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Posted by V the K at 9:58 am - April 15, 2015.
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Paedophilia Seems Like Not Such a Big Deal to the Social Left

The BBC not only covered up the serial child molestations of host Jimmy Savile, BBC Management has actively punished the people who blew the whistle on Jimmy Savile.

And now they’re presenting a gay rights film narrated by the guy who founded Britain’s equivalent of NAMBLA.

The documentary is presented by Ian Dunn, one of the founders of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which campaigned to legalise sex with children.
The 30-minute documentary – Glad To Be Gay? – portrays Dunn as a legitimate gay rights activist.

Similarly, one of the American founders of NAMBLA — Mr. Harry Hay — is considered a hero to the LGBT activist community in the United States.

You would think there would be some gay people outraged by this, people saying, “Hey, don’t show that documentary with that guy in it. We don’t want people to think that’s what we’re about.” But, so far, all the outrage seems to come from people who are more culturally conservative.

I sometimes feel like the left really doesn’t think molesting children is a big deal. Partly because the left is obsessed with sex, they believe that sex is the most important thing in the world, and therefore how can sex *ever* be a bad thing unless a Republican does it? (But they’re also obsessed with “rape culture,” which is kind of a paradox until you realize most of the things the left calls rape don’t actually involve sex, and “rape culture” is just another rhetorical gimmick like “racism.”)

Then again, the left is equally enamored of brutal murderers.  Which would suggest that so long as one subscribes to a socialist progressive ideology, one can be forgiven of both rape and murder.