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Schrodinger’s Racists

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 9:36 pm - April 29, 2014.
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I’m a little perplexed at the complexities of contract law that allow one man to declare that another man is for life banned from association with an entity that he lawfully owns. But then I’m just a simple military dude…

Anyway, what’s even more vexing for me is the existential consideration that Donald Sterling is, at his most fundamental level 100% exactly the same person today as he was five days ago when the NAACP was poised for the second time in five years to celebrate his humanity and dedication to the race-baiting and shit-stirring organization.

The first lesson, I guess, is the one I’m learning more about all the time, and that’s that we shouldn’t have heroes. All men’s feet are made of clay. Some dudes are really good, some pretty nasty. Some share our beliefs in some contexts and to some extent, but we should always appreciate before we put anybody on a pedestal that everybody’s shit stinks. And the same goes for organizations. It may not come as much surprise to find that Paula Dean or Cliven Bundy or that duck guy might espouse racist feelings (and to be fair, some were on to Sterling in 2006), but when a group like the NAACP can make such an incredibly lazy mistake (btw, that first award he got from them was in 2009), kinda makes you think organizations like that have different motives, huh?

The second lesson is that you really should never believe people when they piss and moan about privacy. You don’t have to agree with or even do anything less than outright condemn Sterling’s comments as Neanderthal to appreciate that, were it not for a likely unlawful (in California where it occurred, where both parties are legally required to be knowledgeable of it) recording of an otherwise private conversation, we’d have a) never heard of this guy, and/or b) never known of his thoughts. And yet, so many privacy advocates are cheering his head on a stake.

But this isn’t about what Kareem himself acknowledged is a creepy lack of deference to privacy, per se. It’s that today we must live in a world of Schrodinger’s Racist. Here, someone’s beliefs on race are both racist and tolerant until his box is opened. A dude is not just obscurely unknown to the masses, but can actually be lauded and held up as a paragon of tolerance because of his outward and public actions. He’s believed to be pure and clean and totally un-racist.

Something tells me Sterling has felt this way for a long time—at least at some point since 1981 when he purchased the Clippers. Donald Sterling wasn’t punished today by the NBA because of what he is or what he believes (as chilling as that may sound…) No, he was punished because we found out about it. Someone opened his box and he must pay.

Bottom line is that anybody in public life either is or isn’t a racist. Or a homophobe. Or whatever… Without knowing the insides of his mind, he is neither racist nor non-racist, really. Only when we open his box to we learn. Curious, isn’t it, that he could have taken his actual feelings… the actual content of his character, if you will…to his grave, were it not for that recording. And we’d have been none the wiser.

Worse, thanks to the NAACP, we’d have believed him to be downright humanitarian by the very organization that feels (for some reason) it has the final say in such manners!

Just food for thought.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from Houston, of all places…)

P.S. A corollary: Intellectual quiz: Can you think of any other instance where people have hidden who they are, what they actually believe, their true characters, out of fear of what ‘decent society’ would think? Can you imagine what the turmoil would be like of living with such a secret and knowing that at any moment you could be exposed and what that might mean to your life, your loved ones, your very livelihood? Ever think what it might be like for those people when they’re exposed and suddenly those who used to be friendly with them publically deny and spurn them? I dunno… just a stream of consciousness.

When Democrats Think No One Is Listening

Posted by V the K at 8:02 pm - April 29, 2014.
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A Democrat Councilwoman and Mayoral candidate in New Jersey has been caught on tape doing a pretty good impression of that LA Clippers guy… and doesn’t even need a skankwhore to bait her into doing it.

When the conversation turns to proposed tax changes, Burke can be heard screaming in the background: “This is terrible.This is terrible. This is gonna be a (expletive) n—- town.”

The Ghost of LBJ is smiling tonight.

The New Republic: Pro-Gay Marriage, Anti-Monogamy

The lefty collective known as The New Republic is as fanatically pro-Gay Marriage as the left thinks everybody is supposed to be; i.e. the “right” to a piece of paper signed by a bureaucrat that legitimizes a gay relationship trumps any other economic or political consideration.

The TNR Collective is now on record as demonstrating their respect for committed, monogamous relationships by advocating that they be discredited and discarded as a social institution.

The current model of lifelong, cohabiting monogamous partnership has never been such an outdated ideal.

And from there, the author proceeds to trash the entire notion of committed, monogamous partnership in favor of a more selfish ideal of using partners for gratification on an as-needed basis and discarding them when no longer needed. The author is also strongly in favor of children growing up without fathers.

If you think life-long commitment is still needed to start a family, a replacement for that has been found too. Earlier this month it was reported that the number of single women seeking artificial insemination with a sperm donor has doubled in five years.

There is no way that this cultural trajectory ends well.

Another Race Lecture from Obama

Posted by V the K at 1:43 pm - April 29, 2014.
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From Abroad, President Obama reassures his leftist base that their complete and total obsession with race is not only justified, but a mark of their moral superiority.

“That’s still there, the vestiges of discrimination. We’ve made enormous strides, but you’re going to continue to see this percolate up every so often,” the president added, saying this is an example of how “the United States continues to wrestle with the legacy of race and slavery and segregation.”

Maybe the reason the “vestiges of segregation” still “percolate up” is because there’s a whole cottage industry of race-hustlers, race-academics, and race-politicians who make good livings from stoking and exploiting racial animus in minority communities.

The Left’s War on Vocabulary Escalates

Posted by V the K at 9:32 am - April 29, 2014.
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The “You Don’t Say” campaign is worried that the phrase “Man Up” is mean to homosexuals and oppresses and insults them. To be fair, they say the same about “That’s So Gay” and “Don’t Be A Pussy.” All of those phrases are on Duke’s word hit list.



That Which Is Not Freedom

Posted by V the K at 8:27 am - April 29, 2014.
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Who’s Hurting Black People?

Inspired by a monologue on Mark Levin’s show last night… serious question for the group, who is doing more harm to African-Americans?

A. An octogenarian billionaire telling his skanky rent-girl that he doesn’t want her to come to basketball games in the company of black man.

B. A president who guts a voucher program that helped children… predominantly African-American … access higher quality education. [And you can add a Progressive NYC Mayor (and Sandinista supporter, although I am not supposed to point that out) who similarly is trying to lock minority children out of educational opportunities.]

This is a serious question.