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What Does This Tell You About the American Left?

Atheist blowhard/CableTV talking head Bill Maher attacked American troops as cowards and praised the 9/11 hijackers for their courage. The American Left supported him.

Bill Maher makes a career of attacking Christians especially Roman Catholics; the American Left supports him.

Bill Maher attacks Sarah Palin as a “c-nt” and refers to her son Trig as a “Retard.” The American Left really, really, really supports him.

Bill Maher criticizes Islam … suddenly, the American Left doesn’t like him any more and his comments are considered “Hate Speech.”

What lesson can we take from this?

Who disapproves of homosexuality?

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has come out as the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

“Let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me,” he wrote in a column in Bloomberg Businessweek.

Congratulations, Tim! And it’s great to see you acknowledge, along the way, how America has changed and become gay-positive over the last several decades:

The world has changed so much since I was a kid. America is moving toward marriage equality, and the public figures who have bravely come out have helped change perceptions and made our culture more tolerant…

Part of social progress is understanding that a person is not defined only by one’s sexuality, race, or gender.

Although it’s not so great, Tim, that you still couldn’t stop yourself from playing the Gay Victim card like a drama queen:

Being gay has given me…a window into the challenges that people in other minority groups deal with…

…there are laws on the books in a majority of states that allow employers to fire people based solely on their sexual orientation. There are many places where landlords can evict tenants for being gay…

I challenge GP’s readers to post in the comments, any examples of U.S. / State “laws on the books” that positively or specifically authorize “employers to fire people based solely on their sexual orientation.”

As for the bit about landlords and tenants: It’s also known as freedom of association, Tim. It’s a good thing because *you* get to have it as well; or at least you *should* get to have it (I am aware that the State of California unfortunately denies everyone that freedom).

All of this got me wondering: How do Americans compare to the rest of the world, in attitudes toward gays/homosexuality? Pew Research has the answer (hat tip, Zero Hedge):

Note how, in the above list of 40 countries for 2013, all of the Islamic or Muslim-majority countries were at 78% disapproval or higher (Egypt at 95%). Compared to 37% or much less, for the U.S. and Western Europe (Spain at 6%). Fascinating.

What Obama Pajama Boy Called Benjamin Netanyahu a “Chicken—-?”

Posted by V the K at 9:24 am - October 30, 2014.
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No one in the Obama Administration has ever used a scatological pejorative to describe Hamas Leadership, ISIS Terrorists, the corrupt and brutal Government of Venezuela, or even the savages of Boko Haram. But the Prime Minister of Israel, on the other hand, was called a “Chicken[stuff]” by a “Senior Administration Official.”

Purely speculating here, but what are the odds that the reason the Administration and the State Department refuse to investigate who the ‘Senior Administration Official’ who made the Chicken[stuff] remark is because: 1. They know exactly who made the remark. 2. It’s Secretary of State John Kerry?

It’s not as though Mr. Kerry lacks a reputation for arrogance and referring to people using pejoratives.  And when you read the remarks in context, it sure sounds like Stuff John Kerry Says.

A senior Obama administration official has described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “chickenshit,” expressing the US president’s frustration with the Israeli leader.

“The thing about Bibi [Netanyahu] is, he’s a chickenshit,” the unnamed official told the Atlantic when asked about the foreign leader who seems to frustrate the White House the most.

The official added that the good thing about Netanyahu is that “he’s scared to launch wars,” and the bad thing about him is that “he won’t do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians.”

“The only thing he’s interested in is protecting himself from political defeat… He’s got no guts,” the official said

Never mind the irony of an official calling someone a ‘chicken[stuff]’ and then insisting on anonymity.

Did Harry Reid’s Favorite Billionaire Pay for Colorado “Republicans Will Outlaw Birth Control” Ad?

Posted by V the K at 9:05 am - October 30, 2014.
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Tom Steyer, the billionaire climate crony spending some $76,000,000 in an attempt to buy the US Senate (with not a peep from any of the progressives claiming we need to “take big money out of politics”) was probably been the money man behind the NARAL Ad in Colorado that accused Republican Cory Gardner of seeking to outlaw contraception.

Steyer’s NextGen Climate Action Committee reportedly gave $239,000 to a Colorado NARAL affiliate the day before they spent the money on the spots accusing Cory Gardner of wanting to ban birth control.

For those who haven’t heard it, here’s part of the text of the ad.

Woman: So *everyone’s* sold out of condoms? Hmm. How did this happen?

Man: Cory Gardner banned birth control. And now, it’s all on us guys. And you can’t find a condom *anywhere*. And the pill was just the start. Pell grants my little brother was counting on for college? Cory cut them. Climate change that *everyone* knows is weirding our weather, Cory flat-out denies it. Sweet Pea, Cory denies science!

