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Fleeing Blue State Tyranny

Posted by V the K at 8:39 am - May 2, 2014.
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According to a Gallup Poll, 50% of the residents of Democrat One-Party Government Illinois want to GTFO. 47% of the residents of Democrat One-Party Government Tax-the-Hell-Out-of-You-and-Take-Your-Guns Maryland want to GTFO. Similar numbers want to flee New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Only 24% would similarly like to leave Texas.

Granted, there are some red (Mississippi) and purple (Nevada) states that have similar numbers of malcontents; but Illinois, Connecticut, and Maryland have them all beat. Some people just don’t like living where the Government takes their stuff and denies them any voice in the political process. Seriously, in Maryland, unless you are far, far left liberal living in Montgomery, Prince Georges, or Baltimore; you essentially live in a state of heavy taxation and no representation. Illinoisians who live outside Chicago are treated similarly.

Seattle to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an hour

Posted by V the K at 8:15 am - May 2, 2014.
Filed under: Economy,Socialism in America

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced a plan Thursday that would give the city the highest minimum wage in the United States, $15 an hour.

Now would be a great time to buy stock in companies that make automated Touch Screen ordering machines and in commercial real estate in the Seattle suburbs.

And now that Ed Murray has raised the bar, some otherĀ  Democrat Mayor or Governor with an even more tenuous grasp on economics is going to have to increase his minimum wage to $17 so he can be the Darling of DailyKos. One wonders where this minimum wage bidding war the left is waging will end.