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Hillary’s Fashion Sense

Posted by V the K at 9:48 pm - July 30, 2014.
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How many school bus seats were skinned to make that overcoat?

LGBT Group Excludes Breeders From Jobs Fair

Posted by V the K at 6:28 pm - July 29, 2014.
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“Reaching Out MBA” is “an annual conference of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender graduate business students.” This year, they are going to great lengths to make sure the attendance is limited only to avowed homosexuals and transgendereds.

It’s not that they h8 straight people, you must understand. In fact, some of their best friends may be straight people, or at least questioning. No, you see, the reason they must exclude straight people from their Jobs Fair is because one of those awful straight people might say something that hurts a gay person’s feeeeeeeeeeeelings.

[The organizers] said that the straight students attending the job fair were “offensive” as LGBT-identifying students overheard things such as “Dude, I’m not gay” or “There needs to be less focus on gay stuff at this event.”

Because, you see gay people are so fragile and delicate emotionally that even the slightest statement could crush them like a June bug on the front grille of a GMC Suburban.

Also, some attendees may come from the South, and you know how terrible The South is.

[ The organizers] told Bloomberg Businessweek that the conference wasn’t trying to exclude LGBT-allies and also recognized that several conference attendees come from large, southern MBA programs where the LGBT students may not feel as readily accepted and may not be as readily apt to divulge their sexual preference.

So, they get to exclude any non-gheys, or anyone who might hurt a ghey person’s feelings… but God forbid a campus Christian group should require its members to uphold chastity and oppose Teh Ghey Marriage.

Leftist Gays Hate Jews and Themselves

Posted by V the K at 10:09 pm - July 28, 2014.
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Some obviously self-hating gheys in Seattle participated in a “die-in” to show their hatred for the only country in the Middle East where Gay Rights are protected, and their support for a murderous anti-gay Islamist terror regime.


Makes total sense, right?

Gay Left Demands: “Make Sherlock Gay”

Posted by V the K at 11:08 am - July 28, 2014.
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And if producers refuse, they are obviously h8-filled homephobic h8rs who h8.

The creator of BBC TV series Sherlock has been inundated with fan mail urging him to make the detective and Dr Watson gay lovers.

Mark Gatiss admitted he had been overwhelmed with explicit drawings and plotline ideas ahead of the new series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, due late next year.

It follows a running joke in the show which hints the pair might be closer than friends, especially by landlady Mrs Hudson, played by Una Stubbs, 77, who often makes references to their sexuality.

Mr Gatiss, 47, told Australian gay magazine DNA: ‘Oh my God. I get sent things that would make your hair turn white. It’s not just Sherlock and Watson holding hands on a park bench, I can tell you that.

‘Some of them are incredibly graphic but my goodness I’ve not tried half the things they’re doing.’

Hypothesis: Voters Are Stupid

Posted by V the K at 10:23 am - July 28, 2014.
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By a 53% to 44% margin, voters wish they could have a do-over and elect Mitt Romney instead of King Putt.

So, it’s finally dawned on the slow-learners that free contraceptives and snarky comments about the eighties wanting their foreign policy back do not warrant voting for a socialist street-agitator over a competent, accomplished businessman. Right?

No, not so much, because according to the same poll, those same voters would overwhelmingly support Hillary Rodham Clinton over Romney — even though her policies are virtually indistinguishable from Obama’s.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


GLAAD Demands Gayer Movies

Posted by V the K at 8:10 am - July 27, 2014.
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GLAAD doesn’t think Hollywood movies are gay enough. They are asking that they may be made much much gayer.  (Demands and boycotts to follow.)

GLAAD is asking studios to give their movies a “Vito Russo Test. It’s modeled after the “Bechdel Test,” a concept popularized by “Fun Home” memoirist Alison Bechdel that asks if a work of fiction has two women in it who at some point talk to one another about a topic other than a man. (Some movies said to pass: “Die Hard,” “Little Miss Sunshine,” “Gone With the Wind.”)

To pass GLAAD’s version of the test, a movie must have an LGBT character who is not “solely or predominantly defined by their sexual orientation or gender identity” and who “must be tied into the plot in such a way that their removal would have a significant effect.” It’s named for Vito Russo, the author of “The Celluloid Closet,” considered a classic text in LGBT entertainment analysis.



Hate Is the Fuel of the Left, Says Former Leftist

Posted by V the K at 8:06 am - July 27, 2014.
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Writing in the American Thinker, former hardcore Communist Danusha Goska provides “Ten Reasons I Am No Longer a Leftist.” It should come as no surprise that the No. 1 reason is the left’s deranged hatred.