Because the Democrat base of horny, stupid women really believe Republicans want to outlaw contraception… and burn up the environment… and outlaw college educations. Also, Christian Terrorists murder gay people every day. #ThingsStupidPeopleBelieve

Vote Fraud: A Leftist Tradition

Posted by V the K at 7:20 am - October 30, 2014.
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Some historical context for the recent incidents of voting machines in Democrat-run Illinois and Maryland switching Republican votes to Democrat.

“As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it?”
— William Marcy Tweed, (1823-1878). “Boss Tweed” was head of Tammany Hall, the Democratic Party political machine that looted millions in graft, corruption, and open bribery from New York City in the 19th Century.

“Comrades, I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how. But what is extraordinarily important is this: who will count the votes, and how.”
— Josef Stalin

So far, there are no reports of “calibration errors” switching Democrat votes to Republican.

The Utter Selfishness and Irresponsibility of Kaci Hickox

A paradigm of the Obama-voting, unmarried female voter… Kaci Hickox resents that she is subject to quarantine because of her recent contact with persons infected with Ebola … and asserts that the common sense measures taken to protect the public from a deadly infectious disease are a violation of her human rights. And of course, she is threatening lawsuits right and left. And she’s become a darling of the MFM.

She asserts she feels fine. And she may well turn out to be uninfected. But what kind of example is this “health care professional” setting for others who may become infected? That they should just go about their lives normally… because it’s their “human right.”

Why the Obamacrats Are Losing Millennials

Posted by V the K at 7:17 pm - October 29, 2014.
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The Left used to crow that they would own Millennials — the post Generation X wave that came of age in the Era of Hope and Change — because if you vote Democrat in your twenties, you will vote Democrat forever. And a lot of people in their twenties got swept up in the wave of Hope and Change and voted for Bammy.

It never occurred to these left-wing triumphalists that if “Hope and Change” failed, their constituencies might abandon them. But that’s what’s happening (and granted, it never occurred to the Democrats that Hope and Change would fail … because Paul Krugman, Rachel Maddow, and Jon Stewart were all telling them Obama was perfect and awesome and the Best President Forevers and could never fail.)

… slightly more than half (51%) of young Americans who say they will “definitely be voting” in November prefer a Republican-run Congress with 47 percent favoring Democrat control – a significant departure from IOP polling findings before the last midterm elections (Sept. 2010 – 55%: prefer Democrat control; 43%: prefer Republican control). The cohort – 26% of whom report they will “definitely” vote in the midterms – appear up-for-grabs to both political parties and could be a critical swing vote in many races in November….

As the father of three Millennials, let me tell why the Obamacrats are losing them. The ones in my house and their friends all look out and see a world of limited economic prospects and — in some cases — massive college debt that has failed to produce for them the jobs and wealth they felt entitled to. Whether liberal, conservative, or indifferent Millennials have become aware that the earlier generations who run the Government are screwing them; running up debt that they will stick to the Millennials while destroying or limiting the upcoming generations prospects for economic advancement. My older two boys are happy to be employed and debt-free, but they see friends who have five or six figures of college debt and have to work retail jobs. They are also frustrated at how hard it is to move up within their fields of employment and feel blocked by older workers of less ability; they feel like the system is skewed against their entire generation. The promises of ‘Hope and Change’ ring pretty hollow now; they figured out it was just a meaningless advertising slogan and feel duped (not my sons, but others)

Another millennial of close acquaintance was thrilled that Obamacare meant he could stay on his parent’s insurance until he turned 26. That’s when he was 21. Now that he’s 25, Obamacare is starting to not look like such a great deal.

Gay Marriage Makes Some Strange Bedfellows

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is endorsing far left Democrat Scott Peters over gay center-left Republican Carl deMaio, because Gay Marriage.

NOM, the Family Research Council (FRC) and CITIZENLink had released a letter that put Republican leadership on notice of their “active opposition” to DeMaio, as well as two other candidates up for election in 2014. However, the first letter stopped short of supporting Peters. The new letter echoes calls from some local Tea Party and conservative leaders to support Peters.

If this were, as NOM is portraying it, a stand on principle, then simply withholding support from deMaio would make sense. Actively supporting his opponent – a left-wing Democrat whose positions are very far out of NOM’s swim lane – is not a stand on principle.

My guess is the tactical reasoning behind this is to warn other Republicans not to jump on the gay marriage bandwagon. NOM can’t accept that – much as it may suck, the battle to preserve traditional marriage is lost. Traditional marriage has been slipping away since 1969 when Ronald Reagan signed California’s “No Fault” divorce law and began the transformation of marriage from a committed Covenant to a non-binding legal contract to stay together for a while and get some bennies. Gay marriage is one of the last nails in that coffin, but it is not the coffin traditional marriage is being buried in. That casket was built by heterosexuals over a period of decades.

