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Ted Cruz: BAMF

Posted by V the K at 9:20 pm - March 15, 2014.
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These posters have been going up in southern California in advance of a scheduled appearance by Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The Cruz Missile approves.

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Which inspired another Photoshop. (John McCain must be going nuts with impotent jealousy.) [After the jump.]

Update: Ted Cruz… bad boy of the US Senate.

  • Cruz bumped Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) in the hallway, pointed and said “what’s that on your tie?” When Udall looked down Cruz flipped up his hand, batting him in the face. As Udall arrived at the Senate cafeteria, he noticed his lunch money was gone.
  • Suspect fitting Cruz’s description drove slowly by the White House, clinking three empty beer bottles stuck to his fingers and taunting, “Obaaaamaaa! Come out to play-ee-yay!”
  • Spends all Republican caucus meetings slowly rocking his back-row chair, chewing gum and cracking wise.
    Anonymous complaint filed with the Senate Ethics Committee alleged a certain Texas senator “only refers to Hawaii Sen. Schatz by the present-tense version of his name.”
  • Cruz interrupted a long answer by SecDef nominee Chuck Hagel, with “speaking of drones, we gonna wrap this up soon?”


Texas Muslim Honor Kills Lesbian Daughter

A Texas man who murdered his daughter and her lover may have been motivated by Islamic intolerance.

In his bedroom, which Cook described as a converted garage, the murder suspect had a copy of the Koran open to a page which talks about homosexuality as a sin, family advocate Quanell X told KHOU. The find may give some insight into Cosby’s disturbed mindset, the advocate said.

Man, it sure is a good thing he didn’t refuse to bake a cake for her wedding; then he would really be introuble with the gay activist left.