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Lessons of #Ferguson: Don’t Rob Convenience Store, Fight With a Cop and Try to Take His Gun

So said Rich Lowry, on ‘Meet the Press,’ while surrounded by liberal-progressive thug-enablers.

National Review editor Rich Lowry riled up a panel of establishment media talkers Sunday by advising Americans to obey the law and exercise caution with police.

“If you look at the most credible evidence [of Michael Brown’s death at the hands of a Ferguson, Mo., police officer], the lessons are really basic,” Lowry said during an appearance on Meet the Press. “Don’t rob a convenience store. Don’t fight with a policeman when he stops you and try to take his gun. And when he yells at you to stop, just stop.”

Those comments elicited gasp from a panel that included the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson and MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. Mitchell exclaimed “Whoa, whoa” during Lowry’s comments, while Robinson said his recitation of the known facts in the case was an attempt to “relitigate” Brown’s death.

Gutsy move. Go you, Rich.

Look, if I punched a cop and tried to grab his gun, he would shoot me. And my friends, my family, and fellow members of my socio-economic stratum would say of me, “What a dumbass.” There would be no rioting. There would be no protests. My parents would not try to make a quick buck by selling grammatically incorrect T-shirts in my memory. There would be universal acknowledgement that I had acted stupidly and the outcome, while undesirable, was a reasonable expectation given the circumstances.

Weekend Nostalgia: Looking Back on Black Friday 1996

Posted by V the K at 9:52 am - November 30, 2014.
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1996 — When you could buy a State-of-the-Art computing machine with a 1.6 GB hard drive and 16MB of RAM for a mere $2400. (CRT Monitor not included.)


Technology has gotten significantly better and cheaper over the past decade — mainly because the Government has kept their greedy, power-grubbing hands from regulating it and let the Free Enterprise System work its magic.

Best Music of the Century

Posted by V the K at 8:03 pm - November 29, 2014.
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I know, first hockey now this, because I feel like talking about something other than politics and Rainbow Fascism. Let’s talk about music.

Music will never mean as much to you as it does when you’re a teenager; it has to do with the interplay of music and the rapidly developing adolescent brain.  And it’s true, the farther my misspent adolescence disappears in the rearview mirror, the less and less I have cared about music, the harder it is for “new music” to break through to me. Most of contemporary pop music sounds to me like whores strangling cats (I’m looking at you, Bieber.)

But I haven’t hated all of the music of this century, and watching America collapse into the socialist abyss requires a soundtrack for comfort and refuge. Here are, IMHO, ten of the best songpieces to come out so far this century.

  • A Day to Remember – “All Signs Point to Lauderdale” – 2010 – Sometimes I just loop this song continuously for an hour or more.  Freakin’ love this song
  • Boards of Canada – “Dayvan Cowboy” – 2005  – an almost impossibly beautiful composition. Once I was running on a hot day and passed out in the woods with this on my mp3 player. True story.
  • Perfume – 1 MM – 2013 – After Johnny Craig, you need an upbeat pallet cleanser. Tho’ I would probably hate this song if it were in English and Katy Perry was doing it.
  • Johnny Craig – “I Still Feel Her Part III” – 2009 – which I feel quite dirty for liking, if you must know, because Johnny Craig is a complete POS. Good song though.
  • Bear McCreary – “Apocalypse” – 2009 – Bear McCreary has done the music for BSG, The Walking Dead, and Agents of Shield.  I feel like this will be considered classical music in another hundred years.
  • A Day to Remember – “I’m Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?” – 2009 – Sweet video, just the band playing kickball with some adorable moppets.
  • Kaiser Chiefs – “Ruby” – 2007 – Catchy, sort of retro, and the video speaks to my love of Sim City.
  • Jimmy Eat World – “Bleed American” – 2001 — One of the few albums released this century I can listen all the way through without skipping songs.
  • Saosin – “You’re not Alone” – 2006 –  You really can’t discuss early 20th Century without acknowledging that Emo was a thing; and on rare occasion not a bad thing. (And doesn’t the little girl in the video look like Monica Lewinsky’s mini-me?)
  • Hawthorne Heights – “This is who we are” – 2006 – I just like it because it’s catchy.