On a related note, a court in the state of New York legalized Uncle-Niece/Aunt-Nephew/Uncle-Nephew/Aunt-Niece incest this week; apparently because Uncle-Niece arrangements are common among immigrants, and we are obligated to respect other cultures more than they are obligated to respect our laws.

HT: Peter H.

The Other Team Can Keep Him

Posted by V the K at 3:37 pm - October 29, 2014.
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Celebrity person Russell Brand wishes he were attracted to men, because that would make him a gay idiotic git instead of just an idiotic git.

“I’m tedious with my heterosexuality.”

No, just tedious.

Perhaps locking tedious heterosexual Russell Brand in a room with tedious homosexual Morrissey… would prove nothing, but it still sounds like a pretty good idea.

[Was that uncivil?]

“Common Sense Gun Laws”

Posted by V the K at 3:31 pm - October 29, 2014.
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In Progressive-Occupied Massachusetts, two high school students have been suspended and face expulsion… for posing for a  picture with Airsoft guns in a private home away from school.

Two high school students from Bristol Plymouth Regional Technical School were suspended for 10 days after posing for a picture holding rifles that shoot plastic pellets, according to multiple reports.


A Curious Thing

Voting Machines have been mysteriously turning Republican votes into Democrat votes. There’s something peculiar about it:

  • It only seems to be happening in Democrat-controlled areas of deep blue states, such as Cook County IL and Baltimore MD.
  • It’s always Republican votes turning Democrat, never the other way around

Ain’t that odd?

Republicans: “Repeal Obamacare? That’s Whackobird Talk.”

Posted by V the K at 11:23 am - October 29, 2014.
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Just in case anyone was laboring under the delusion that a Republican majority in the senate will do anything to divert the country from its headlong drive to the Progressive Socialist Abyss, Republican Senator has a few words for you:

“It would take 60 votes in the Senate, and no one thinks we’re going to have 60 Republicans [after the election] and it would take a presidential signature, no one thinks we’re going to get that,” McConnell said on Fox News.

Exactly as some cynics who have two thumbs and are pointing them at his own chest have said, the Republicans will use the excuse of a veto threat to justify doing nothing. (“Maybe we’ll try just repealing the medical device tax,” McConnell says. Oh, yippee.)

You will get nothing and like it.

Republicans don’t deserve to win. Democrats deserve to lose. That’s where we are in 2014.

Democrats: Our Base Is Stupid, Horny, and Potentially Violent

Posted by V the K at 11:15 am - October 29, 2014.
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Democrats are not running on their record in 2014. It’s not as if they can. Imagine if the entire Democrat campaign was based on the last six years of ‘Achievements.’ “Don’t you just love Obamacare? How about that border situation? And the economy, isn’t it just awesome? We sure did take care of that terrorism thing, didn’t we?”

They are also not running much on what they promise to do next. “With a continuing Democrat majority, we’re going to pass immigration reform and import 30,000,000 people who will work for less than you do. But don’t worry, we’re also going to jack up the minimum wage to $15.00. Anybody not replaced by a machine is gonna be living pretty darn high on that $25K a year they will be bringing home from that part-time job.”

Instead, in the final weeks, Democrats are focusing on engaging their base at a visceral level. And, based on the tactics they are using, a visceral Democrat is a stupid, horny, and potentially violent person.

Your Democrat Party, ladies and gentlemen.

Churches Organize to Turn Out Democrat Vote

Posted by V the K at 9:22 pm - October 28, 2014.
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In advance of the mid-term elections, African-American churches are organizing to turn out the African-American vote for Democrats.

Prominent black denominations and faith leaders like Rev. Cynthia Hale, Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner and others are calling the final two Sundays before the election “Freedom Sunday” and “Turnout Sunday” and asking congregants to go to the polls, often with a Ferguson-motivated appeal.

Curiously, the “Separation of Church and State” activist crowd has no objection to this.

I wonder if any Democrat mayors will be demanding their sermons.

Sally Kohn: Gay Fascist

Posted by V the K at 1:21 pm - October 28, 2014.
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[From The Federalist] Lesbian Left-Wing FoxNews Contributor Sally Kohn holds all the politically correct opinions of the liberal left:

  • Yes, Christian Clergy should be forced to perform gay marriage even if it violates their religious conscience
  • Yes, Christian Bakers, Florists, Photographers, and so forth should be forced to participate in gay weddings.
  • Opening a business or performing services for the public amounts to forfeiture of an individual’s Constitutional Rights.
  • Don’t ask whether the above rules apply to Muslims.

