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Obama Administration Seeks to Designate LGBTQXYZ Landmarks

Posted by V the K at 6:26 pm - May 29, 2014.
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Pandering to its gay left base once again, the Obama Administration is tasking the National Park Service to begin designating “places and people of significance to the history of lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual Americans.”

Some places to consider:

  • The DC condo where Barney Frank’s boyfriend ran a prostitution ring.
  • The airport stall where Senator Larry Craig displayed his “wide stance.”
  • The New Jersey rest area where Governor Jim McGreevey hooked up with strangers for anonymous gay sex.
  • Man’s Country.


  1. Good one. I’m sure the liberal bigots in the White House are having a good laugh at this one, probably having a good laugh at the expense of the Lib gays & lesbians. An extra guffaw for the transexuals & drags (otherwise known as mentally ill, gender-confused).

    Comment by Marc Winger — May 29, 2014 @ 7:11 pm - May 29, 2014

  2. An extra guffaw for the transexuals & drags (otherwise known as mentally ill, gender-confused).

    Which reminds me — did we ever hear back from self-described transwoman and “Scott Walker voter” Zoe M., who appeared a couple weeks ago to scold V the K about the word “tranny”?

    Comment by Throbert McGee — May 29, 2014 @ 7:23 pm - May 29, 2014

  3. The Stonewall Inn would be an obvious choice, but I just wiki’d, and found that the bar (or at least, its street address, since the building has been so heavily renovated since 1969) is already doubly-designated as “historic” both by NYC and the US government (since 2000).

    The house in Camden, NJ, where Walt Whitman lived for the final eight years of his life is also on the National Historic Landmark list.

    I would assume that various sites in the Castro district are already protected as well, either because St. Harvey lived or worked at them, or simply because the Victorian architecture already makes them “historically significant.”

    Comment by Throbert McGee — May 29, 2014 @ 7:34 pm - May 29, 2014

  4. Oh, and then there’s the former Ansonia Hotel in NYC — which for a couple decades was home to the “Continental Baths” that helped launched the careers of Bette Midler and her accompanist Barry Manilow. Certainly has “Historic LGBT Significance” — but since the building is now a pricey condominium, I doubt they’d welcome tour groups going through there. (And the bathhouse facilities themselves are long gone.)

    Comment by Throbert McGee — May 29, 2014 @ 7:57 pm - May 29, 2014

  5. @Throbert McGee, Oh no! I missed that one, I think! The name sounds familiar. Now I’ll have to dig back. Dang!

    Comment by Marc Winger — May 29, 2014 @ 8:33 pm - May 29, 2014

  6. Even better the home of one of Bloomberg’s anti gun group for mayors that forced a 20yo guy to perform sex at gunpoint after getting him drunk. Mayor James Schiliro of Marcus Hook PA

    Comment by Steve — May 29, 2014 @ 8:44 pm - May 29, 2014

  7. Marc — Here’s the “Zoe M.” appearance that I had in mind, from a now-closed 14 May thread.

    If you Google, you’ll find that another transgender person named “Zoe Brain” has previously commented (5 or 6 years ago) on Gaypatriot. Whether they’re the same person, or whether “Zoe” is just a rather popular name for MtFs, I’m not sure. However, Zoe Brain is almost certainly a UK-born Australian, while Zoe M. claimed to be a “Scott Walker voter.”

    Possibly Oscar Wilde was wrong when he said: “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

    Comment by Throbert McGee — May 29, 2014 @ 8:58 pm - May 29, 2014

  8. I clicked on the James Schiliro link. When I saw his picture, the gun suddenly made perfect sense.

    Comment by Ignatius — May 29, 2014 @ 9:20 pm - May 29, 2014

  9. The Liberal, using the word collaborator, thinks that bigotry is confined to the GOP & Conservatives. It’s an ignorant assumption & stance to take.
    While it may (or not) be true that some on the right feel free to express old views regarding an historical segment that’s been around since the dawn of Man; it is also true (decidedly so) that Liberal bigots are too cowed by their party line to express their own like-minded feelings on the matter.
    This Liberal, is full of his Lib dogma & catch phrases. I have also used the word on occasion, when speaking about those who are supposed to be conservative, but who collaborate with the Liberal agenda, to attack the Constitution, alter valid & successful norms in society & rip our society apart for their own selfish reasons, based on immediate gratification, instead of slow justified adaptation.

