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The Left and Mr. Godwin

An Obama administration official says that elected officials in Indiana — who passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Law virtually identical to laws on the books in 19 states AND a Federal law signed by BJ Clinton — are Nazis.  (Hat Tip: Sooper Mexican)


Interesting implied threat at the end there, isn’t it?

This is the same whiny, six-figure bureaucrat who whined about her paycheck being delayed during the “Government Shutdown” of 2013.

Double Standards Much?

Posted by V the K at 2:55 pm - March 29, 2015.
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So, Ted Cruz’s wife leaves her job so she can support his presidential bid and, as required by the law, Ted Cruz signs up for Obamacare. Note: He could have just used the exemption that Congress and the Obama Administration carved out for themselves, but he decided to follow the law like American citizens are required to do.

The Democrat left went crazy attacking him for this. (Warning: MSDNC Link: Annoying autoplay)

Meanwhile, it’s revealed that not only did Hillary Clinton illegally use a private email server to conduct Government business, she also apparently wiped it clean to … let’s be honest about this… prevent anyone from accessing evidence that she was illegally taking money (bribes) from foreign Governments and mishandling classified documents.

And the Democrat left defends her.

Basically, this reflects the fact that lawlessness has become that stand operating procedure of the Democrat Party. Obamacare – passed with underhanded legislative trickery. Executive Amnesty – Obama simply negates laws he doesn’t agree with. Deal to Protect Iran’s Nuclear Development Program – Congress bypassed entirely. Net Neutrality. IRS abuse. Fast and Furious. Tax cheating by Charlie Rangel and Tim Geithner. Examples of Democrat Lawlessness are endless.

But Republicans are not only held to an absolute standard of compliance, they are attacked even when they obey the law.



Posted by V the K at 9:21 am - March 29, 2015.
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Remember the d-bag who made a YouTube video of himself berating a Chik-Fil-A employee because he disagreed with the owner of the chain’s support for traditional marriage? Thinking it would make him a big hero with the social left? He’s unemployed and living in an RV.

Adam Smith, 37, was the CFO of a medical device manufacturer in Arizona until the summer of 2012, when he started protested Chick-fil-A’s stance on gay marriage to an employee at a drive-thru.

“Chick-fil-A is a hateful company,” Smith told the employee. “I don’t know how you sleep at night,” Smith adds at another point. This is a horrible corporation with horrible values.”

After the employee, who never loses her composure, wished Smith a nice day, he responded, “I will. I just did something really good. I feel purposeful.”

Since then, Smith was fired from his job, and his wife and four children lost their home. The family was forced to sell and give away their possessions and move into an RV. He is now on food stamps, he says.

I feel sorry for his wife and kids.

Why haven’t his fellow SJW’s embraced him and supported him in his time of need? He was standing up for their cause, and none of them were willing to help him out? Sheesh, I guess they are too busy worrying about heteronormative microaggression triggers to help a brother out.