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Democrat Congressman Encourages Lawlessness

Posted by V the K at 8:18 pm - May 19, 2014.
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A Democrat Congressman says “every institution in America” should find ways to ignore or work around federal immigration laws.

Let’s see… Big Business, the Roman Catholic Church, the mainline protestant churches, most public universities, municipals governments, state governments, the Federal Government, the welfare bureaucracies, the public schools, law enforcement, banks, insurance companies.

I think every major institution in the country is already ignoring immigration laws.

Maybe conservatives should just ignore tax laws the ways liberals ignore immigration laws.

Things Leftists Ponder

Posted by V the K at 7:03 pm - May 19, 2014.
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The Big Serious Left-Wing Issue of the day: Are Tampons Anti-Feminist?

“Part of the stigma is the need to hide [the menstrual blood] right away and not feel it against your body,” Johnston-Robledo says, and adds that she thinks women who are more comfortable with their bodies “would be more likely to use products where you really have to look at and interact with your fluid as opposed to clogging your body with a tampon and just tossing it into the toilet.”

They consider this serious business, but they consider getting to the truth of Benghazi a joke.


Gallup: Only 3% of Americans Share the Democrats’ Bitter Obsession with Race

Every day, the Democrat/Media complex spins out more stories about what a horrible and racist country is the USA; which was the theme of the FLOTUS’s commencement address to High School students in Kansas. The Attorney General of the United State uses the same theme in a college commencement speech. The FLOTUS went on to say that children should monitor their families for racist thoughtcrime and report them to the local commissarr. The PR Wing of the Democrat Party (a.k.a. the Mainstream Media) go wall to wall with a story about an Octogenarian basketball club owner and his skank girlfirend in which the topic of race came up.

Racism is to the left what sexuality was (supposedly) to aristocratic Victorians; an all-consuming obsession. And they are in a neverending contest of one-upmanship both to demonstrate their own tolerant purity and to identify even the slightest violation of the ever-changing Code of Politically Correct Behavior Relating to Race in others so that they can assert their Superior Race Consciousness.

But according to Gallup, only 1-3% of Americans think Race is the most important issue facing the USA. But it is useful to the Democrats and their PR arm as a way of avoiding talking about issues 1,2, and 3: Unemployment, Government corruption and incompetence, and the economy.

Lesbian Candidate Denounced as Counter-Revolutionary

Posted by V the K at 12:08 pm - May 19, 2014.
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A Lesbian Democrat (correction not a Democrat) candidate for District Attorney in Sacramento is being attacked by gay leftists for not demonstrating sufficient fanatical loyalty to the cause.

Gay and lesbian activist groups are working hard to defeat a Democrat who is running for District Attorney in Sacramento–despite the fact that she herself is a lesbian with a stack of law enforcement endorsements. The reason: they want to punish her for not speaking out against Proposition 8, the now-defunct constitutional amendment enshrining traditional marriage in California, when it was an active issue on the ballot in 2008.

After Prop 8 passed, she continued to decline to comment on it, partly because she was running for judge, and California discourages judges from expressing political opinions. That is not good enough for gay and lesbian political organizations. They believe she should have “held a news conference with her then-partner and their two children denouncing the [Prop 8] initiative,”

What a silly woman for thinking she had independence and for abiding by the ethics of her profession. She should have known that she belonged to the Collective, and owed her loyalty always to the Collective.

Thanks Juan for the Tip.

The Pro-Abortion Extremism of Democrats

Posted by V the K at 10:46 am - May 19, 2014.
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Scenario: A woman finds herself pregnant and wishes to bear the child. The sperm donor does not want to deal with the responsibilities of parenthood, and so secretly slips the woman abortion drugs in her water. Woman miscarries.

According to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, it is perfectly fine for a man to force or trick a woman into taking abortion drugs. And if you think otherwise, you’re an extremist and a foot soldier in the War on Womenfolk. Republicans in Florida are trying to pass a law making it illegal for a man to force a woman to have an abortion against her will; DWS has branded the bill “senseless and wrong,” and, of course, “extreme.”  (Because everything Republicans want to do is called “extreme,” it’s like the entire Democrat smear program was ripped off from a 90’s-Era Mountain Dew commercial.)

Florida Republicans including Gov. Rick Scott are taking constrictions on women’s health to a new level. The state legislature recently passed two new restrictions that will interfere with a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions with her doctor, and instead inserts the GOP’s extreme agenda

Democrats really aren’t pro-choice, they’re pro-abortion, as the example above demonstrates.

Obamanomics: Running Up the Debt to Pay People to Do Nothing

Posted by V the K at 6:33 am - May 19, 2014.
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Workers in the old Soviet Union used to describe their economic system this way, “We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us.” The Obama Regime has apparently decided to adopt this system as well.

Employees at an ObamaCare processing center in Missouri with a contract worth $1.2 billion are reportedly getting paid to do nothing but sit at their computers.

“Their goals are set to process two applications per month and some people are not even able to do that,” a whistleblower told KMOV-TV, referring to employees hired to process paper applications for ObamaCare enrollees.

The facility in Wentzville is operated by Serco, a company owned by a British firm that was awarded $1.2 billion in part to hire 1,500 workers to handle paper applications for coverage under the law, according to The Washington Post.

The whistleblower employee told the station that weeks can pass without data entry workers receiving even a single application to process. Employees reportedly spend their days staring at their computers, according to a KMOX-TV report.

“They’re told to sit at their computers and hit the refresh button every 10 minutes, no more than every 10 minutes,” the employee said. “They’re monitored, to hopefully look for an application.”

Adding to the hilarity, those Serco employees count as “private sector jobs,” because even though they are doing Government work, they do it under the auspices of a private employer. This lets dim-witted Obama cultists brag about how many private sector jobs the SCOAMF has “created.”

So, under Obamacare, you have data entry workers hired at a cost of billions sitting around doing nothing, while hospitals are laying off nurses.

All because progressives believe the Government is so much smarter about how to spend money than consumers or health care companies.

Meanwhile, Obama could permit real jobs to be created by permitting the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, but that would be contrary to the financial interests of Democrat financier Tom Steyer. So… no.

In other economic news, the people who perform the dangerous and demanding work of asking if you “would like to try a combo today” are still demanding $15 an hour for a job that can (and will) be performed by a touchscreen. In Switzerland, voters rejected a proposal to raise the minimum wage to the equivalent of $25 an hour; because the Swiss are not low-information voters who embrace idiotic economic policies promoted by socialist dunderheads.