In short, she is absolutely in love with the idea she can use the power of the State to force Christians and others to bow down before her.  She loves that since the left is in control of the apparatus of Government, it can force its values on everybody. And those who disagree will have their livelihoods destroyed. All of this springs from the way the left has cleaved economic rights from individual rights.

This is how the “liberals” got so illiberal, because there is no hard and fast dividing line between regulating “only” our economic lives and regulating everything else. All aspects of human life find an expression in commerce, so if you regulate that, you regulate everything. Which they are now happily proceeding to do.

Exactly, so. Sally Kohn wants to force everybody to participate in gay weddings, and the Democrats want to regulate free speech on the internet. The left has never been warm to the idea of individual rights to begin with; and they have found that attacking economic rights is a potent means of regulating (restricting) individual rights and imposing their views via the Power of the State.

Hillary: When I Said Businesses Didn’t Create Jobs, I Meant Businesses Create Jobs

Posted by V the K at 10:56 pm - October 27, 2014.
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According to the Heiress Apparent, ““Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs” is actually “shorthand” for “Corporations and businesses create jobs.”

“Trickle down economics has failed. I short-handed this point the other day, so let me be absolutely clear about what I’ve been saying for a couple of decades,” she said. “Our economy grows when businesses and entrepreneurs create good-paying jobs here in America and workers and families are empowered to build from the bottom up and the middle out — not when we hand out tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs or stash their profits overseas.”

Yeah, whatever, you old Communist hag.

I’m sorry. Was that uncivil?

The Royalist Socialist Party

Posted by V the K at 1:13 pm - October 27, 2014.
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Ironic, or maybe tragic, that a party that calls themselves “The Democrats” have such contempt for actual Democratic governance, and such a preference for a permanent, hereditary ruling class. (Clintons, Kennedies, Udalls, Landrieus, Pryors, Cuomos…)

Case in point, the Democrats want Michelle Obama to run for the Senate from California.

And even though she has no experience living in the state, and her signature policy achievement is horrible school lunch program that everybody hates… she would probably win.

Because their voters are that… [pick an adjective].


Yeah, This…

Posted by V the K at 11:04 am - October 27, 2014.
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Jeb Bush’s son says he’s running.


Liberal NY Times Readers Terrified of Armed Black Folk

Posted by V the K at 10:12 pm - October 26, 2014.
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National Review’s C.W. Cooke wrote an editorial for the New York Times in which he recognized the historical reality that gun control laws have been primarily aimed at disarming African-Americans at the behest of politically empowered whites. He also urged the NRA to extend outreach to African-Americans and urged African-Americans to exercise their 2A rights.

The liberal readers at the NYTimes had a online comment meltdown.

“Have these gun nuts no shame? Invoking MLK to keep the flow of weapons in the streets unabated? Really.”

“Just what we need, a white guy advocating weapons for people who have suffered more than enough.”

“What we do know with as close to certainty as we can get is that in Stand Your Ground states, Black men carrying a weapon will be pre-emptively murdered.”

“The 2nd Amendment is only for the self professed militia against an imaginary, US Government gone rogue especially now that we have our biracial President. NRA, Republicans, gun-owners, have’nt I got that right?”

And, because the leftwing nutjobs are absolutely obsessed with it, there are a number of comments about Cliven Bundy. The image of a citizen standing up to Obama’s Totalitarian Government drives them ape-nuts.

Jeff adds: A leftie recently brought up Bundy in GP’s comments, too. Fun times!

Houston’s Lesbian Drama Queen Mayor Plays the Victim Card

Posted by V the K at 5:55 pm - October 25, 2014.
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Annise Parker, who showed her fascist leanings by demanding that clergymen within her fiefdom turn over their sermons for her review, followed up that debacle by claiming her daughter suffered the worst sort of oppression a liberal gay can experience (i.e. hurt feelings and a small degree of inconvenience) when the DMV blatantly discriminated against her driver’s license application because her paperwork cited two moms (which, by the way, is a biological impossibility.)

Daughter needs drivers test. Has all docs, some in MomA name, some MomK, but w/ birth cert showing both. DPS says can only be from 1 mom!-A

As is usually the case when a left-wing activist lesbian reports a hate-crime, it was all bullsheet.

DPS Press Secretary Tom Vinger took issue with Parker’s recollection of events, writing in a statement:

“All individuals applying for their first Texas driver license must provide a variety of documents to prove their identity, Social Security Number, U.S. citizenship or lawful presence status, and Texas residency. In this case, the adult applicant did not initially present sufficient documentation to prove residency. Once she provided the required documentation, she was able to complete the transaction. There is no indication that any delay in the process was related to same-sex marriage.”