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The dollar’s removal proceeds apace

Like aging, the overthrow of the U.S. dollar (as the key world currency) is a gradual process. In the last month, I’ve blogged on Russia as a U.S. financial opponent, growing ties among the BRICS nations, and growing Germany-China ties, all tending toward the decline (or eventual elimination) of the dollar from those countries’ relationships with each other.

Today it’s growing Russia-Iran ties (that remove the U.S. dollar from their partnership):

(Reuters) – Iran and Russia have made progress towards an oil-for-goods deal sources said would be worth up to $20 billion, which would enable Tehran to boost vital energy exports in defiance of Western sanctions, people familiar with the negotiations told Reuters.

In January Reuters reported Moscow and Tehran were discussing a barter deal that would see Moscow buy up to 500,000 barrels a day of Iranian oil in exchange for Russian equipment and goods…

[A] source said the two sides were looking at a barter arrangement that would see Iranian oil being exchanged for industrial goods including metals and food…

The Iranian official said missiles would also be part of the deal, together with Russia providing assistance with building two nuclear plants in Iran…

Missiles? Yikes! But this is what you can expect, with Jimmy Carter President Obama at the helm. He should have assisted Iran’s (aborted) Green Revolution back in 2009-10, when he had the chance.

Hat tip, ZH.

For The Democrats, Derangement Is Now the Norm

Deranged rants from the Democrat Majority Leader of the United States Senate have become a daily occurrence; and no one on the left has taken Harry Reid aside to discuss his behavior.

There was once a time when this kind of deranged lunacy was confined to whackjob websites like DailyKos and the Democratic Underground. It’s now the Democrat mainstream and is spoken on the floor of the US Senate. It is possible that the Democrat base can no longer distinguish insane behavior from normal.

Definitive Proof: America Has Become an Idiocracy

There are apparently people who think this is a good idea. Stick a fork in the Republic. It’s done.

Screen-shot-2014-04-02-at-9.46.32-AMSomebody in Texas, save me a spot on the couch when you secede.


Another Day, Another Taxpayer-Funded Social Left Grievance Symposium

Posted by V the K at 8:16 am - April 2, 2014.
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The University of South Carolina is hosting a seminar on Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transatlantic Quinoa-eaters (or something). Topics will include a serious acamic discussion of the role of the Western Judeo-Christian tradition, and how its focus on the rights of the individual has created the free society that allows gays, lesbians, and the rest of the alphabet soup of marginal sexual identities to seek their own paths to fulfillment and meaning.

Just kidding. Actually, it features a piece of (oh joy) performance art called “How to Be a Lesbian in Ten Days or Less.”

The show is a one-hour performance that follows Butchy McDyke, a motivational speaker and expert lesbian, as she “deftly guides her captive audience in an exploration of self-discovery and first love, coming out, lesbian sex, queer politics, and a really important Reba McEntire song.”

Hendrix encourages her audience to shout “I’m a big ‘ol dyke!” in a show that is “one part instructional seminar, one part personal story, and one party wacky performance art.”

Naturally, University (i.e. taxpayer) funds are supporting the event, but when asked how much money was being received, the professor organzing the event essentially answered “None of your business, breeder.”

“Until you call and ask how much money has been spent on heterosexual literature, I’m not going to answer that question,”Dr. Lisa Johnson told Campus Reform.

This Dr. Lisa Johnson is a rather interesting character. In addition to being diagnosed with a serious mental illness, Dr. Johnson also apparently had at least one affair with a student. For a heterosexual male, that would probably be a career-ender. But, in the Progressive Utopia of American Academia, some animals are more equal than others.