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Good Music From Terrible People

Posted by V the K at 8:49 pm - May 9, 2014.
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Just for a change of pace, I have loved this song since the first time I heard it. The artist however, is a complete dirtbag.


How Democrats Perceive Their Enemies

Posted by V the K at 7:02 pm - May 9, 2014.
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People who gather, non-violently, to protect a rancher from having his cattle taken, his family assaulted, and his possessions taken by armed agents of a corrupt Government bureaucracy – “Domestic Terrorists.”  (According to Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid).

Islamist Group “Boko Haram” that butchers Christians in West Africa, and kidnaps Christian children to sell into slavery — “Not Terrorists” — (According to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s State Department).

Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Are there any sane, decent people left in the Democrat Party? SRSLY.


“Only the Little People Pay Taxes, Dahling…”

Q. Why do Democrats think business is corrupt and rich people don’t pay taxes?
A. Because rich Democrats are corrupt and don’t pay taxes.

The family bicycle business of Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke (“I believe people should pay their fair share” – Ed.) has not paid state income taxes for more than three decades.

Trek, which claims its bicycles can “combat climate change,” has sales of roughly $900 million. However, according to records from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue obtained by Fox 6 in Milwaukee, Trek Bicycle has not paid net income taxes since at least 1982.

And wait, it gets better.

The company also received an $875,000 loan funded by Wisconsin taxpayers, while Burke was serving as Secretary of Commerce for the state.

Trek used the loan to build a new facility, and $392,300 of that loan was forgiven, according to Bjorling.

If they weren’t protected by judges and prosecutors just as corrupt as they are, the Democrats would be prosecuted under organized crime and racketeering laws.

In which a collection of white, liberal gamma-males apologize for their existence.

Posted by V the K at 11:29 am - May 9, 2014.
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Does the Craziest Feminist Alive Represent All Feminists?

“Radical Wind” — The Feminist with the Fart Joke Name — is back. The voices are telling her that Global Warming will lead to total human extinction in 15 years, and that’s all the fault of men, and all men should commit suicide so that the feminist sisterhood can enjoy their final years in peace.

The major cause of this extinction will be that the global warming and melting of the ice has triggered a series of feedback loops of toxic gas emissions such as methane and carbon dioxide which were trapped in the soils and underwaters of the earth by the ice and frost. These feedback loops have already started, are now unstoppable and life on earth is already on its way to extinction. No technology can stop this — especially since male technology is part of the problem and their use and fabrication will only emit more greenhouse gases. Even if men’s system collapsed now, if all men died and we returned back to stone age, it is unstoppable. Unprecedented levels of methane and carbone dioxide have already been released into the atmosphere because of the warming and the more gas is emitted, the more the planet heats because of the greenhouse effects of the gas, and the more gas is emitted again. Once the air is too intoxicated plants will start dying too and if all or most plants die together, all the carbon dioxyde they sequestered will be released too, which only further intoxicates the air. There will simply be no more oxygen to breathe . . .

WHich is a slightly milder version of the Doom Obama’s “Global Warming Scare Change the Topic from Benghazi Report” that came out this week.

Men, homo rapiens, you scum, you filth. There is no word to describe the extent of your evil, you are pure evil, pure lechery. I hate you, how I hate you. In the 250,000 years of your rotten, defunct existence, you have managed to kill 5 million years of life on earth. . . .

The unstoppable death-machine has always only been orchestrated by the homo rapiens. By men. YOU. Women are not and have never been responsible for the atrocities committed by men, for men’s global industrial rape and death system.

If Todd Akin represents the opinions of all Republicans, Christians, and evangelicals, then it is equally fair to say that “Radical Wind” represents the views of all Feminists everywhere. Then again, if there are guilt-ridden liberal men who want to take her up on her offer, who am I to tell them not to make amends.

The Censorship Impulse of the Pious and Stupid Left

Posted by V the K at 7:54 am - May 9, 2014.
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Mel Brooks’s 1974 classic Blazing Saddles —  which satirized the stupidity of racism through the medium of a parody of Western Movies — could not be made today. The dour, Race-Thumping Puritanical Goons of the Left have lost the mental capacity to distinguish between satire of racism and actual racism (such as the Democrat Party’s belief that minority voters are too lazy and stupid to get voter ID’s).

Anyway, 40th Anniversary Edition has been released. Probably best to get a hold of a copy before is disappears like those “racist” and “violent” Bugs Bunny cartoons from the 40’s.

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