Given that the left prides itself on being the liberator of women, homosexuals, and on being “sex positive,” one of the weirder and most obvious aspects of left-wing hate is how often, and how virulently, it is expressed in terms that are misogynist, homophobic, and in the distinctive anti-sex voice of a sexually frustrated high-school misfit. Haters are aware enough of how uncool it would be to use a slur like “fag,” so they sprinkle their discourse with terms indicating anal rape like “butt hurt.” Leftists taunt right-wingers as “tea baggers.” The implication is that the target of their slur is either a woman or a gay man being orally penetrated by a man, and is, therefore, inferior, and despicable.

NY Times Writer Demands “Anti-LGBT Attitudes Should Be Stamped Out Ruthlessly”

Posted by V the K at 10:55 pm - July 25, 2014.
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Josh Barro of the New York Times doesn’t think anyone should be permitted to have an “anti-LGBT attitude.”


OK, so there are two questions raised by this rather authoritarian stance he has taken.

1. What is an “anti-LGBT attitude?” Opposition to gay marriage is obviously an example, people have literally lost their jobs for holding an “anti-LGBT attitude” on that subject. Apparently, the opinion that Michael Sam is a mediocre football player unworthy of the hype he has generated is also an “anti-LGBT attitude.” Also, it’s apparently an “anti-LGBT attitude” to differentiate between male and female newborn babies.

So, apparently, an “anti-LGBT attitude” is any attitude that does not celebrate every gay person and every gay agenda item or that offends in the slightest way the most hypersensitive LGBT.

2. What does it mean to “ruthlessly stamp out” such attitudes? Note, his language is not “encourage and redirect” but “ruthlessly stamp out.” That suggests both ruthlessness (without pity or compassion; cruel; merciless) and stamping out.

So, he’s kind of saying that people who have the wrong opinions on anything related to LGBT should be suppressed with force and violence.

Is that a reasonable reading of his statement?

BTW: Hillary Clinton apparently thinks no one should be allowed to publish books that are critical of Hillary Clinton.

Next on the Social Left’s “To-Do” List: Normalize Polyamory

An article in the Progressive Left “The Atlantic” magazine/website (the same place that let Andrew Sullivan spew his deranged conspiracy theories about the parentage of little Trig Palin) uses sympathetic portrayals of groups of people in Denobulan-style arrangements of multiple ongoing sex partners as worthy of normalization. No, not just normalization, these brave pioneers should be praised and celebrated.

Polyamorous people still face plenty of stigmas, but some studies suggest they handle certain relationship challenges better than monogamous people do.

“Polys” are more likely to be liberal and educated, she said, and in the rare cases that they do practice religion, it’s usually paganism or Unitarian Universalism.

Liberal! Educated! Pagan! Hip! They handle relationships better! Why, it’s almost as though the left is trying to convince everyone that polyamorous people are just plain better (in progressive terms) than stick-in-the-mud traditionally monogamous people.

It’s so unfortunate that no one — NO ONE — could have predicted that this would be a consequence of normalizing gay marriage.

Obama Regime to Spend $237,750 Studying the Health Care Needs of Transgendered Women of Color

Posted by V the K at 9:09 am - July 23, 2014.
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Because the economy is so good and the Government is so solvent, they can afford to spend money on stuff like this.

The National Institutes of Health has awarded a $237,750 grant to George Washington University to study whether the use of telemedicine can help overcome barriers to care for transgender women of color.

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, sure… the transgendered women of color are taken care of, but what about the undocumented transgendered women of color. Has this regime no compassion?”

The Left Descends into Onionesque Self-Parody

Posted by V the K at 8:32 am - July 23, 2014.
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The Left-Wing Newsrag ‘The Guardian’ publishes a piece in which the sensitive, enlightened, progressive author describes her heartbreaking heartache at the levels of intolerance and racism displayed by Thomas the Tank Engine.

In the episode “Tickled Pink”, poor vain James, is ordered by Topham Hat to get a new coat of paint. But while James has only had an undercoat of pink slathered on, Topham Hatt interrupts and demands that James go pick up Hatt’s granddaughter and deliver her and her friends to a birthday party right now.

James is mortified that he has to travel while pink and proceeds to hide from all the other trains along the way. When he’s caught, the other trains – including Thomas – viciously laugh and mock him.

But once James gets back on the rails and picks up Granddaughter Hatt and her friends, all seemingly ends well because the girls love pink.

And then she really loses it. [To get the full effect, imagine Kathy Bates shrieking the next passage at James Caan in Misery.)

Well guess what? It’s not OK. You think a little boy watching Thomas is going to file away the lesson that pink is OK for boys? No, what kids remember is that James was laughed at, cruelly, over and over again, because he looked different and was clad in a “girly” pink color.

