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Gay Leftists Hate Ted Cruz More Than ISIS, Too

Posted by V the K at 7:40 pm - April 24, 2015.
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It is much more common for progressive gays to ostracize other gays for being conservative than it is for Christians to ostracize gays for being gay. This is a reality that is well known to conservative gays, or even gays who question the radical leftist politics embraced by activist gays.

Case in point, two successful gay businessmen hosted Senator Ted Cruz for dinner at their Manhattan apartment. The gay activist left was so incensed by this abominable breach of protocol that they canceled an AIDS Benefit the two men were involved with, purely out of hatred and spite.

It is with regret that we have decided to cancel this year’s edition of the Broadway Bares Solo Strips fundraiser, which was scheduled for May 10 at the NYC club 42West. We cannot in good conscience hold an event at a venue whose owners have alienated our community.

The Gay Activist Left is also calling for a boycott of their businesses
as punishment for them reaching out to conservatives.

Update: Ted Cruz has issued a statement. Here is a quote:

“I know it’s been a long time since we’ve seen it, but this is what it means to truly be a ‘big tent Republican’ instead of a panderer. I’m happy to go anywhere to anyone to champion conservative values.”

Read the full quote at the Washington Examiner if you choose to brave the popups.

The Activist Left cannot tolerate anyone acting independently or showing any capacity for individual thought.

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ISIS Stones Gay Couple to Death

Posted by V the K at 7:09 pm - April 24, 2015.
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While the American Gay Left still acts as though referring a gay couple to different bakery/florist/photographer is the most horrible violation of human rights evah… this is what’s going on with the people we’re not supposed to talk about.

Depraved militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria have brutally stoned two gay men to death only seconds after they were photographed embracing and ‘forgiving’ them.

Huge, bloodthirsty crowds are seen in the desert clearing where the group of executioners made a display of hugging the blindfolded couple and telling them they were forgiven of their ‘sins’, before pummeling them to death with hundreds of fist-sized rocks.

To quote the Student Government Association at Johns Hopkins University. “Yawn.”

The Progressive Left Still Hates Chik-Fil-A More Than ISIS

Posted by V the K at 7:03 pm - April 24, 2015.
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Johns Hopkins University is barring Chik-Fil-A from campus, because of the possible hurt feelings of special gay snowflakes.

In an 18-8 vote, the Student Government Association at Johns Hopkins voted not to “support the proposal of a Chick-fil-A, in a current or future sense, particularly on any location that is central to student life.”

The anti-Chick-fil-A bill listed seven main reasons why the restaurant should be banned from campus. The first is that “the Student Government Association of Johns Hopkins University aims to provide a safe, supportive environment for all university affiliates now and in the future.”

The fourth is that “visiting prospective and current students, staff, faculty, and other visitors who are members of the LGBTQ+ community or are allies would be subjected to the microaggression of supporting current or future Chick-fil-A development plans.”

Of course, this isn’t really about “microaggressions” (i.e. “things that don’t bother normal people but send neurotic liberals to the fainting couches”), this is about the gay left telling businesses “If you don’t support and celebrate our agenda, we will crush you.”

Because that’s what fascists do.

A Non-Fascist would say, “I don’t like the policies of your company, so I’m not going to eat there.” (Which is why I don’t eat at Buffalo Wild Wings or Sonic, for example.) But a fascist is a different animal entirely. It’s not enough for the fascist to decide not to patronize a business whose policies are disagreeable to him. The fascist has to deny others the choice of using that business as well, and, ideally, punish the business owner for daring to disagree with him.