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Posted by Bruce Carroll at 1:30 pm - September 4, 2014.
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Welp, ten years ago today the GayPatriot blog was born from my brain. Happy Birthday to all of us.

Unfortunately, the early (2004) posts were lost when some idiot stole our original Blogspot URL. Stuff happens.

As a reminder, GayPatriot was born out of my disgust at leftist gay activists aggressively “outing” the personal lives of Republican Congressional and political staffers. I wanted to shine a light on what I felt was an immoral and fundamentally anti-American witch hunt.

Sadly, the left still peddles in these Gestapo tactics.

Other things have changed for me personally. When the blog was created, I was a healthcare lobbyist living and working in the swamp of the Capital District. Now I’m lucky enough to live in the awesomeness of Upstate South Carolina.

My cohort-in-crime — Dan (aka GayPatriotWest) joined the blog a few months after it began. I can’t thank him enough for his unwavering support of this project — especially for shouldering it in times that I had to step away for a while.

Many thanks to V the K and ILoveCapitalism who are the new generation of GayPatriot bloggers and I appreciate them tremendously.

I have to be honest, I’ve outgrown “long form” blogging. My attention span is 1000 times shorter than it was 10 years ago, so I find Twitter is the better medium for me these days.

I won’t be blogging much here anymore. I’ve gotten a new job that is keeping me very busy and in many ways, the baby I birthed has grown up. I’m not sure what will happen as I step aside, but I’m confident GayPatriot will be here in 10 more years. If there’s still an Internet!

Finally, a hearty thank you to all of our readers and commenters who have made this one of the more open and free-wheeling blogosphere spots since 2004.

I appreciate everyone’s goodwill throughout the years more than you’ll know.

Good luck. Stay calm. And God bless.

Signing off,
Bruce Carroll
(aka – GayPatriot)

Duke U. Application Includes Essay Question on Sexual Identity

Posted by V the K at 12:14 pm - September 4, 2014.
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Once again, catering to the deviants.

Duke University has joined a small group of colleges that include optional questions about sexual orientation and gender identity on admissions applications. But Duke is doing so in a different way from others, with a short essay, rather than boxes to check. And applicants can use the essay to write about identities beyond sexual orientation and gender identity that they want to share with Duke.

Stupid essay question aside, why is this even Duke University’s business.

In fact, that is precisely how I would answer that question, “My sexuality is none of your damn business.”

Federal Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban in Lousiana

Posted by V the K at 12:08 pm - September 4, 2014.
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The judge in this case applied the “what is best for children and society” standard instead of the usual “gay people’s feelings and access to benefits” standard and came to a different conclusion than other courts. (Via Legal Insurrection)

“Defendants rejoin that the laws serve a central state interest of linking children to an intact family formed by their biological parents. Of even more consequence, in this Court’s judgment, defendants assert a legitimate state interest in safeguarding that fundamental social change, in this instance, is better cultivated through democratic consensus. This Court agrees.”

Of course, the Gay Activist Left will summarize this analysis as “Redneck Judge hates gay people.”