The author also thinks that the way diesel trains on Thomas the Tank Engine spew black smoke is clearly racist.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians (who are, of course, supported by The Guardian, the author of the piece, and all “good” leftists,) have children’s shows that openly advocate Jew-killing.

A young girl on Al-Aqsa TV’s “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” told a child host that she wants to grow up to be a policeman so she “can shoot Jews,” according to a translation of the May 2 episode by Palestinian Media Watch.

The host then excitedly asked: “All of them?”

“Yes,” the young girl replied, to which the child host responded, “good.”

Y’know, sometimes, I feel like the left is seriously out of touch with reality.


Democrats’ Fanatical Anti-Gun Zealotry Drives 300 Jobs Out of Maryland

Posted by V the K at 7:58 am - July 23, 2014.
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Gun manufacturer Beretta is closing up shop in the anti-Second Amendment People’s Republic of Maryland and moving to the Free State of Tennessee, taking 300 jobs and millions of dollar in tax revenue with them.

Last year, Maryland’s one-party totalitarian government passed an anti-gun law so strict that most of Beretta’s products were illegal for residents of the state to buy. And beyond that, the new law treats those who would purchase a handgun like criminals, forcing them to be fingerprinted and subjecting them to constant and ongoing state scrutiny. The law also includes a registration requirement; which is the precursor to the inevitable confiscation that will eventually follow.

Clearly, the purpose of this law was not to keep guns away from criminals, but from law-abiding citizens.

Note: Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has his eyes set on the Presidency of the United States; so he can share his anti-gun fanaticism, as well as his zeal for tax increases, lavish public spending, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and environmental extremism to all Americans.

Update: Liberal commenters in the Washington Post are ecstatic that Beretta has been driven out of Maryland.

San Francisco Leftists and German Neo-Nazis Find Common Ground

What could bring San Francisco Progressive Leftists and German Neo-Nazi skinheads together in harmonious unity? Why, Jew-hatred, of course. (And also authoritarian fascist socialism, but mostly Jew-hatred.)

In San Francisco (CIty Motto: “More exposed wangs than a whole season of Game of Thrones”), that bastion of progressive leftism, protesters turned out to oppose the only state in the Middle East that recognizes gay rights and support a regime where the only debate about gay rights  is whether they have the right to be thrown off high buildings or crushed under rocks.

And in Berlin, a combined anti-Jew protest organized by Mohammedans and German Neo-Nazis erupted in periodic chants of “Gas the Jews! Gas the Jews!

I guess these groups have to unite in order to destroy Jews and Christians; because Jews and Christians are so intolerant.


Tony Dungy Fails to Extravagantly Praise Gay Football Player; Lefties Attack

Former Colts coach Tony Dungy recently did the worst thing you can do in Obama’s America: He made a commonsense statement that accurately reflected reality.

“I wouldn’t have taken him,’’ said former Bucs and Colts coach Tony Dungy, now an analyst for NBC. “Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.

Predictably, the left responded with hate, outrage, and f-word-laced commentary.

Tony Dungy didn’t say anything about Michael Sam’s sexuality; just that the media circus surrounding him wad disruptive and that the symbol he represented to the gay activist left would make it impossible to treat him like any other player.

And, by going absolutely nanners because Dungy didn’t say Michael Sam is the greatest athlete ever … the left is pretty much proving Dungy right.

Obama Voters Demand That Other People Pay For Their Water

Posted by V the K at 7:42 am - July 22, 2014.
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98% of the voters in Detroit voted for Obama, in some precincts, more than 100% of them voted for Obama. And now 80,000 of them have stopped paying their water bills, and are demanding that water be provided to them for free. Progressive Left Liz Warren supporters agree; Government should raise taxes on productive, responsible people to provide free water to unproductive, irresponsible people. And the NAACP has weighed in, saying, “These companies are basically Caucasian companies, the folks who are being cut off are almost one hundred percent African American.” So, basically, white people are obligated to provide free water to black people because racism.

There was a time in America when a situation like this would be met by churches, charities, and communities banding together to raise money to help people pay their bills. But that’s not how it works in Obama’s America. No, in Obama’s America, if you are too irresponsible to pay your bills, you join together with a bunch of other irresponsible selfish people and assert that you have a “right” to things you’re not willing to pay for and demand that the Government force other people to pay for them.

But, really, what else can you expect when the dominant philosophy of the Democrat Party is “Anything you want is a right and the Government should force people to provide it for you; birth control, cell phones, wifi access, student “loans,”EBT cards,  transgender surgery…” So, why not water.


Gay Left: “We Are Utterly Humorless About Our Activism”

In what appears to be a prank, someone put up signs in a park in Columbus OH announcing a “Straight White Guy Festival.” And, naturally, some bitter leftists grievance queens got their knickers in a twist about it.

