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VA Spent $288,000 to Move Bureaucrat While Vets Died

This is exactly how socialized health care works in the real world.  Bureaucrats spend money on themselves; f— the sick people.

The inspector general of the Department of Veterans Affairs has opened an investigation into why the director of the Philadelphia regional benefits office was given a $288,000 “relocation payment” to move from Washington, D.C. last year.

Diana Rubens was awarded that hefty sum to make the 140-mile move from her previous job in Washington, D.C. where she served as the agency’s deputy undersecretary for field operations.

Here’s a picture of the bureaucrat who required 5x the median American income to move 140 miles.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


The Left’s Real Outrage Over a Faux Cause

Posted by V the K at 8:08 pm - March 30, 2015.
Filed under: War on Christians

 As Gabriel Malor explains, Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law does not legalize … much less mandate… discrimination against gay people. It merely makes Religious Conscience an available legal defense. It does not make it legal to discriminate against gays any more than the existence of Self-Defense as a legal defense make it legal to randomly kill people… despite the rantings of celebrity idiots like Cher and Sally Kohn (who continue in their endless rivalry to claim the title of #DumbestWomanOnTwitter.)  Not to mention the gay CEO of Apple sanctimoniously postures against “religious discrimination” while happily opening Apple stores in Saudi Arabia.  Or the Democrat Governor of Connecticut banning travel to Indiana for having exactly the same Religious Freedom Law that Connecticut has.

If the Democrat Left is really sincere about this, how about a push to repeal the Federal Freedom of Religion Act… which was signed by Democrat President Bill Clinton in 1993.

Raise your hand if you think the whole #BoycottIndiana thing is more about professional activists who have to keep the outrage flowing or else they have to find real jobs than it is about any actual discrimination.