What are your choices?

Hockey Is the Greatest Sport in the World

Posted by V the K at 2:59 pm - November 29, 2014.
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Prove to me it isn’t!



hockey is better than hockey


Atlanta Fire Chief Punished for Thoughtcrime

Posted by V the K at 8:35 pm - November 28, 2014.
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Taking a page from the Government of North Korea, the gay left and their allies once again punish someone for not cheering loudly enough at the Pride Parade.

Atlanta Fire Rescue Chief Kelvin Cochran did the unthinkable: he published a book expressing his Christian views toward homosexuality and various other sexual sins. For this grievous offense, he must now be suspended for one month without pay, undergo sensitivity training, and keep his mouth shut if he ever wants to work again.

A gay city council drone was gratified that the chief was punished for having thoughts that did not conform to The Collective.

District 6 Councilmember Alex Wan, who is openly homosexual, said, “When you’re a city employee, and [your] thoughts, beliefs and opinions are different from the city’s, you have to check them at the door.”


Progressives are horrible people.

President Jarrett Is a Horrible Boss

Kim Strassel laments that the White House is a hostile working environment for anyone of intelligence or the capability for independent thought.

“Doormat” has been the job description for pretty much every Obama employee. The president bragged in 2008 that he would assemble in his cabinet a “Team of Rivals.” What he failed to explain to any of the poor saps is that they’d be window dressing for a Team of Select Brilliant Political Types Who Already Had All the Answers: namely, himself and the Valerie Jarretts and David Axelrods of the White House.

The experienced Bill Daley came in 2011 as the chief of staff tasked with repairing Mr. Obama’s relations with the business community. He left a year later, having been stripped of many duties and trashed by the White House to the press. The sage Leon Panetta stepped up as defense secretary in 2011; he too left after 20 months of getting his head patted. The folks who look smartest now are those who fled early, while the fleeing was still relatively good—Rahm Emanuel, Austan Goolsbee, Larry Summers, Peter Orszag, Vivek Kundra.

Who would want to work for a boss who micromanages everything but takes no responsibility when things don’t work out? This president’s playbook for controversy: Deny knowledge, blame subordinates.

Read the whole thing.

Obama has previously declared that he is a better speechwriter than his speechwriters, and know more about policy than his policy advisers. Such a megalomaniac has no interest in hearing, much less entertaining, opinions that do not align with his own. So much for diversity.

But then again, it often seems President Obama doesn’t really run the White House; he’s off playing golf, partying with celebrities and billionaires. Every once in a while, they put a suit on him and stand him up in front of a TelePrompter. It is very much the consensus that the real authority in the White House comes from former Slum Queen Valerie Jarrett, an “advisor to the President” (think “Wormtongue”) who has been granted her own secret service detail and is the first and last word on White House policy and hiring decisions.

It is little wonder that Obama and Jarrett have created an environment where anyone of any intelligence leaves, but those who can enthusiastically mouth the official party talking points … like Jen Psaki, Josh Earnest, and Maria Harf … thrive.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 11:16 am - November 27, 2014.
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I recently remembered that, among other things, I’m still grateful for the Heller decision from 2008. Because as long as it stands, the Left still hasn’t quite reduced America to just another slave-nation.

What are you grateful for?

I Have Nothing in Common with People on the Left Part III

Posted by V the K at 1:41 pm - November 26, 2014.
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In Portland, OR – some Ferguson protesters didn’t want their public temper tantrum interrupted by a car trying to get to hospital, to the point that fisticuffs broke out.

