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Gay RI House Speaker Resigns as Corruption Probe Deepens

The powerful Democrat Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives resigned this weekend as Federal Agents and Rhode Island State Police raided his home and office collecting evidence of corruption in state Government.  Gordon Fox was the first openly gay statehouse speaker in the United States and a champion of the cause of same sex marriage; also a crook, apparently. Fox was once hailed by the media as “courageous” for his stance on gay marriage. “Courageous” is a word the media use to describe politicians who agree with the majority opinion of the media and the Democrat left.  As he once described himself, in a weird sort of self-victimizing compliment:

Fox once summed up his unlikely rise to become one of the most powerful figures in Rhode Island government this way: “I’m a biracial gay kid that wasn’t supposed to be speaker.”

Giving people high office and power on the basis of their being “Historic Firsts” has never worked out well, has it?

Detroit and Venezuela: Socialism’s Inevitable End Points

Posted by V the K at 5:04 pm - March 23, 2014.
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The bankrupt city of Detroit has been run since before most of us were born by a series of very left, progressive, Democrat mayors. Most of this time, the city council and mayor’s office were run by African-American Democrats who pursued policies of taxing those who earned more in the name of fairness, labor union empowerment, racial favoritism in hiring and Government contracting, and crony relatioships between Government and favored business interests. Critics of these policies were called racists; that they wanted to see a black man fail because of their hate. They were also called “anti-worker,” said to be pawns of “Big Business.” As the city decline, its leadership blamed its problems on Republicans, who by that time were long out of power and in any case offered little opposition to the city’s progressive Democrat leadership.

Does any of that sound familiar at all?

The city declared bankruptcy last year, and for most low-information voters, that was the end of it. They went back to following the Cardassians on their Obamaphones, or whatever. However, Detroit is still providing us with regular cautionary examples of the failure of Socialism.  Just this past week:

It’s a testament to human stupidity that no matter how many times socialism fails, there are always those eager to give it another shot.