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Checking in with the Religion of Peace

Posted by V the K at 1:17 pm - January 20, 2015.
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Within the Islamic State (which according to the Obama Regime is neither Islamic nor a state) exercised its authority within the defined geographical over which it has complete legal authority (i.e. a state)  in support of Sharia (i.e. the Islamic law the Islamic State claims as the basis of its authority) and committed the following acts.

And the number of people murdered by Organized Christian Forces for not following Biblical Law remains at 0.

Also, the Saudi government police chopped off a woman’s head in the middle of Islam’s Holiest City. No word from the Obama Regime on whether that was True Islam or not.

A Curious Thing About Media Coverage of the Fringe Left

The spoiled brat activists of #BlackLivesMatter were at it again yesterday, disrupting MLK observances in Atlanta, beating up a cop in Seattle, and blocking traffic in the Bay Area.  None of the Democrat leadership has denounced any of this and some of them are actively joining the protests.

And then there’s this clown. (Literally).

Let me ask you something: Have you ever once heard the MFM describe the #BlackLivesMatter protest as “Fringe” or “Extremist?”

Here are a few things #BlackLiesMatter has advocated:

Are these demands not considered radical and extreme by the liberal media? All the Tea Party wanted was for the Government to spend less money and follow the Constitution. This was enough for the left to label them radical, extreme, and even “terrorists.”

But #BlackLivesMatter wanting to kill cops and destroy the global economy… not extreme and not radical. Or, at least, far less radical or extreme than advocating for Government fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Well… OK, then.

The State of the Union

My basic reaction to both the Oscars and the SOTU

My basic reaction to both the Oscars and the SOTU

Y’know, the State of the Union Address and the Oscars have a lot in common. They are annual ceremonies held by coastal elites without the first clue about how normal Americans live. They are full of politics, full of pomp, insanely hyped by the media, and they will each be completely forgotten within a week of the broadcast. And in both cases, the point is to celebrate their ability to get the public to buy into elaborate fantasy worlds painstakingly created by people who have no grounding in real life.

In Hollywood, people who can’t stand each other pretend to like each other. In Washington, people who like each other pretend they can’t stand each other. In both cases, the goal is to keep the public in the dark about what’s really going on.