    @McGee, thanks for the info.

    Comment by Marc Winger — May 29, 2014 @ 10:00 pm - May 29, 2014

  10. Lol! Too funny about the Mayor of the ever scenic Marcus Hook! I had NO idea! I went to high school real close to there! Marcus Hook was known as the armpit of Aston, PA. It’s claim to fame was the Golden Slipper, a dank, nasty tavern of dubious repute. I love this site, I learn something new every day!

    Comment by runningrn — May 29, 2014 @ 11:06 pm - May 29, 2014

  11. Hi y’all. Glad to see you’ve missed me.
    Zoe Brain is indeed a separate person – I ran into her a couple times elsewhere. She seems nice enough.
    As for why I chose the name – I liked it. It’s as simple as that.

    So while we’re on the subject – I said my piece last time and left rather than get into endless arguments. I think that’s much more equitable for all concerned, especially where ad hominems are likely.

    Also I love how you put my voting history in quotes, as though you’re worried I’m a liberal in disguise. Just ’cause I’m attached to a different letter and think about as much of the ‘T’ word as y’all probably do of the ‘F’ word… I’m Republican. I know quite a few good friends who feel similarly.

    But anyway.

    My concern here is that the resultant landmarks will be in and of themselves attacks on religion. If a Ten Commandments display is ‘establishing a state religion’ in our secular nation, surely any museum display savaging the Bible is ‘restricting the free exercise thereof’. And I can’t imagine the Left making such a display without trashing Leviticus somewhere.

    Comment by Zoe M — May 29, 2014 @ 11:28 pm - May 29, 2014

  12. And while I may indeed have several mental ailments (I suspect inverse narcissism) I’m perfectly sound of mind in most matters. I simply assuage one aspect of my personality by conforming to my internal ideal by way of my own hard-earned money and on my own time. If there’s something wrong with that I’d love to know.

    Comment by Zoe M — May 29, 2014 @ 11:33 pm - May 29, 2014

  13. Ok, Zoe, so you’re a girl, then?

    Comment by Seane-Anna — May 29, 2014 @ 11:49 pm - May 29, 2014

  14. Yes, Seane. And in a matter of weeks I’ll be all the way there.

    Comment by Zoe M — May 29, 2014 @ 11:50 pm - May 29, 2014

  15. I’m not sure if the “LGBT landmarks” is an Onion parody or not. I can’t wait until the DAR responds with “George and Martha had sex here in 1778”. No offense (I’m not gay) but wouldn’t it be better to recognize great scientists, poets, authors, leaders who happened to be gay, rather than where some random politician had sex in a parking lot? It doesn’t exactly glamorize being gay.

    Comment by foo — May 30, 2014 @ 12:20 am - May 30, 2014

  16. How about the room where Gerry Studds had sex with underage pages?

    Comment by davinci — May 30, 2014 @ 12:33 am - May 30, 2014

  17. How about landmarks where various Kennedy’s had sex with Marilyn Monroe?

    How about landmarks where John Wayne Gacy did his Pogo the Clown appearances?

    How about landmarks commemorating acts of necrophilia, exhibitionism, hebephilia, fetishism, pygmalionism, and erotophonophilia?

    Some of the above are still “across the line” in the public square, but certainly any red-blooded Progressive can make the case for public recognition and diversity tolerance.

    Comment by heliotrope — May 30, 2014 @ 8:03 am - May 30, 2014

  18. Tranny: a transmission in a car.

    Tranny: a transition while skateboarding.

