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Republican Senate Candidate Seems Like the Right Woman for the Job

Posted by V the K at 9:58 pm - March 25, 2014.
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I know nothing about her apart from this commercial, but I like the cut of her jib.

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I can only imagine how the leftists could squeal about the nerve of a mere hog farmer serving in the U.S. Senate alongside such dignified and exemplary persons as Democrat Charles Schumer (Has never held a job outside Government), Democrat Elizabeth Warren (lied about being a Native American so she could be an Affirmative Action hire at Harvard), Senators Debbie Stabenow and Patty Murray (Teachers Union Drones), the Udall brothers (inherited their seats dynastically), and Senator Al Franken. The notion of Americans being governed by regular people is deeply offensive to the Progressive Left.

Update and Bump: Proving me right, the Democrat running for the same Iowa Senate seat (an ambulance-chasing trial lawyer) is caught on video insulting every farmer in the state:

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Braley apologized this afternoon for offending Republican U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley after video footage surfaced that shows Braley mocking Grassley as “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.”

If the press in this country weren’t the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, this would be a Todd Akin sized gaffe that would destroy Braley’s camapign.

The Taxman cometh to Bitcoin

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 5:10 pm - March 25, 2014.
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Since Bitcoin came up recently in a GP thread, I thought I’d note that the IRS has just ruled it is property (not currency).

This means that, in the eyes of the IRS, every Bitcoin transaction is a property-for-property barter. If you’re paying Bitcoin, for example, then you must figure out its worth in dollars on the day you paid it, and pay the appropriate capital gains tax (if your Bitcoin had a gain, measured in dollars).

Bitcoin is NOT crashing on this news, but I believe that it will kill Bitcoin over time – to the extent that the IRS enforces it. The record-keeping alone will be an onerous burden for anyone who uses Bitcoin often. The main reason any alternative-currency scheme works is because it lets people escape painful tax burdens. When there’s no escape, then…

Progressive Leftist Democrats Behaving Consistently with Expectations

Posted by V the K at 3:43 pm - March 25, 2014.
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Rhode Island State Senator Josh Miller, who proudly proclaims himself “One of the true ‘left of center’ Democrats of the R.I. State Senate,” is supporting a bunch of new laws that would prevent law-abiding people from exercising their Second Amendment rights to self-defense while doing nothing to stop crazies or criminals from committing violence against the law abiding… i.e. what the left calls “common sense gun laws.” Confronted by questions about his legislation, Senator Miller responded with the class and thoughtfulness we have come to expect from the Progressive Left.

Rhode Island State Senator when challenged on gun control legislation: “Go F*** Yourself” (Video)

A class act all the way, these Progressive Leftists.

Also, an Illinois Democrat is resigning after being caught up in a Kiddo Pr0n scandal.

Should fake hate crimes really be called “hoaxes”?

In my occasional posting on “hate crimes” that were faked by the victims (usually leftists), like many people I call such incidents “hoaxes”. But is that the right word?

noun: hoax; plural noun: hoaxes

1. a humorous or malicious deception.

While faked hate crimes are malicious, in no way are they humorous. But I have a more serious objection. Calling these incidents “hoaxes” implies, not only that the incident was faked, but also that no real hate was involved. And I think that’s wrong.

We know that the Left is preoccupied with categorizing people by race, gender, orientation, etc. We know that emotions like envy, hatred, etc. are prevalent on the Left. We know that racism is a traditional province of the Left (such as the racism of Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood; or that of the Democrats who bequeathed the KKK and Jim Crow to America; or that of the Nazis, who were, after all, pro-worker advocates of ‘mixed economy’ socialism). And we know that even modern-day leftists will say the most racist things to be heard anywhere, if they think no one is listening except their fellow leftists.

Why, then, should we assume that a hate crime faked by a political lefty is really all that fake? When a leftist fakes a hate crime, he or she has tried to mislead people as to the crime’s author. But how is he or she not still doing a deeply hateful act?

For at least some modern-day leftists, it must be agony to have to be officially so anti-racism, all the time. Would not hate crime “hoaxes” express the repressed hatreds of their own hearts?

This question matters, because the word “hoax” sets up a dynamic where the leftist hoaxer is morally off the hook. “Oh don’t be hard on them, they just got carried away by their zeal to start a ‘conversation’ about race.” Golly, ya think?

Might it be that, due to their own racial preoccupations and (repressed) hatreds, lefties enjoy ‘conversations about race’ rather too much? A successfully-faked hate crime is a two-fer for the leftie hoaxer: He got everyone discussing his favorite obsession, and in the process, he actually hurt the victim group’s feelings (thus indulging his unadmitted hatred).

In creating a dynamic where the leftie hoaxer is morally off the hook, the word “hoax” also creates a dynamic where conservatives are still to blame, even though the crime was faked and even though a leftie did it. Because another implication is that if a conservative-leaning person had done it, it wouldn’t be a hoax. The implication is that a hate crime by a conservative is real by definition, because conservatives are h8ers who do such crimes; while a hate crime by a leftist is “just a hoax” by definition, because lefties are against hate crimes and never do them without a noble reason.

And that is, of course, total baloney. So, what would be a better word, for these faked hate crimes?