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The Parade of Dimwitted Englishmen Offering Americans Political Advice Marches On

Posted by V the K at 11:59 pm - September 17, 2014.
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The show Sherlock is actually pretty good. The actor playing Sherlock, Benedict Cummerbund, however, seems to be a bit of a thoughtless git, as revealed by an interview with the Daily Beast, in which he claims the USA should elect a women president and then a gay president… not because he could name any outstanding women or gays who would make great presidents … but because Morrissey said so.

Cumberbatch went on to add political advice for the United States saying, “You need to have a female president next, and then after that, a gay president. That’s the full journey from Obama’s legacy onwards.” “There’s a great Morrissey lyric from ‘America Is Not the World’ from You Are the Quarry that goes, ‘In America, the land of the free, they said / And of opportunity, in a just and truthful way / But where the president is never black, female or gay, and until that day / You’ve got nothing to say to me, to help me believe.’ It’s quite an old song from before Obama took office, but you’ve done black, then you need to do female, then the next, gay’,” Cumberbatch insisted.

Hat Tip: Peter H.

Note: I have taken back the entry about the sex ed teacher demonstrating strap-ons pending more verification. Liveleak has generally been pretty trustworthy, but doubts have been raised, I will leave it at that.

Meanwhile, Back at the Rocky Horror Picture Show of Military Scandals

Posted by V the K at 9:40 am - September 17, 2014.
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Chelsea Manning — the U.S. Army’s favorite Transgendered Transsexual Transvestite Traitor — has a gig penning op-eds for Great Britain’s favorite far-left, anti-American, pro-jihad newspaper… The Guardian. And the consensus is… he/she looks just terrible.