    Tranny: a Ford Transit

    Tranny: reversing a negative to a positive in photography

    Tranny: a transistor radio

    Tranny: a transformer for electrical current.

    Tranny: a transvestite or transgender or transsexual or trans woman or trans man.

    Zoe M.: a prickly bag of wind waving its “victim” status card and demanding respect for its specific pain when it is properly called a tranny. (Not to be confused with a Ford Transit, of course.)

    Comment by heliotrope — May 30, 2014 @ 8:13 am - May 30, 2014

  19. I love how friendly everyone is here. How we can discuss the issues as peers, brothers and sisters without getting drawn into endless games of insult tag based around whose Internet Home this is and who gets voted off the island, or allowed to stay only if they take what they deserve as lesser beings in the LGBT conservative movement.

    As I was saying. Wonderful people you’ve got here. It’s a pleasure to meet all of you.

    Comment by Zoe M — May 30, 2014 @ 9:00 am - May 30, 2014

  20. Perhaps they should preserve the San Francisco bathhouses. After all, those were prime breeding grounds for HIV. Oh, wait, we’re only trying to promote the landmarks that make gays look good, aren’t we?

    Comment by Sean L — May 30, 2014 @ 9:56 am - May 30, 2014

  21. Zoe. You were born male? And now you are trying to ape being female? What a truly self loathing thing to do. You do realize that you are NOT female. And as long as you have that X chromasome you will NEVER be female, no matter how much you try.

    Comment by Juan — May 30, 2014 @ 11:15 am - May 30, 2014

  22. Juan – I’m well aware I’ll never have that chromosome. However, I’m also well aware that said chromosome has about as much impact on my day-to-day life as my left little toe. As of June 12, I will be a (barren) woman in every way that matters. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t much care about the fine print.

    Comment by Zoe M — May 30, 2014 @ 11:23 am - May 30, 2014

  23. Guys – You may not agree with the “trans” person’s choices, but always remember that it’s his or her right to make them.

    heliotrope – that’s probably enough name-calling another commenter, for this thread.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — May 30, 2014 @ 12:12 pm - May 30, 2014

  24. Fascinating story

    Comment by rusty — May 30, 2014 @ 12:27 pm - May 30, 2014

  25. After that, I am forced to clarify. “Guys – You may not agree with the CONSENTING *ADULT* ‘trans’ person’s choices, but always remember that it’s his or her right to make them.”

    Kids should be allowed to choose their toys, activities, hair etc. – but not allowed to sex-change (I hope Ryland’s parents have not gone that far!), and not raised in an atmosphere of delusion or unreality.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — May 30, 2014 @ 12:36 pm - May 30, 2014

  26. It’s kind of amazing what some people will still say about transgendered people. This isn’t some kind of politically correct attempt to redefine the word “gender,” at least that’s not what it seems like to me. Homosexuality was once considered a mental illness, but I don’t think it is, so I have no reason to think transgenderism is either. Ultimately, though, who cares if someone feels more comfortable as the gender they weren’t born with? It’s none of your business. I’m glad to have transgendered people reject the left’s groupthink and have a transgendered perspective here (although I will be the first to say that I reject the “LGBT” acronym on the basis that I reject any commonality between sexuality and gender identity). I hope Zoe continues to comment here.

    Comment by Rattlesnake — May 30, 2014 @ 1:11 pm - May 30, 2014

  27. Talking about people who do not feel right in their body there is a story of a woman that does not feel she should have legs and wants them amputated. Still not thinking that there is something wrong in the head? Mutilating your genitals (or your breast) falls in this category.

    Comment by Susan — May 30, 2014 @ 1:34 pm - May 30, 2014

  28. Oh, there’s something wrong in my head, alright. My internal perception doesn’t match my outside one, and it’s strong enough to make me take drastic measures to correct it.
    But it neither picks your pocket nor breaks your leg, so what’s the problem?

