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Oh, For Set’s Sake, Stop Calling Him ‘The Prophet,’ You Leftist Suck-Ups

Posted by V the K at 8:10 pm - January 8, 2015.
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I have a bone to pick with the way some media outlets have been referring to Muhammed as ‘The Prophet’ in order to gain favor with the Islamists they admire and with the Emperor who has stated that “The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet of Islam.”

Just can it, already. First of all, everybody can spot your faux-Cosmopolitan affectation; it’s as phony as going out of the way to pronounce Spanish names with an exaggerated Hispanic accent, or the way the Emperor says ‘Pah-Kee-Stahn.’ Second, I belong to a church that is led by a living Prophet. Sucking up to the Mohammedans by acting as though their “prophet” is the only one is disrespectful and insulting, not just to my religion, but also to Christians and Jews who revere Biblical Prophets such as Isaiah, Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah… and so forth.

It also tells us much that the only religion you even feign respect for is the one that will kill you if you don’t.


As Shortstack Requested…

Posted by V the K at 11:58 am - January 8, 2015.
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People were murdered by Mohammedans for these cartoons.



People were not murdered by Christians over these cartoons.

index Jesus_family_guy

If anyone is claiming moral equivalence, kindly link to cartoons that so enraged Christians that they committed mass murder.

Also, The Boss got himself some Twitchy Love yesterday.

The Democrat Left’s Adoration for Totalitarian Communism

Posted by V the K at 7:52 am - January 8, 2015.
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Trust-fund environmental activist and Democrat scion Robert F Kennedy, Jr professes great admiration for Cuban-style totalitarianism.

Cuba has managed some impressive accomplishments. Cuba’s government boasts the highest literacy rates for its population of any nation in the hemisphere. Cuba claims its citizens enjoy universal access to health care and more doctors per capita than any other nation in the Americas. Cuba’s doctors, reportedly, have high quality medical training.

Unlike other Caribbean islands where poverty means starvation, all Cubans receive a monthly food ration book that provides for their basic necessities.

Mr Kennedy, we do have places in America where the Government provides everybody with a daily food ration and state-provided health care, as well as guaranteed shelter, clothing, and literacy programs. They are called ‘prisons.’

Is there any point to having 100% literacy if the only thing you are allowed to read is Government propaganda? Is there any point to universal health care if you have no freedom to enjoy life? If the Government provides you a daily ration of food but provides you no freedom, then how is that any different than a rancher providing hay and grain to his cattle?

Update: The left’s vision for America: A giant, government-run Indian Reservation.