I have nothing in common with people on the left, Part II

Posted by V the K at 1:22 pm - November 26, 2014.
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Something else left-wingers do that I have no desire to do… browbeat my family with political opinions during holiday celebrations.

Think Progress has a guide on “how to argue with your Evangelical uncle” about marriage equality. Vox is advising you on Bill Cosby, Ferguson, and immigration (you’re for it as much as possible, of course).

Last year, some of Michael Bloomberg’s dollars trickled down to someone who gave you talking points on gun control. Chris Hayes is once again dedicating an hour of his MSNBC show to the cause.

SRSLY WTF is wrong with these people? Ace has a possible answer: Politics is their religion, and being around heretics makes them feel “unsafe.”

They’re anxious because they’re going to a Thanksgiving dinner where they won’t have an Automatic Affirmation Clap Circle applauding their poses and posturings, but instead might be asked things like “Where are you getting that claim from?”

And this produces in them a terrible anxiety — an anxiety disclosed by all these articles in their first paragraphs, which note the anxiety and fear before proposing a way to combat it.

It’s incredible, when you think about it — they go through the whole year believing in their progressive catechisms zealously but only bother to ask Why do we believe this progressive religious nonsense again? one single day of the year, the one single day of the year where they fear they might be questioned about their religious beliefs.

And what to make of Ass Hunters?

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 9:51 am - November 26, 2014.
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I’ve never played it or heard of it, until I just caught this on Breitbart (via Bruce’s Twitter stream).

I’m Gay and ‘Ass Hunters’ is One of the Funniest Games I’ve Ever Played
by Milo Yiannopoulos

The outrage bell is tolling this week over Ass Hunters, a game in which you play a safari hunter who shoots homosexuals with a shotgun, trying to avoid getting molested by them…The game is as hilariously silly as it sounds.

…the moral police on both sides of the political fence are up in arms…[including] the left, of course, which is screaming blue bloody murder about the supposed homophobic incitements to violence and hatred…

That’s why Google was yesterday forced to remove a mobile version of the game, which has been floating around on the web for years, from its Play Store. All of which leaves me a bit mystified as to what possible harm this ridiculously daft, cartoonish nonsense could possibly to do society.

…both camps have completely missed the joke…It’s actually a very funny satire…

Read the whole thing.

I come to feel, more and more, that I have absolutely nothing in common with people on the left

Posted by V the K at 8:35 am - November 26, 2014.
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It came out in the George Snuffelupagus interview with Darren Wilson that the wrongfully accused police officer and his wife are expecting a baby. This revelation unleashed a torrent of hate and threats from the tolerant left.

I don’t get these people; there is nothing in them I can relate to. Much as despise Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Dan Savage et. al.; there is nothing in me that wishes suffering upon them. Nor would I take any joy in it. I am not made that way, and I don’t get people who do. I also don’t understand how people can hate Darren Wilson for defending himself from a thug, but adore Che Guevara for being a sociopath and mass murderer.

There is absolutely no truth to the Democrat/Media promoted narrative that Mike Brown was an innocent black schoolboy gunned down by a racist cop for jaywalking. Yet that is what people have decided. I think it’s because it gives them a way to justify the hate and ugliness that has always lived inside of them.

And the political and media class have decided that feeding that wolf is somehow in the best interests of their overall agenda. Take, for example, Rachel Maddow’s body double Chris Hayes on MSDNC, who found something romantic and beautiful in people being burned out of their livelihoods by rampaging thugs.

“Cameras right now are going to show things burning, and things are burning here in Ferguson tonight,” he said. “They’re not going to show thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people in metro St. Louis and I think around the country who are just burning up inside with a feeling of impotent rage, of alienation and of anguish and disappointment and injustice.”

I also note that the New York Times published Darren Wilson’s home address; knowing full well that violent radicals are calling for his murder.

Aftermath of Emperor Barack’s immigration move?