    Is it that someone who looks and sounds and acts like a woman wants you to call her a woman? Or just not call her a term since appropriated by the porn industry and associated almost exclusively with exactly the kind of person she isn’t?
    That’s not a burden. That’s just polite.

    Comment by Zoe M — May 30, 2014 @ 2:51 pm - May 30, 2014

  29. @ Zoe M: I’m sorry people are questioning your life decisions. As a gay guy, I don’t understand why a man would want to remove his genitals and change his appearance so that he physically becomes a woman, but hey, it’s your body.

    I think I speak for all of us here when we say that transsexuality is something we don’t understand. Some folks on here may be more vocal and blunt in expressing their consternation with your decision, but as long as you are interested in polite debate, you’re welcome on this site in my book.

    ILoveCapitalism and Rattlesnake have already given you their support. Allow me to give you mine. 🙂

    Comment by Sean L — May 30, 2014 @ 3:45 pm - May 30, 2014

  30. Is it that someone who looks and sounds and acts like a woman wants you to call her a woman?

    If a man looks and dresses as Napoleon and insists that he is the Emperor of France, I should address him as “Your Majesty?”

    Comment by V the K — May 30, 2014 @ 3:48 pm - May 30, 2014

  31. Glad to see you’ve missed me.
    Zoe Brain is indeed a separate person – I ran into her a couple times elsewhere. She seems nice enough.

    @ Zoe M.: Thanks for the clarification!

    Zoe Brain has a history of claiming to have an extraordinarily rare type of “intersex” condition, but has been called out on this by some people on actual Intersex pages — who maintain that Ms. Brain’s own autobiographical details are quite inconsistent with an “Intersex” diagnosis, but totally consistent with her being a rather typical MtF transwoman of the gynephilic variety. (And I know from experience that SOME trans people are over-attached to the “I’m actually Intersex” spin.)

    So I put your voting history in quotes just in case you really were an Australian claiming to be from Wisconsin.

    I would agree that Zoe Brain seems nice enough — although I would add that she tends have “pushy atheist” tendencies. (I know her originally from the comments sections on Warren Throckmorton’s blog, and from time to time she couldn’t resist the urge to go on an “abandoning religion would solve all our problems” mini-rant.)

    Comment by Throbert McGee — May 30, 2014 @ 3:53 pm - May 30, 2014

  32. @ V the K: Once Zoe gets those last bits taken care of, she will be a physical, if not chromosomal, woman. So, the fact that she looks like a woman, but was not originally a woman, requires the use of a word to distinguish this.

    @ Zoe M: I’ll confess that I know next to nothing about transsexuals. Why do you find “tranny” offensive? I’m not speaking out of malice, simply innocent ignorance.

    Comment by Sean L — May 30, 2014 @ 4:02 pm - May 30, 2014

  33. As a gay guy, I don’t understand why a man would want to remove his genitals and change his appearance so that he physically becomes a woman

    I think that gay men have particular reason to be concerned that SOME “androphilic transwomen” (i.e., those who are attracted to men and hope to live as heterosexual women) are actually maladjusted “cis-homosexuals” who have constructed/adopted a false trans identity as a method of coping with homophobia and other stresses. As gay men who believe that homosexuals do NOT need drastic medical intervention to “fix” them, we can be reasonably skeptical and suspicious when other Men who have Sex with Men declare that they are “female brains trapped in the wrong body.”

    With “gynephilic” MtFs (i.e., those who are attracted to women, lived heterosexual lives pre-transition, and hope to live as lesbian women), gay men should be a lot slower to make assumptions about the trans-person’s motivations.

    And the same goes when lesbians are talking about FtMs, who can be either gynephilic or androphilic.

    Comment by Throbert McGee — May 30, 2014 @ 4:04 pm - May 30, 2014

  34. And in case Zoe M. didn’t see my comments from the 14 May thread, my suspicion is that transsexuals (as distinct from “transgendered” gay drag queens like Divine, or straight men who wear lace panties, like Ed Wood) can probably be divided into two broad groups: the Neurologically trans, and the Psychologically trans.

