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More Derangement from Pelosiland

Nancy Pelosi’s constituents have turned on Silicon Valley in a big way. As reported here earlier, there’s this big movement against companies like Google and Facebook providing buses to transport their employees from their homes in the city to their Company Cult Compounds. Today, the sophisticated progressives of San Francisco raised the intellectual level of their debate by puking on a bus; not by getting motion sickness during a long bus ride, but actually climbing on top of a bus for the purpose of puking on its windshield.

As a form of protest, it’s still better than what they did to Brendan Eich.

So, I’m reading that story and I’m thinking, “The left condemns people for living in the city and taking mass transportation to get to their jobs, for causing “gentrification. But, they also condemn people who live in the suburbs and commute to work for causing ‘urban sprawl.'”

You can’t win an argument with deranged people.

Also, someone in SFO has been flipping over SMART cars. Or maybe it was just windy last night.

Speaking of Silicon Valley, watching the first episode of Mike Judge’s new HBO series would not be a waste of half an hour. (The increasingly deranged and irrelevant Roger Ebert hated it, so there’s that.)

Recovery for the One Percent

To continue my series on this, I’ve been accumulating chart links. There are so many, especially on Zero Hedge which has great coverage. I’ll make some introductory remarks, then show the charts.

As a capitalist, I have no objection to the good inequality that investors, employers and consumers award by their actions in the marketplace. The problem is inequality awarded by force or fraud. That includes crime of course; but the systemic problems in our economy today arise, sooner or later, from *government force* and fraud. Under President Obama – and our nut-job economic planners at the Federal Reserve – we have more government intervention than ever. We also have more inequality. It can’t be a coincidence.

I believe that Obama likes it on some level, because the more inequality there is, the more he can offer (still more) government intervention as the alleged “solution”. While our problems did not start with Obama, he has exploited and worsened them because inequality of power – taking ever-greater amounts of power away from the People, giving ever-more power to the Party/bureaucrats/government – is the deep tendency of the State, and as well, the deep goal of the Left.

I could talk about the explosion of welfare dependency under Obama, which rapes the “working poor” (among others) for the sake of the “lazy poor”. But my focus today is on the rape of the middle class for the so-called “One Percent”, the wealthier people who gain from our government-planned economy and government-rigged markets.

The charts show that under Obama, U.S. income inequality has increased and may be the biggest it’s ever been.

Under Obama, U.S. income inequality is the greatest it's ever been

More charts: (more…)

Jeb Bush and the Republican Aristocracy

Posted by V the K at 11:38 am - April 8, 2014.
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I can think of few things as sure to fail as a Jeb Bush presidential campaign in 2016. I suspect Jeb Bush knows this. Not even his own mother wants him to run.  In that light, I kind of suspect that his recent comments on illegal immigration (“Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony; it’s an act of love”) are a form of trolling; injecting asinine commentary into a debate just to stir the pot. But his remarks on immigration and Common Core do help reveal the mindset of the Republican Aristocracy.

[I refuse to call them elites; “elite” implies a meritocracy. Aristocracy implies a group of people united by blood ties, privilege, and inherited wealth hat’s a better description of the Bushes and the rest of the Republican gentry.]

The reason Jeb Bush (and the rest of the Aristocracy) can be so cavalier about illegal immigration is because an influx of millions of illegal immigrants is not going to affect his wealth, status, or comfort. It just means the Country Club pays less for lawn maintenance, and the multinationals in his portfolio can lower labor costs and maximize dividends. No one in the Bush family works as a carpenter, or a roofer, or any other occupation where an illegal will take their job. They don’t attend public schools where resources have been stretched to accommodate a flood of non-English speakers. They are unlikely to have to wait in an emergency room or a welfare office crowded with illegals.

His attitude toward ‘Common Core’ is similarly aligned with the views of an Aristocrat.

“I want to hear their solutions for the hodgepodge of dumbed-down state standards that have created group mediocrity in our schools.”

Get it? Jeb Bush simply believes that he and his class know what’s best for everybody; and those dumb hicks running the states are just too dumb to know what’s best for the children in their states. And if he and the Federal Aristocracy don’t crack the whip, the states will be teaching kids to eat lead paint chips and reading materials will consist of back issues of Hustler and TV Guide. The idea that states, freed of the micromanagement of the Federal bureaucracy, might actually educate their kids better is a foreign concept to a man steeped in privilege.

Both of our parties are run by people long, long out of touch with the concerns, challenges, and capabilities of ordinary working people; which is why, at the end of the day, they both end up supporting the same failed policy formulations; based on the belief that any problem can be managed if enough money is thrown at it, and enough “good people” are put in charge of it.

The idea that the “little people,” left alone and given enough freedom, might be able to work things out on their own without the gilded leadership of the Ivy League aristocracy is an absolutely alien concept to them.

Postcards from the Public Education Bizarro World

So, the other day in Chris Christie’s New Jersey, a 13 year old in New Jersey was suspended for twirling a pencil in a manner that someone might twirl a gun.

Yes, really.

Also, in the People’s Republic of California, this happened. A science teacher caught a thug dealing drugs in his classroom. He demanded that the thug hand over the drugs. The thug refused and took a swing at the teacher. The teacher subdued the thug and called security.

And, what happened next was… the teacher was suspended, and the school superintendent reached out to the thug’s parents to apologize and promise it would never happen again.

Yes, really.

sup 140 -01After a massive outcry from the non-bizarro public, the Superintendent issued a meticulously crafted bureaucratic fauxpology. (more…)

A 1,000 Word Argument (Equivalent) Against Increasing the Minimum Wage

Posted by V the K at 7:42 am - April 8, 2014.
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(i.e. Why would any employer pay someone $15.00 an hour for a job that can be performed by a touchscreen?)