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HHS Bureaucracy Completely Dysfunctional Says Former HHS Bureaucrat

Posted by V the K at 12:09 pm - March 14, 2014.
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Progressive leftists tell us that letting the Government run things optimizes efficiency because Government doesn’t have to worry about profits, and can therefore focus on providing the most efficient and effective services to people.

A former bureaucrat at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) tells us that this is total [link to accurate visual metaphor]. From the (popup-riddled) Daily Caller:

In a resignation letter obtained by ScienceInsider, David Wright, director of the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) — which oversees and monitors possible research misconduct — offers a scathing rebuke of the unwieldy and inefficient bureaucracy that he dealt with for the two years he served in the position.

According to Wright, activities that in his capacity as an academic administrator that took a day or two, took weeks and months in the federal government.

He recalled an instance in which he could not get approval for a $35 cost to have cassette tapes converted into CDs. He eventually was able to get them converted in 20 minutes for free by a university. And another instance in which he “urgently needed to fill a vacancy,” but was told there was secret priority list. Sixteen months later, he wrote, the position was still unfilled.

He also recounts an occasion on which the HHS bureaucracy once evaluated the efficiency of its practices; and the results were so bad they decided to do what any business would do; retool its processes to make them more efficient and get rid of the dead weight.

No, just kidding, they buried the report and vowed never to do it again.

“On another occasion I asked your deputy why you didn’t conduct an evaluation by the Op-Divs of the immediate office administrative services to try to improve them,” he wrote. ”She responded that that had been tried a few years ago and the results were so negative that no further evaluations have been conducted.”

HHS is the agency progressive leftists think should be responsible for everybody’s health care.

No wonder they think Obamacare is a rousing success.

A Meme Is Worth a Thousand-Word Post

Posted by V the K at 11:44 am - March 14, 2014.
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We Like #BanBossy!

Yes, it’s a bumper sticker!

Hat tip, Powerline. Also this nifty graphic, hat tip Granite Grok:

You can find a larger, clearer version here.

Hillary Supporters Behind #BanBossy

The Facebook COO and the cabal behind the campaign to make the term “bossy” politically incorrect and socially unacceptable are party of the ‘Ready for Hillary’ coven.

Sandberg is an ally of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. […]

But why focus the campaign on the word “bossy”?

The answer to that may have something to do with Clinton being called “bossy” during the 2008 campaign by Australian feminist Germaine Greer. Bossy is also more tame than some of the other words Clinton has been called.

Two years ago, Democrats launched a campaign to brand Republicans as engaging in a ”war on women,” a campaign with a lasting impact that will no doubt stretch into the 2016 elections if Clinton runs.

Now the Ban Bossy campaign gives Democrats another weapon to use against those who disagree with Clinton’s policy ideas.

This way, anyone who criticizes Mrs. Clinton for her notoriously imperious, overbearing, domineering, difficult personality can be automatically attacked as “Anti-Woman;” much as all criticism of President Obama is attributed to “racism.” [But rest assured, calling Sarah Palin any crude, insulting name you want will still mark you as one of the Tolerant Enlightened.]

BTW, my good friend Stoaty Weasel has created a very… compelling… poster for Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 campaign. It’s a bit… uncivil… to reproduce it here; but here’s a link if you are feeling uncivil toward Mrs. Clinton.

The Party of Tantrums

Posted by V the K at 8:37 am - March 14, 2014.
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In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Democrat Party… instead of dealing with very serious issues of spending, economic growth, job creation, or energy independence… has been too busy throwing tantrums and acting like spoiled children.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been using his time on the Senate floor ranting against the Koch Brothers for using their wealth to support libertarian causes; unlike George Soros, Warren Buffett, Tom Steyer, and the other billionaires who have all become good, loyal socialists. [Also not criticized: Democrats paying $32,000 a head to schmooze with Obama at a fundraiser at the home of a Manhattan crony.]

And, yesterday, a group of Democrat House members directed a hissy-fit at Republican Darrell Issa; ostensibly because they are mad because he cut off the microphone of windbag Elijah Cummings while he has ranting about how wrong it was to investigate the IRS for abusing Tea Party groups. The Democrats are by-and-large okay with the abuse of Government power to attack and harass their opponents; to them it is part of the spoils of victory. But cutoff a windbag in the middle of an off-topic rant, and they rage for weeks about it.

This is the modern Democrat Party, they would rather throw Drama Queen tantrums than do the real work of elected officials.

And let us not forget the ridiculous Climate Change Slumber Party earlier this week.

And just to prove they don’t deserve a senate majority, Senate Republicans have caved to Democrats and will make unemployment checks a permanent entitlement.

BTW, did you read about the mummified corpse of a woman in Michigan who had been dead since 2008 but apparently voted in 2010? I think we can guess which party she voted for; the dead are a solid 100% Democrat voting bloc, and unlike with the military, the Democrats make sure their votes are counted.

Harassment, censorship and disease

Some quick links.

Thanks to reader Peter H, for about half the items!

Obama’s daily lawlessness

On Wednesday, V noted how President Obama set aside his own Obamacare law and decreed a delay to the “individual mandate”. (The mandate that he previously told the Supreme Court was an absolutely essential part of Obamacare.)

Thursday’s example was Obama’s plan to decree overtime pay for some 10 million who had willingly been working without it, because they are salaried employees.

It’s not a good thing. First of all, anytime the government mandates pay increases, it costs real people their jobs. While some people might get more pay, others’ pay goes to part-time, or to zero. When Obama proposed his minimum wage hike last month, even the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) agreed that it would cost 500,000 jobs.

But the deeper problem is that, in Barack H. Obama, we have a President who increasingly abandons constitutional, legislative and democratic processes. Throughout his administration, in issue after issue, he has declared that the rules are now different because he says so. Whether it’s ripping off honest GM bondholders, Fast and Furious, hiding information about corrupt federal prosecutors, Obamacare or countless other issues, you never can tell when this President will suddenly decide on different rules.

With this overtime change, there is serious debate about whether the President has the legal authority to do it. Some say he doesn’t; some say he does. But that means his move is dubious. And however that might be – and I say, even worse – Obama’s move makes the government interfere, once again, in arrangements that freely consenting adults had agreed on. (Liberals may want government out of the bedroom, but boy, do they want government in everything, everyone and everywhere else.)

This is one more, little thread in the tapestry of America’s decline: we have become a nation ruled by “men, not laws.” And if you think that arbitrary government doesn’t make for an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty that stifles the economy, think again.

UPDATE: Allahpundit has video, as he puts it, of Obama “in 2008 promising to roll back Bush’s executive overreach because he was a law professor and knew the Constitution ‘n stuff.”.

Rep. Trey Gowdy gives an appropriate response.