First off, we here at GayPatriot are in favor of legal immigrants and controlled, legal immigration from other countries. We simply oppose *illegal* immigration because of the importance of border security in the age of terrorism; and because it’s illegal. The people who have done it began their American journey by consciously breaking America’s laws.

As President Obama unilaterally suspended deportations of certain illegal aliens in 2012, and then last week expanded it to millions more, he has made clear what his priorities are not:

  • Enforcing the law, as passed by previous Congresses and signed by previous Presidents: Not a priority.
  • Defending U.S. borders: Not a priority. (Has Obama seriously tried to improve border security? Of course not.)
  • Following the Constitution: Not a priority.
  • Saving taxpayer money: Not a priority.
  • Being true to his own previous statements and promises: Not a priority. Per link above, “In a Telemundo interview in September 2013, for example, Obama said that if he were to broaden the exception he made in 2012…’then essentially, I would be ignoring the law in a way that I think would be very difficult to defend legally.'”
  • Racial and/or human sensitivity: Not a priority. Obama publicly reduced the people affected by his order to their supposed roles as people “who pick our fruit and make our beds.” (Guess he never makes his own bed, or cleans his own home? I do.)

Any of the first three points above – and certainly, all of the first three together – are violations of the President’s oath of office and grounds for impeachment. But let’s face it: as V has suggested, impeachment will never happen.

I blame the media because this is what you get, when a biased media covers for an egotistical President relentlessly: Hubris. Lawlessness. Government that is willfully, impeachably unconstitutional. With no accountability.

But speaking of the media, I must give some credit where it’s due. In the past, I’ve often noted that Jay Carney was Obama’s paid liar, and he probably still is, on some level. But even he admits that Obama is “literally” doing what he promised not to do. Also, credit the Washington Post for noticing how Obama’s pretense of innocence happens to be a lie.

So, what do you think Congressional Republicans will do with the illegal-immigration issue, from here? Up to now, GOP leaders have been soft on the issue of border security.

They’ve also been eager to be perceived (in the media, etc.) as pro-Latino. But I’m thinking that Obama just took all of that ground away from them: there is no possible way, now, that GOP leaders can ever be perceived as more pro-illegal immigrant or pro-Latino than Obama.

In that sense, Obama just took away any incentive that GOP leaders would have for compromising with him. I think that will blow up in Obama’s face. And I think he has just proven to the voters that Democrats truly don’t give a hoot about border security.(*)

NB: The first version of this post misquoted Obama slightly; the quote has been corrected.
(*) Again, because of its glaring absence from the Democrats’ real set of concerns.

White Supremacist Declares Ferguson Riots a ‘Race War’

And by ‘White Supremacist’ I mean ‘African-American Democrat Elected Public Official.’

Monday night on MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadali (D) said of the riots after the grand jury announcement that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will not face charges for fatally shooting Michael Brown, “This is St. Louis’s race war. We didn’t have a race war like other cities throughout the U.S. This is our race war.”

The Contempt of the Gentry Class

To Barack Obama, illegal immigrants are fruit-pickers and bedpan washers. To John McCain, they’re lettuce-pickers. To Hillary Clinton, illegal immigrants are busboys and dishwashers. To Karl Rove, they are the people who pick tomatoes and  make up beds so his kids won’t have to.

But it’s not just illegal immigrants they see as menial laborers; beneath the high stations they have gotten for themselves. Think about this; all of these people — and most of the economic and political “Elite” in the United States — would like to hand out American citizenship like library cards to anyone who crossed the border. It means nothing to them. They don’t hold American citizenship in much esteem because they don’t hold American citizens in much esteem, as the remarks of Mr. Jonathan Gruber have revealed.

