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Republicans Hold Onto Florida House Seat

The “Do Nothing” strategy seems to be bearing fruit.

Republican David Jolly narrowly defeated Democrat Alex Sink on Tuesday in a Tampa-area House race largely seen as a critical test for ObamaCare.

The Democrat, Alex Sink, a former candidate for governor, was heavily favored in the Democrat-leaning 13th CD. The Democrat Party sank millions into her campaign, some of which went to hire complete nitwits to steal David Jolly campaign signs and then brag about it on Twitter. The Democrats also ran a phony libertarian in hopes of siphoning off GOP votes; a strategy that worked very well for them in Virginia. Unless they “find” a few thousand ballots in the trunk of a car (the Franken maneuver), the Democrats will not pick up this seat this time.

So, while this election will not affect that status quo in any way, at least we are spared the obnoxious spectacle of Democrat gloating.


These items have been all over, and deserve to be noticed here at GayPatriot.

Liberal bias, in media & academia? Why, yes.

More people seeing that the Emperor Has No Clothes? Thankfully, yes.

  • Obama is under water on the Ukraine crisis. 42% approve his handling, 43% disapprove.
  • While a bipartisan majority support sanctions against Russia, they’re mainly older people, because younger people say no. Among the Obama-voting 35-and-under, 55% are against it.

IRS / Tea Party scandal as real as ever? Yup.

  • Great, daily coverage at TaxProf Blog.
  • Yes, Lerner targeted the Tea Party, and even what she called “organizations woven by the fabulously rich and hugely influential Koch brothers”. More Koch Derangement Syndrome. Some people are on too much Koch!
  • Lerner continued last week to plead the 5th. The IRS will give up all her emails, supposedly; I put it that way because enough time has passed that only God knows what they may have scrubbed.

FROM THE (OTHER) COMMENTS: In the other Koch Derangement Syndrome thread, some fine comments are relevant here.

  • runningrn says “The Koch brothers didn’t even crack the top 10 when it came to the top political donors. In fact they are way the heck down the list at number 59…The 6 biggest union donors in American politics gave 15 times more to mostly Democrats…”
  • And Annie gives us the WSJ link.

One should ask why the IRS doesn’t target all that union money? Or target, to coin a phrase, “organizations woven by the fabulously rich and hugely influential George Soros”?


  • Rep. Alan Grayson (D – FL) won’t be charged after allegations that he physically abused his wife. GP talked about it here. The video evidence – which was incomplete (having gaps in it) – did not support Lolita Carson-Grayson’s story. Nonetheless, a judge granted her a restraining order against Rep. Grayson. We’re still waiting for the new feminist campaign, “I BELIEVE YOU, LOLITA!”
  • Gary Lyngar answers his son, who had made a splash by claiming “I lost my dad to Fox News”. Hint: The son was about as real and honest with us as you’d expect from a writer who whines about his parent’s politics. As the elder Mr. Lyngar puts it, his son was “dead wrong” and “a lot of it’s his perception of what’s going on and not reality”.

What Feminism Has Come To

So, aside from lowering standards to the point where Lena Dunham is considered smart and pretty, what has Feminism achieved?

The feminization of our politics has brought about the unsustainable welfare state; whose crowning achievement is Obamacare, a program championed by a Feminist Speaker of the House and implemented by a Feminist Secretary of Health and Human Services.

American Colleges are well on the way to becoming puritanical matriarchies. Already overwhelmingly female, new laws are being worked that will define virtually all sex as rape, and there are efforts underway to make it mandaory to expel males who are merely accused of rape. Rape itself is being  redefined to include the circumstance of a woman changing her mind after consenting to sex with a man, with no statute of limitations.

The foregoing may be an effort for women to reclaim through legalism what they lost in the sexual revolution; control over the sex. The culture of single parenthood and permanently single women is a consequence of men no longer needing to commit to a woman in order to receive sex. [Insert metaphor regarding the logic of purchasing the bovine when its lactic emissions are gratuitously available.]

At one point, Feminists assailed pronography as demeaning to women. Now, it’s hailed as empowerment when a Womyn’s Studies Major at Duke University (Annual Tuition: $40,000) makes pr0n. [The coed in question claims it’s the Patriarchy’s fault because she doesn’t get enough financial aid; never mind she was offered a full-ride (no pun intended) at another university.)

Social Conservatives get knocked around a lot for believing that motherhood and family give women more dignity than pr0n careers, for believing that men should commit to their women and women to their men and both should commit to their families; for believing that empowerment comes through strength of character and self-reliance, not by performing lewd acts for the sexual gratification of strangers. Given the alternative, it should be conceded that social conservatives have a point.

Progressive Leftists Push More Speech Censorship; Mrs. Obama Approves

Posted by V the K at 8:19 am - March 11, 2014.
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Since leftists have solved all the economic, social, and fiscal problems in the country; they have turned their attention to policing speech. The latest object of their inexhaustible ire is the word “bossy.” The progressive hive mind has determined that “bossy” is a sexust term that undermines chicks’ self-esteem, or something.

[Obama bundler and Facebook COO Sheryl] Sandberg — the chief operating officer of Facebook and author of the best-selling book “Lean In” — is spearheading the launch of a campaign today to ban the word “bossy,” arguing the negative put-down stops girls from pursuing leadership roles.

The First Mooch Our esteemed First Lady is very much on-board with this very important issue. And this is a very VERY important to the progressive left. But the debt, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and IRS abuse are “phony scandals.”


The Senate Democrats’ Global Warming Slumber Party

Liz Warren’s hair braiding was a big hit (her people are really good at that). But overall, the Democrats’ all night slumber party to stop the climate from changing was basically a command performance for their billionaire donors, who stood off to the sides clapping “Dance, puppets, dance!” The donors hope the Democrats will pass more “Climate Change” legislation; i.e. more billions in borrowed money pouring into the pockets of wealthy donors, as with Solyndra, Fisker, GrennTech Automotive, and A123 Batteries. However, most analysts conclude the exercise was just a bunch of hot air; despite their large senate majority, Democrats are not proposing the radical climate change legislation their donors demand… yet.

Personally, I’m just grateful there were no erotic pillow-fights. Senate Democrats aren’t exactly eye-candy.