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Woody Allen: Progressive Leftist Hero

If the left can make an iconic hero out of a racist, mass-murdering sociopath like Che Guevara, why not a gross degenerate like Woody ‘Keep It In The Family’ Allen.

If you think Allen is a child molester, either the conversation ends or you invoke the difference between “the artist and the man” (the theme Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway). Very few who think he’s guilty are willing to do the latter.

I’m disinterested in adjudicating the matter. We’ll never know whether or not he did those things. And reducing the question of whether or not Allen deserves his social prominence and accolades to “did he or didn’t he?” tosses out decades of artistic accomplishment and service to progressive ideas too rashly. For the left, Woody Allen has long been a force for good.

 Speaking of degenerate sociopaths who are left wing heroes, does anyone have an opinion (or care) about BJ Clinton apparently spending time on ‘Whore Island‘ in the company of a man known for having inclinations toward the statutory?

I guess it doesn’t matter, because, if you spotted BJ Clinton for a moral degenerate years ago, it comes as no surprise. And if your attitude is, ‘He can rape all the women he wants as long as he’s pro-abortion,’ it’s not going to make any difference either.