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The Gay Left Becomes a Hate Group

Posted by V the K at 11:02 pm - April 1, 2015.
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A pizza shop owner made the mistake of saying publicly that they didn’t care to be forced into catering a gay wedding. The left-wing MFM ginned up a fake story about a pizza shop that refused to cater gay weddings. Within a day, death threats… including a threat of arson from a public school teachersforced the pizza shop to close.

And the gay left celebrated how effective they have become in their bullying.

Some will say, “It’s just words; there’s no actual threat of violence.” As we have seen, it didn’t take long for chants of “What do we want? Dead Cops” to become actual dead cops. The road from threats of violence against Christians to actual violence against Christians is also a short one; particular when the media and the culture are cheering it on. “It’s just the market at work,” say the socialists; because, obviously, death, violence, and arson threats are just part of the invisible hand of free enterprise.

The gay left has decided that Christians do not have rights. They have no right to refuse to participate in gay weddings. They have no right to even express opposition to gay marriage. Once it gets decided that certain people can have rights taken away from them by those who have power, violence follows inevitably.

Just imagine, for a second, if a gay-owned business had been forced to close because Christians threatened to burn it down and murder its employees.

The gay left has become the KKK, in 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.


Hate and bigotry made fabulous

Hate and bigotry made fabulous