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Why Can’t Pro-Amnesty Republicans Make Their Case Without Insulting American Workers?

Posted by V the K at 11:43 am - April 11, 2014.
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1. An aide to Senator Marco Rubio says the reason the USA needs to import millions and millions of cheap foreign laborers (under the Gang of 8 Bill) is because American Workers “just can’t cut it.”

2. Pro-Amnesty Congresswoman Renee Ellmers hosts a forum at which Big Business execs complain that American workers are no good, and so they have to hire illegal immigrants.

3. Jeb Bush, the Republican Establishment’s best hope for repeating their successes of 2008 and 2012 says to a meeting of wealthy Republicans, defends his support for Amnesty by saying, “to be young and dynamic again we have to be young and dynamic again.” (Which is another way of saying American workers are old and lazy).

Mr Bush, Ms Ellmers, Mr Rubio… I know plenty of young, dynamic Americans who would love to earn a living, raise a family, and participate in the American Dream. But they are held back by the ruinously high unemployment rate, and by the preference of the big business entities supporting Amnesty to pay foreign workers borderline slave-wages.

The Republican Establishment should explain to American workers why, in a time of massive unemployment, they are so eager to replace them with low-paid foreign laborers.

This and That

Posted by V the K at 11:14 am - April 11, 2014.
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One longerish post to take the place of three shorterish posts.

1. Snotty leftist Stephen Colbert is replacing bitter leftist David Letterman at the Late Show on CBS.  It’s amazing how far a one-joke comedy routine can take you in the left-wing media establishment. (See also, Tina Fay).

2. Leftist academics think MLK and convicted murderer Mumia Abu Jamal are pretty much equivalent, and a California teacher has decided to indoctrinate his 11th graders to that effect.  What is with the left and making heroes out of murderers?

3. Scientists have developed an artificial vajayjay.  The Sandy Fluke jokes write themselves.