    Based on what I know about the biology of hormones, I have no trouble at all believing that some trans people truly were “born different”, because something really atypical (and irreversible) occurred when their fetal brains were developing. (It could be that uterine hormone levels were way out of balance; or it could be that the hormone levels were normal, but their developing brains reacted to the hormones in an abnormal way, for one reason or another.)

    But as I said in my previous comment, I also suspect that other trans people were “born cis” (there’s nothing neurologically or physiologically “different” about them), and that their trans identity is essentially an artificial psychological construct. And I don’t see anything Transphobic in not always taking trans-identified people at their word when they tell their self-narratives. (See the above comment about Zoe Brain’s alleged duplicity.)

    P.S. Of course, neurogical transsexuality and psychological transsexuality need not be mutually exclusive — but even when they overlap, a given individual may be mostly one and very little of the other.

    P.P.S. I’m also aware of the possibility that, in the past, some intersex babies were essentially turned into pseudo-transsexuals by well-intentioned but misguided attempts to repair their ambiguous genitalia too early in life. Now that the current wisdom is to delay genital-reconstruction surgeries until intersex kids are old enough to express an opinion on the matter, I would assume that this form of “iatrogenic” trans identity will become increasingly rare.

    Comment by Throbert McGee — May 30, 2014 @ 4:21 pm - May 30, 2014

  35. @ Throbert McGee: My chief emotion regarding trans people is confusion. Confusion over “why,” confusion over social interactions, and yes, sexual confusion over transmen who keep their lady parts.

    I’m not sure it’s exactly proper for transsexuals to be included in the GLBT community. Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are all united by homosexual attractions. But transsexuals are not all homosexual. So what is the connection between gays, lesbians, and bisexuals and transpeople?

    Transpeople are going to have a bigger mountain to climb than gay people, but I fear that pushing trans rights when the battle over gay marriage is being waged, and most people still do not have even a working understanding of transpeople. Too much, too fast.

    On the bright side, Rush Limbaugh has expressed support for transpeople, even if it was in a… shall we say, indelicate?… manner.

    Comment by Sean L — May 30, 2014 @ 4:23 pm - May 30, 2014

  36. How about landmarks commemorating acts of pygmalionism

    A born-again Christian friend that I’ve known since 11th grade is now homeschooling a fatherless inner-city black kid and (in addition to trying to raise the boy’s reading and math skills a bit closer to grade level) is also attempting to persuade him that speaking in Ebonics all the time is no way to get ahead in life. Does that count?

    Comment by Throbert McGee — May 30, 2014 @ 4:28 pm - May 30, 2014

  37. and yes, sexual confusion over transmen who keep their lady parts

    Nothing much confusing there; it’s a hydraulics and plumbing problem, mainly, and secondarily a question of expense. (Artificially constructed vaginas don’t have to get erect, and rerouting the urethra is simpler than with an FtM “neophallus,” so they’re considerably cheaper.)

    Comment by Throbert McGee — May 30, 2014 @ 4:34 pm - May 30, 2014

  38. @ Throbert McGee: By sexual confusion, I mean finding myself attracted to a somebody who is physically male, apart from a vagina: “Hey, he’s hot… Wait, what’s that?… Whoa, he’s got a… so confused… but… I kinda like it?”

    Does that count as bisexuality, like a 5 on the Kinsey Scale or something?

    Comment by Sean L — May 30, 2014 @ 4:39 pm - May 30, 2014

  39. I remember once seeing a YouTube video by an FtM transman — she was positively giddy about the fact that the testosterone regimen had caused her to grow facial and chest hair (shown on camera), and had also doubled the size of her clitoris (NOT shown on camera), though sadly it was nowhere near the awe-inspiring clit of the female spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta).

    Anyway, she also explained why she considered genital surgery to be out of the question (too much money with too much risk of complications and no guarantee of aesthetically satisfactory results), though she was able to save up enough to pay for her double mastectomy.