“This kind of thing implies there’s some kind of struggle going on for being a straight white person in Ohio. Straight white people are doing just fine,” said Michael Premo.

Premo heads an organization pushing same-sex marriage. He says the flyer is not productive.

“I think it detracts from the real problems of Ohio that need to be solved, that are being denied their constitutional rights because of who they are, or who the love. And that’s what we really need to work on and this is just kind of a distraction.”

Letting Democrats Get Away With Corruption, Failure, and Disastrous Policy Is Bad For America

Posted by V the K at 9:55 am - July 21, 2014.
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Over at Draw and Strike, Brain Cates… in a series of Twits … explains how so much of what ails the country is a direct consequence of the MFM having the Democrats’ collective back, never holding them to account, and making sure that no scandal — Ted Kennedy drowning a woman, Gerry Studds diddling an underage House Page, Jon Corzine’s squandering of billions of dollars of investor’s money, Liz Warren’s lies about her “Native American” heritage, and any of Obama’s plethora of failures and corruptions — ever sticks to them. Rather than reproduce them, here’s a summary.

  • What’s the point in remembering Chappaquiddick, an event from 45 years ago, especially since Ted Kennedy is dead. Because the Democrats & their DNC-Media Complex allies buried most of the truth, that’s why.
  • Before you can understand why the country is where it is now, you need to look back & see how it got here.
  • And 1 of the big reasons the United States is in the bad place it is now is because Democrats never have to pay for their crimes.
  • Democrats do stupid policy, get people killed, waste billions of our tax dollars, & skate on it because they aren’t held accountable.
  • When Republicans screw up, they get called on it; which is why Government is more accountable when Republicans are in charge
  • Obama stumbles from failure to failure, from scandal to scandal, and the MFM covers for him every bumbling step of the way.
  • And now where are we? The world is breaking down into chaos & the leader of the free world is actually enabling the chaos by doing nothing.

Lesbian Pundit Says Gay Sex Is Like Chik-Fil-A Somehow

Posted by V the K at 10:49 pm - July 20, 2014.
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Sally Kohn — a woman who inexplicably has a career as a FoxNews contributor — made a rather odd comparison.

In an article appearing in The Daily Beast, Kohn bizarrely compared the “newness” of Chick-fil-A and Americas predisposition to try new things as similar to gay sex. “Chick-fil-A is like gay sex. Don’t knock it till you try it!”

She also informed everyone that “chicken is also the nickname for a young man seeking the attention of an older man.”

Which opens up a number of questions. Does gay sex come with a side of waffle fries and polynesian sauce?  Can you get AIDS from eating Chik-Fil-A? Does eating at Chik-Fil-A give you social privilege over others in employment and education? Would Hollywood actresses pretend to like eating Chik-Fil-A in order to advance their careers? Do only 2.3% of the population eat Chik-Fil-A?

Kohn also claims “obesity increases heterosexuality.” Rosie O’ Donnell and Bear Weekend at P-Town beg to differ.

SRSLY, she gets paid for writing this felgercarb.

Hat Tip: Peter H.

Yeah, And I *Choose* Not to Be a Professional Hockey Player

Posted by V the K at 8:08 pm - July 20, 2014.
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Lefty Investment writer wants you to know, he could be rich, he just doesn’t want to.


Salon: Christianity = “Killing Queers”

Posted by V the K at 1:57 pm - July 20, 2014.
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OK, so, throughout my life, I have attended well over a thousand Christian Services. I’ve attended churches in the Methodist, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Seventh-Day Adventist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, non-Denominational, and LDS denominations. I have attended churches in eight states, four countries, and two continents. Never, ever… in any of those services… has any religious authority exerted that it is a Christian Imperative to murder or abuse gay people.

Yet, according to the progressive left Salon website, that’s exactly what Christianity is all about.

The Bible’s clobber verses may be open to interpretation, but the fact that those verses have caused centuries of suffering is not. For much of American history, the common term for queer was the biblical “sodomite,” implying that gays are so offensive to God that they pose a threat to society as a whole. Thanks to Christian missionaries, African and Latin American queers also have now lived for centuries now under the threat of violent death. As progressive Anglican Gay Clark Jennings observes, “There is no getting around the Bible when searching for the origins of the homophobia that is rampant in many African cultures. What’s more, Europeans and North Americans bear much of the historical responsibility for this sad state of affairs.”

No, Salon, the fact is, lots of Christians support gays and lots of Secular Atheists hate them. Hatred … and I mean real hatred of gay people not legitimate disagreement with the gay left agenda but real visceral hatred … has nothing to do with Christianity, and everything to do with the fact that some people find hypersexualized gay people obnoxious and buttsecks disgusting.