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Getting Away With It

Posted by V the K at 11:53 am - September 5, 2014.
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Okay, Bob McDonnell and his wife have been convicted for accepting gifts from  It’s illegal for an elected public official to accept gifts from sleazy businessmen, even when the sleazy businessman gets nothing in return. Got it. It’s illegal, it should not be tolerated.

So… why was it OK for an Illinois State Senator named Barack Hussein Obama to accept gifts from a sleazy businessman named Tony Rezko?

And… why was it OK for the wife of Illinois Senator Barack Hussein Obama to accept a $300,000 a year no-show job at a hospital that subsequently received millions of dollars in taxpayer earmarks courtesy of Senator Barack Hussein Obama?

Is it okay because… Democrats are just exempt from rules that Republicans are subject to?  Is that because Democrats essentially control the media and legal apparatus of the country and have fully weaponized them for use against political opponents?

The Divide in Ferguson MO and America Is Not Racial

The Washington Post, of all places, takes a deeper look at the social topography in greater St Louis and discovers that what hurts the urban poor isn’t so much racism as  Government greed and corruption.

Local Governments in and around St. Louis have made a lucrative racket of shaking down the poor by having cops write tickets and courts impose fines for victimless crimes. The collusion of cops, courts, and local politicians is a highly lucrative racket. No wonder the urban poor feel persecuted and preyed upon.

Some of the towns in St. Louis County can derive 40 percent or more of their annual revenue from the petty fines and fees collected by their municipal courts. A majority of these fines are for traffic offenses, but they can also include fines for fare-hopping on MetroLink (St. Louis’s light rail system), loud music and other noise ordinance violations, zoning violations for uncut grass or unkempt property, violations of occupancy permit restrictions, trespassing, wearing “saggy pants,” business license violations and vague infractions such as “disturbing the peace” or “affray” that give police officers a great deal of discretion to look for other violations. In a white paper released last month (PDF), the ArchCity Defenders found a large group of people outside the courthouse in Bel-Ridge who had been fined for not subscribing to the town’s only approved garbage collection service. They hadn’t been fined for having trash on their property, only for not paying for the only legal method the town had designated for disposing of trash.

The people hit hardest by these fines are the working poor, for whom a fine of $100 or more is a severe hardship. And it isn’t a case of white-run Governments and white-run police forces shaking down poor black people. Black-run municipalities are as bad and worse.