    Comment by Throbert McGee — May 30, 2014 @ 4:42 pm - May 30, 2014

  40. @Sean L: Aha, now I get your point. Yes, I’ve seen a few transmen who would qualify as “hot cubs” apart from the penis issue.

    Comment by Throbert McGee — May 30, 2014 @ 4:44 pm - May 30, 2014

  41. I do feel I belong here regardless of whether you include ‘trans’ in the LGBT umbrella, having developed bi tendencies recently. (Prior to transition I felt no attraction whatsoever to guys, incidentally)

    @Sean: ‘tranny’ is a word commonly used in the porn industry, and as a putdown for people in my position. Say what you will about how it compares to the N-word and the F-word, but it does occupy much the same role as those now-taboo phrases, both to the speaker and the target.

    @V the K – if he has a sword, I’d suggest you affect your best French accent and bow to the little man.
    And As it happens, I have two. Not counting the obvious innuendo.

    Comment by Zoe M — May 30, 2014 @ 4:45 pm - May 30, 2014

  42. @Throbert: all I can say to reassure that I’m telling the truth is it would take an awful lot of dedication to go through all this pain and potential dismal failure-to-pass just to escape being known as something I’m not offended by, and have to come out to friends and family as something even stranger and more offputting.
    Put another way, there’s no Earthly way I’d do any of this if I didn’t mean it. Nor would any of the other brave women and men I’ve come to know these last three years.

    Comment by Zoe M — May 30, 2014 @ 4:49 pm - May 30, 2014

  43. @ Zoe M: Well, you certainly bring a fresh perspective to the site. I’ll vouch for you, and I think you have Throbert’s endorsement, too.

    Comment by Sean L — May 30, 2014 @ 4:52 pm - May 30, 2014

  44. If a man looks and dresses as Napoleon and insists that he is the Emperor of France, I should address him as “Your Majesty?”

    Comment by V the K — May 30, 2014 @ 3:48 pm – May 30, 2014

    le empereur would be more appropriate, if he doesn’t know French he is a fake.

    Lets not forget Eddie Murphy & DC Mayor Marian Barry in their support of trans prostitutes

    Comment by Steve — May 30, 2014 @ 7:35 pm - May 30, 2014

  45. @Sean L if we are going to preserve bath houses the one in NYC that stayed open through hurricane Sandy and didn’t bother disinfecting which lead to the meningitis outbreak killing many gheys should have a special placard. I don’t know if the bath houses ever get cleaned/disinfected but if there ever was a time it would be when the city was flooded.

    Comment by Steve — May 30, 2014 @ 7:45 pm - May 30, 2014

  46. @ Steve: A bath house sounds like the most unhygienic thing in the world. I would never set foot in one. I heard nothing about a meningitis outbreak. The Left ignoring it because it goes against the narrative, or because they don’t really care about gays?

    Comment by Sean L — May 30, 2014 @ 8:07 pm - May 30, 2014

  47. At the risk of opening a door that should stay shut, I will say this about the trans-gender business.

    If a person goes through the process of being regendered, there is no earthly reason why it should be public knowledge or up for discussion.

    Unfortunately, some people who have gone through the process expect to reappear in the same public as regendered and to pick up where they left off. That is an impossibility and is psychologically very, very hard on the person.

    Chelsea Manning is never going to lead a private life, because her privates will always be a topic of discussion.

    The core fact in gender switching is whether the subject will be psychologically more healthy after the regendering than before. That is an almost impossible question to answer.

    Nonetheless, it is a private concern that should be handled by the person and that person’s close associates. When the regendered person goes crusading by announcing himself/herself as a special category needing recognition and approval, then it is no longer a case of personal choice: it is politics.

