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So, How Long Will This Be a Scandal and How Long Will the Administration Pretend to Be Angry About it?

Posted by V the K at 8:55 pm - May 15, 2014.
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Question: How long will it take before the Democrats declare the VA Scandal a “Phony Scandal?” My bet is, we don’t get to the weekend.

And isn’t strange that when a Private on the other side of the world put a dog-leash on an Iraqi prisoner, George W. Bush was said to be personally responsible.  But Obama bears absolutely no responsibility for agencies under his direct executive command (the IRS, the EPA, the VA, the ATF)?

Ace’s take on the testimony of VA Secretary Shinseki was interesting:

“I take full responsibility” stopped meaning “I take full responsibility” around 15 years ago. Now it only means “I’m willing to say the words I take full responsibility.

Watch the video to see what “mad as hell” sounds like. What “mad as hell” now sounds like, in 2014, is a bloodless bureaucratic robot reciting scripted talking points.

A drone, in other words?


How Global Warming Became Obama’s Premier Policy Issue

Posted by V the K at 8:48 pm - May 15, 2014.
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The Preezy today vowed today to make Global Warming a “top tier” issue for the rest of his presidency. (Doubtless, this will be followed by his 178th “pivot to jobs” sometime later this month.) Earlier this week, the President of France, M. Hollande, (who is a Socialist, but strangely, follows the exact same economic policies as Mr. Obama, whom we are told is not a Socialist. It’s crazy, right?) expressed the opinion that Vladimir Putin has been emboldened by Obama’s weakness and fecklessness.

These two foreign policy stories are connected through the Nexus of Obama’s enormous ego. And although Global Warming isn’t intuitively a foreign policy issue, it is the paramount global issue in the mind of the Secretary of State.

And it’s not because they really think Global Warming is a horrific menace. It’s because, more than anything else, Obama wants another Nobel Peace Prize. He’s faintly aware that his first one was essentially a participation trophy. More than anything else, John Kerry wants one of those, too; a consolation prize for losing to George W. Bush. There are two paths to this for an American President/Secretary of State:

  • Get a Middle East Peace Agreement, which worked for Jimmy Carter. This requires capitulation from the Israelis, since the Palestinians will never compromise. So, getting a Mideast Peace Agreement would be really, really hard.
  • Hype ManBearPig, which worked for Al Gore and was really easy; all he did was produce a movie and “write” a couple of books.

So, Global Warming becomes the central issue of Obama’s administration. As with everything else in this administration, the most important thing in Obama’s foreign policy is to ensure that Obama receives adulation for it.

Vladimir Putin knows he never will win a Nobel Peace Prize, and so this liberates him to pursue a foreign policy based on the best interests of Mother Russia. And he cares even less about Obama’s #Hashtags than he does about the Nobel Committee. He sees a weak American president twice elected, and showing him that Americans, by virtue of electing a weak president, are a weak people from whom he has nothing to fear.

School Cancels Performance of “YMCA” After One Idiot Parent Calls It “Racist”

Second facepalm of the day and it isn’t even noon yet.

A North Dakota elementary school will not be allowing the young men and women in a first-grade class to perform YMCA at a talent show because a parent dubbed the planned performance “racist.”

And since when are six year olds “young men and women?”

Oprah Making Documentary on the Most Important Figure of the 21st Century

Posted by V the K at 8:19 am - May 15, 2014.
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Oh, Good Lord,

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN cable network announced Wednesday it’s creating a docuseries that will follow Michael Sam, the first openly gay man drafted to the National Football League, as he starts his career with the St. Louis Rams.

“We are honored that Michael is trusting us with his private journey in this moment that has not only made history but will shape it forever,” said Winfrey.

All because of his awesome achievement of being gay.

Do you think he’ll be Time’s Person of the Year? Nobel Peace Prize, maybe? They’ve been given away for less.

New York Times Editor Fired After Demanding #EqualPay

Posted by V the K at 8:05 am - May 15, 2014.
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Apparently, Jill Abramson thought New York Times management really meant all of that stuff about “War on Women” and “Equal Pay.”

Several weeks ago, I’m told, Abramson discovered that her pay and her pension benefits as both executive editor and, before that, as managing editor were considerably less than the pay and pension benefits of Bill Keller, the male editor whom she replaced in both jobs… A third associate told me, “She found out that a former deputy managing editor”—a man—“made more money than she did” while she was managing editor. “She had a lawyer make polite inquiries about the pay and pension disparities, which set them off.”

Also, apparently she was #Bossy.

“She confronted the top brass,” one close associate said, and this may have fed into the management’s narrative that she was “pushy,” a characterization that, for many, has an inescapably gendered aspect.

The left has gone from #BanBossy to #CanBossy.

Update: John Ekdahl has discovered a long trail of New York Times sanctimony on the subject of pay equity. I wonder if the Times’ bosses will claim she got paid less because she was less experienced, or because the paper has been less profitable, or some other explanation the left routinely derides as an excuse for “sexism.”

Socialized Health Care Working Out Just Fine at the VA

The Veteran’s Administration — cited by leftists as an ideal paradigm of Socialized Health Care — is in the midst of a scandal that is largely being ignored by the MFM because it would make President Obama, and indeed the entire enterprise of Government run health care look bad.

The broad outline of the scandal is like this. Bureaucrats at the VA medical center in Phoenix, Arizona allowed 40 patients to die while awaiting treatment. The bureaucrats kept a secret waiting list to cover up delays while a fake list was maintained for official purposes. Over 1,600 patients were kept waiting, some for over a year to get an appointment with a doctor. Hospitals in New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado apparently were doing the same thing. And apparently, the VA was also denying treatment and tests to patients to save money.

Meanwhile VA Bureaucrats spent $5oo Million on office makeovers and redecorating. Priorities, don’tcha know.

The Obama Administration has no interest in investigating the scandal. What a surprise.

So, the leftists were right; the VA is a paradigm for Government-run health care. Bureaucrats provide shoddy treatment while feathering their own nests, then they lie about it, and there is no accountability.

Anything the Government runs is going to be run primarily for the benefit of the bureaucracy; be it health care, welfare, or public education. Conservatives understand this.

Leftists just find a way to blame the Koch Brothers. (Not kidding, they actually did this.)