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Tammy Bruce Stands for Freedom

Tammy Bruce sides with freedom and America against the wedding cake fascists. (Hat Tip: Weasel Zips and Truth Revolt)

BRUCE: For me, as a gay woman, it remains shocking. You sit back and watch this frenzy, like a wolf pack, going after survivors in a way with like a pizza shop. And if there’s anyone in the world who should understand the vulnerability of being a minority—of being somebody that maybe others don’t understand or relate to, the vulnerability about work and jobs, being able to live your life as you see fit—it’s the gay community. …

You go girl.


Don’t call them Nazis, call them “Socialist Totalitarians in Fabulous Uniforms.”

Harry Reid’s Democrat Ethics

Harry Reid admits that he lied on the floor of the Senate about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes, but says it’s okay because it helped Romney lose. (He also lied that his 2010 Republican Opponent was “pro-rape.”)

BASH (on camera): So no regrets about Mitt Romney, about the Koch brothers? Because some people have even called it McCarthy-ite.
REID: Well, they can call it whatever they want. Romney didn’t win, did he?

Harry Reid claims to be a member of the LDS Church. The 13th Article of Faith of the LDS Church reads as follows:

We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men.

Every two years, Harry Reid, as a member of the church, must be interviewed by his local Bishop and asked if he is constant and true in his devotion to the beliefs and principles of his church.

I understand why it’s more important to Harry Reid to embrace the “Lie, cheat, steal, and win at any cost” ethos of the Democrat Party than to be faithful to his church. At his core, he’s just plain greedy; a man who has never worked outside “public service” and yet has amassed a great fortune. Alleged Roman Catholic Nancy Pelosi is no different in her rejection of Catholic teachings on abortion; because her true god is power.

I am disappointed that the LDS Church has never taken him to task for his un-Christian behavior.


An employee of the CBS News station in Richmond VA was angry about the success Memories Pizza was having on GoFundMe; because those whom the gay left hate groups target for destruction because they hold politically incorrect opinions you should beg forgiveness and cower while the gay left ignores their pleas and destroys them anyway. She was so mad, in fact, that she decided to harass the people behind the GoFundMe account and then brag about it on Twitter because she’s employed as a social media specialist, and because lying about and harassing people they don’t like are pretty much what the left is all about these days.

She got some pushback, which upset her very much, and led to this Epic, internet winning exchange.

Exit Question: Will the leftist Alix Bryan have any clue how pwned she just was.

Those Devious Fiends at Memories Pizza

Posted by V the K at 2:15 pm - April 3, 2015.
Filed under: Legal Issues,War on Christians

The left wing hate groups have seen through the devious scheme launched by Memories Pizza in order to con generous conservatives out of over $600,000 in donations so far.

Their brilliantly devious plot began over ten years ago, when the owners of Memories Pizza opened a small pizza shop in Walkerton, IN and began selling pizza. Behind the scenes, the owners used their political connections, dark magic, and ties to the Illuminati to create a national gay marriage movement. Then, they got the Indiana Legislature to pass a Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Then, they got the national media and left wing hate groups to lie about the law’s content and foment a massive social backlash. Then, they waited for some dingbat reporter from a UHF station to walk into their store, take a quote from them out of context, and thus get the gay left hate groups to issue threats of violence against them. And then, at the culmination of their brilliant ten year confidence scheme… a conservative radio host starts a GoFundMe account so they can reap the proceeds.

Not since Chancellor Palpatine in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace has there been such a devious, well thought out, perfectly executed conspiracy.

This what hate-filled left-wing nutjobs actually believe.

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck and Alex Jones just called and said they found the theory “a little far-fetched.”

What Happens When a Muslim Baker Refuses to Bake a Wedding Cake?

Answer: The Progressive Left Could Not Care Less

YouTube Preview Image

 Of course, the Progressive Left could also not care less that gays are routinely tortured and executed in Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine…

But a Christian politely declining to bake a wedding cake is a crime against humanity, and they should burn for it.

Iranian Hardliners and Progressive Leftists Celebrate Obama’s Capitulation

Posted by V the K at 9:29 am - April 3, 2015.
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The Obama Regime’s negotiations with Iran have developed a “framework” (i.e. an agreement to have agreement) that ensures:

1. Western sanctions against Iran will be lifted.

2. Iran will be able to continue to develop its nuclear program in deep, hardened fortified underground bunkers… which is where all countries pursue their most peaceful, civilian research programs.

Which is exactly what the Iranians wanted.

And the same people who were willing to commit arson and murder to force non-supporters of gay marriage to participate in gay weddings are celebrating because a regime that tortures and murders gays will now be able to continue developing nuclear weapons.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

So, the left enjoyed two great victories this week. The left has succeeded in taking rights away from people who disagree with them in Indiana, and gave a hostile foreign power the green light to develop nuclear weapons.

A good week for people who hate America and Christianity.