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WaPo Baffled to Discover Terrorists Don’t Obey Gun Control Laws

Posted by V the K at 12:13 pm - January 9, 2015.
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Since 1939, France has had the kind of “Common Sense Gun Control Laws” that groups financed by Mike Bloomberg claim to favor (although the laws don’t go far enough, in their view, because they still permit a small number of private citizens to own firearms.) The editorialists at the Washington Post are baffled why France’s strict gun laws failed to prevent the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

A genuinely troubling question: Why didn’t France’s gun laws save the Charlie Hebdo victims?

There is no right to bear arms for the French, and to own a gun, you need a hunting or sporting license which needs to be repeatedly renewed and requires a psychological evaluation.

You mean the Mohammedan terrorists refused to apply for gun permits or sit for psychological valuations, but decided to get guns anyway? Jamais dans la vie!

Even a dumb hick from flyover country could explain why gun control laws fail; because criminals and terrorists don’t obey gun laws. But the leftists at the Washington Post clearly are too educated to understand that.

Dancing About Architecture

Posted by V the K at 9:18 am - January 9, 2015.
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As a dumb hick from flyover country, I really don’t get why rich people want to live stacked on top of each other in geometric ant-farm cubicles, but, as long as no one is forcing me to live like that, I have no objection. (And the environmentalist nutjobs who think that’s how everybody should be forced to live to save the polar bears can GDIAF.)

Emperor Obama Pushing for More Free [Stuff] from the Government

Posted by V the K at 8:09 am - January 9, 2015.
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It’s as though after losing an election, the first thing Democrats ask themselves is, “What else can we give the rubes for free?” Hence, Obama’s push for two “free” years of Community College, which was, of course, welcomed by the social parasites that make up the Democrat base. *

The idea is that Democrats propose that the Government should provide for free something people are eminently capable of purchasing on their own. And then, when Republicans say, “it will drive up the deficit and force people who don’t use a service to pay for those who do.” And then the Democrats can accuse Republicans of being heartless, greedy (ironically), and against both the thing being subsidized and the people who use it. With birth control, they accused Republicans of wanting to “deny women access to birth control” and being against women. Now, I guess, the gambit will be to accuse Republicans of wanting to “deny working class people access to education” and being against the working class.

Not to mention that if two years of Community College are “free,” it is suddenly going to become a lot more expensive; like everything else the Government subsidizes. If people have to pay for their own education, there is market pressure to hold down costs. But if Uncle Sugar is paying the tab, who cares what the bill is, aside from ‘Whackobirds’ who are troubled by our Eighteen Trillion Dollars of National Debt and Trillions More in Unfunded Liabilities?

I actually am a huge supporter of the community college system as an alternative to the overpriced and increasingly useless university system, which have become more like Social Justice Amusement Parks than institutions of meaningful learning. But I am not a big fan of community college being “the high school after high school” for teaching basic math, English, and other skills people (somehow) come out of high school lacking. But wouldn’t it be a lot more cost effective to reform high school to offer more meaningful educations; more intense academic training for the college-bound, more support for trade school for the less academic inclined. Of course, such reforms would require either free market alternatives to Government schools, or require unionized teachers to work harder. Neither of these things are going to happen as long as the Democrats and the JV Democrats (Republicans) are running the show.

And the real ironic part about this is that to Obama and his ilk, a community college degree is something they sneer at. But I guess they figure it’s good enough for the peasant class.


Republicans First Order of Business: More Crony Corporatism

Posted by V the K at 7:45 am - January 9, 2015.
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In December, the Republicans passed the ‘Cromnibus’ spending bill that fully funded Obamacare and mostly funded Obamamnesty, they did, however, draw one line in the stand and that was that they were absolutely committed to subsidizing megabanks like JP Morgan and CitiGroup with taxpayer-funded back-up funds for gambling on risky derivatives.

Now that the Corporatist John Boehner has been safely installed as Speaker of the House, the first bill the Republicans are going to take up is apparently going to be another massive taxpayer subsidy to big business, one favored and promoted by outgoing Democrat Majority leader Harry Reid.

Reid instructed Republicans to put TRIA — which created a taxpayer backstop for property insurers after 9/11 — at the top of their agenda. Joining Reid in this cry was a chorus of industry lobbies. And Republicans have responded.

And Republicans have put reauthorizing the bill at the top of their legislative agenda.

Le sigh.