
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CNN complains that Putin is picking on their boyfriend.


 Also: Time reporter posts unflattering pic of the POTUS: Obama Cult Goes Nanners.


The Gay Left: One Non-Stop Neurotic Hissy-Fit After Another

Posted by V the K at 12:29 am - March 1, 2014.
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Can you imagine (well, I know the lefty commenters can, but can normal people imagine) having to go through life getting your panties wadded up by every perceived slight? How would you walk?

Anyway, some transgendered folk got made about something or other…

When a heckler at a Santa Barbara event accused actor Jared Leto of “trans-misogyny” for “portraying a trans-woman, because you’re a man,” Leto retorted, “Because I’m a man, I don’t deserve to play that part?” He continued, “So you would hold a role against someone who happened to be gay or lesbian — they can’t play a straight part?” While his comment won applause from the audience, the usual media suspects conspicuously did not have Leto’s back.

Susan Rohwer lamented in an L.A. Times piece, “the role should’ve gone to a trans actor.” She charged, “It is no longer acceptable to cast cross-racially, so why is it acceptable to cast someone who is not transgender in a transgender role?”

Because trannies are the next group of people morally vacant leftists have to pretend to care about in order to seem “tolerant.” (The 21st Century version of Puritanism.)