They know that importing millions of unit of cheap foreign labor will negatively impact the wages of American workers. They don’t care, and they lie about it,  “If you like your middle class lifestyle, you can keep your middle class lifestyle,” they reassure us. The elite don’t care because they don’t see illegal immigrant labor affecting them or their class in any negative way. They see no difference between illegal immigrants and working class Americans — except, in the words of an aide to Senator Marco Rubio. “American workers can’t cut it.” To the Gentry, all of us who aren’t them might as well be fruit-pickers, lettuce-pickers, busboys, linen launderers — peasants to be ruled over by members of the Lucky Sperm Club.

The system the progressives most admire is the People’s Republic of China; a political elite wields absolute power, which they use to elevate friends and cronies to positions of wealth and status provided they profess unyielding loyalty to the party. And middle class is defined as having a 200 square foot apartment in a Proletarian rabbit warren.

Update: In California, Democrats are giving the Chinese model a trial run.

Who Burned Ferguson?

Posted by V the K at 7:56 am - November 25, 2014.
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The looters burned Ferguson, duh. It’s amazing how destructive people can be who don’t have to worry about showing up at work in the morning. But the rioters did not lack for encouragement.

From the get-go, there was a false narrative put forth about the original incident — Innocent black schoolboy shot for jaywalking by racist white cop. Hardly a lick of this narrative turned out to be true. Mike Brown, at 6’4″ 292 lbs, was no little schoolboy, and unless ‘jaywalking’ is how you say ‘assaulting a cop’ in Ebonics, he was no innocent either. For that matter, the only evidence offered that Darren Wilson was racist is that he happens to be white and a cop, which is apparently enough.

It was known fairly soon after incident that “innocent black schoolboy gunned down by racist cop” was a false narrative. But it was a narrative that was cynically promoted by the progressive left in order to advance their agenda. The Democrat Party — From Barack Obama and Eric Holder on down to bottom-feeders like Marcia Fudge and Jamilah Nasheed saw ‘The Narrative’ as a way of advancing their political fortunes and turning out the African-American base for the mid-terms. The wreckage he leaves in his wake — Crown Heights, Freddie’s Fashion Mart, Ferguson — collateral damage in his battle for self-aggrandizement.

For the Progressive media, the false narrative was an opportunity to promote the view of America as racist and terrible with which they have been indoctrinated since Journalism School. Journalists see it as their job to promote the narrative, to ‘change the world.’ to bend the arc of history toward socialism. As a bonus, video footage of black people rioting and looting is good for ratings.

And bridging left-wing media and left-wing politics is, of course, the Reverend Al Sharpton; who has made an entire career out of stirring the racial pot and been rewarded with a television show (despite barely being able to read a Teleprompter) and a position as a close adviser to the President of the United States.

Meanwhile, the people who suffer are the residents of Ferguson MO, who will now be deprived of jobs, opportunities, and shopping choices. But who care about about a bunch of ‘stupid American voters’ in flyover country, as long as the progressive left has a narrative to exploit.

Don’t call it a riot, call it Executive Action

Now, just where did those Ferguson rioters get the idea that when a legal process doesn’t produce the result you want, it’s okay to just go ahead and break the law?

Can you think of anyone who may have given them that idea?

The President’s address tonight was notable for its utter lack of any scintilla of self-awareness.

“We are a nation built on the rule of law, so this decision was the grand jury’s to make.” – Obama on #Ferguson

Georgetown Student OK With Being Mugged at Gunpoint Because “Social Justice”

Posted by V the K at 5:43 pm - November 24, 2014.
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It used to be said that a conservative was a liberal who had been mugged. But today’s liberals are far more stupid than those of days gone by. Take this jewel of elite breeding and indoctrination.

Senior Oliver Friedfeld and his roommate were held at gunpoint and mugged around a week ago. However, the GU student isn’t upset. In fact he says he “can hardly blame [his muggers].”

“Not once did I consider our attackers to be ‘bad people.’ I trust that they weren’t trying to hurt me. In fact, if they knew me, I bet they’d think I was okay,” wrote Friedfeld in an editorial featured in The Hoya, the university’s newspaper. “The fact that these two kids, who appeared younger than I, have even had to entertain these questions suggests their universes are light years away from mine.”