    Comment by heliotrope — May 31, 2014 @ 8:41 am - May 31, 2014

  48. The vast majority of us are perfectly happy to go about our lives without seeking recognition or special privilege, Heliotrope – as long as we’re allowed to do so as women (/men, for the FTMs)

    Comment by Zoe M — May 31, 2014 @ 11:27 am - May 31, 2014

  49. Well, Zoe M, I have much to say about your technique, but I will leave it at just saying that hypocrisy is your close friend.

    Comment by heliotrope — May 31, 2014 @ 7:30 pm - May 31, 2014

  50. Says the person who called me ‘it’ for an entire post.

    Comment by Zoe M — May 31, 2014 @ 11:30 pm - May 31, 2014

  51. Just what is the transgender agenda; how does it mesh with the lesbian, gay and bisexual agenda?

    When a person presents himself for medical gender reassignment, he is carefully treated for his struggles with gender identity disorder. If he can be made less depressed, less anxiety prone and more confident with his biologically determined gender, then that is the best solution for the problem.

    Gender reassignment is expensive and may require several surgeries. The hormone treatments all carry their own laundry list of risks. Always at play in this decision making is the ethic that the medical community is not doing harm to the patient.

    No one can know how the patient’s state of mind will come out on the other side of the gender reassignment. What is known is that the patient will be living in a new shell and an old, on-going persona. The greatest concern on the psychological side is what the patient expects to achieve after the process is complete.

    Sexual reassignment surgery is most frequently performed to change males to females. The female to male reassignment is fairly rare and involves much more surgical risk.

    Gary Gates, a demographer with The Williams Institute, a think tank on LGBT issues based at the University of California, Los Angeles, has estimated that people who self-identify as transgender make up 0.3 percent of the U.S. adult population.”

    We do not know how many gender reassignment surgeries are performed each year. Under Obamacare, starting October 1, 2014, ICD-10 will have 155,000 codes in place to identify injuries, diagnoses, procedures and treatment. It is an exhaustive code: V9733XA=sucked into jet engine, initial encounter. So, for the first time we should have the medical privacy stripped away from the patient and know statistically how many homosexuals there are and what medical risks they are taking. (I believe medical privacy is fundamental, but statists believe it is of utmost importance for actuarial reasons.)

    So, I go back to my basic question: what is the transgender agenda?

    The person in the transgender transition starts out as one gender, morphs to a state of being non-gendered and then progresses to the other gender and continues to receive medical treatments for muscle tone, inflammation, thyroid complications, androgenic concerns, body temperature and whole host of other symptoms and complications.

    Because this whole area of medicine is so uncommon, it is generally considered to be experimental.

    I understand a person having a strong will to live as the opposite sex. I understand the procedures required to make it happen.

    What I do not understand is the aspirations of the person and his/her political agenda.

    Does this person expect to step out into the public square and be instantly accepted if her gender reassignment is known?

    What does Chelsea Manning expect? She is a notorious person and her gender reassignment it just adding drama to her notoriety. Does she expect to be shielded by a gaggle of ladies or rescued by a prince? Or does she intend to disappear into the crowd and mind her own knitting and live happily ever after as a female?

    What case do gays and lesbians wish to make for their fellow transgendered mates?

    I will make a hard case that Bradley Manning should have been ferreted out when he went into the military and barred from the military. His psychological state in reference to his gender identity was a psychological problem that hindered the military mission.

    As an employer, I would be fairly circumspect about hiring a person who has gone through gender reassignment. I place a great deal of faith in the work of psychologists, but I know that the personality struggles of the people who have had gender reassignment are often beyond psychotherapy.

    Many gays rail at the thought of “conversion” therapy. The gender reassignment people have made the conversion and frequently discover that they need psychological help in their reassigned gender. Is there an irony hidden in all of this?

    Comment by heliotrope — June 2, 2014 @ 12:24 pm - June 2, 2014

  52. Zoe M,

    Simple question.

    Would you support medical coverage at the state level for someone to have an arm amputated because their body image is that of someone with one arm?

    Comment by The_Livewire — June 4, 2014 @ 3:10 pm - June 4, 2014

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