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Would Ted Cruz Attend a Gay Wedding?

Posted by V the K at 11:20 pm - April 18, 2015.
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Hugh Hewitt asked Ted Cruz the most important question to the American news media. Not, how would you handle the $20 Trillion dollars in debt Obama is leaving? Not, how would you handle the nuclear-armed Iran Obama is leaving? Not, how would you deal with the chaos in the Middle East Obama is leaving? Not, how would you restore the devastated economy Obama is leaving? Or, how would you restore the rule of law after Obama’s lawless regime?

No, Hugh Hewitt asked the really important question. “Would you attend a gay wedding?” And this is the meat of his answer.

Well, I will tell you, I haven’t faced that circumstance. I have not had a loved one go to a, have a gay wedding.

I’m a Constitutionalist. And under the Constitution, from the beginning of this country, marriage has been a question for the states. It has been a question for elected legislatures in each of the 50 states. And what we’ve seen in recent years from the left is the federal government and unelected federal judges imposing their own policy preferences to tear down the marriage laws of the states.”

And so if someone is running for public office, it is perfectly legitimate to ask them their views on whether they’re willing to defend the Constitution, which leaves marriage to the states, or whether they want to impose their own extreme policy views like so many on the left are doing, like Barack Obama does, like Hillary Clinton does. That’s what we would be doing.

Border Patrol HBIC: “We Don’t Enforce the Law; We Enforce the Edicts of Obama”

Posted by V the K at 6:36 pm - April 18, 2015.
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The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (an Obama appointee) admitted in a congressional hearing that her department no longer enforces the immigration laws written and passed by Congress; but is focused solely on complying with the unlawful edicts of the Emperor.

(Iowa Congressman) Young asked Saldana if Obama’s comments concerned her in any way, given the implication that Obama was asking ICE to enforce his own directive, and not US law.

“I’m trying to be honest with you, sir,” Saldana replied. “No.”

Saldana then had the nerve to compare Obama’s directive to ignore/violate the immigration law to a normal directive any company or congressman might give an employee or staff person.

Flooding America with unskilled, subliterate third-worlders is a key pillar of Obama’s plan to tear down the USA. Republicans, unfortunately, are fully on board with this plan.

Speaking of socialists on a mission to destroy America, the National Labor Relations Board, which is packed with radical union activists, is working on a scheme to gut Right-to-Work laws passed by nearly half the states, by looking for some kind of “Executive Action” that would force non-union workers to pay dues to unions.