Friedfeld claims it is the pronounced inequality gap in Washington, D.C. that has fueled these types of crimes. He also says that as a middle-class man, he does not have the right to judge his muggers.

“Who am I to stand from my perch of privilege, surrounded by million-dollar homes and paying for a $60,000 education, to condemn these young men as ‘thugs?’” asks Friedfeld. “It’s precisely this kind of ‘otherization’ that fuels the problem.”

Mug him again.

The Big Mac Index

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 11:22 am - November 24, 2014.
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Some people consider the price of a McDonald’s “Big Mac” to be a reality check for what is happening to consumer prices. Why?

  • Fast food is widely consumed, outside “the one percent”. A Big Mac may be a price that real people pay often.
  • The price reflects not only food costs, but also costs for hourly labor and benefits, commercial real estate, transportation, energy, manufacturing equipment and packaging.
  • Until a few years ago, changes in the price of a Big Mac tracked changes in the government CPI (Consumer Price Index) fairly well.

In recent years, Big Macs have gone up rather more than the CPI. Why? Several different explanations could be put forward. The least likely explanation is that McDonald’s has suddenly become inefficient at making Big Macs.

Another possible explanation is that the government keeps toying with how it calculates CPI, looking for ways to understate consumer price inflation. That is, to hide it. Which is in the government’s direct, financial interest: that way, the government can make smaller inflation adjustments to Social Security, income tax brackets, inflation-indexed bonds, etc. Plus the political optics are better.

Courtesy of Forbes, Big Mac Index Shows Official CPI Underreports Inflation:

What is the graph saying?

  • In 1996, the average Big Mac cost $2.36.
  • Going by the government CPI (and assuming Big Macs are still a good reality check), the average Big Mac in 2013 should have cost $3.49.
  • But it really cost $4.33, which is a lot more. (The price virtually doubled in 17 years; and of the increase, nearly half is “unexpected” by the CPI.)
  • The increase started in the early Naughties, but more of it is recent, in the last six years.

So, whom do you believe? Our noble government which always looks out for you? Or your lyin’ eyes, when you go to buy a Big Mac?

I believe my eyes. I’m more likely to to hit Starbucks or In-N-Out Burger than McDonald’s; but in all 3 cases, I’m always a little shocked at how their prices have gone up from 10, 5 or even just 1-2 years ago. Poor people, who may eat at fast-food restaurants often, must really feel it.

Bonus question: Why would things have changed in the last six years? Who has been in charge of the government – that is, both the CPI calculation, and our general economic policies?

“Privilege” Is the New “Racism”

Posted by V the K at 7:38 pm - November 23, 2014.
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Even SJW’s have gotten tired at screaming “racism” at everything and so now they are mixing it up a little by screeching that various innocuous things are “Privilege.” Time doctors-office-pamphlet says if you’re a dude and you don’t have to cross your legs when you sit down; that’s male privilege baby.

In an article called, “‘Man Spreaders,’ There’s No Excuse for Not Closing Your Legs on the Subway,” Time’s Etiquette section slammed men who do not sit with their legs together. But more than it being impolite and against etiquette, there is a much bigger problem with men like this: they are proliferating “the patriarchy.”

The article explains that men sitting with their legs apart “is the most visual manifestation of patriarchal privilege and that is why it is especially angering.”

Actually, I think this article is the most visible manifestation of a loony feminist zeta male.

You know what real male privilege is? It’s Bill Clinton getting to grope all the women he wants and still be a hero of the Democrat Party.

Schoolhouse Rock for the Age of Emperor Barack

Posted by V the K at 12:14 pm - November 23, 2014.
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Indeed. [HT: The Blaze]

OK: Video won’t embed, but you can see it at The Blaze link above or at this link. Is worth it.
Update: Success!
YouTube Preview Image