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Anyone Want to Talk About Baltimore Being Burned and Looted to Prove that #BlackLivesMatter

Posted by V the K at 10:15 pm - April 27, 2015.
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Man, did I pick the right time to GTFO Maryland. When people loot their own neighborhood, commit acts of violence against police and innocent bystanders, set buildings on fire, and then hack the firehoses when firefighters try to put them out… maybe they should have their “member of civilization” cards revoked.

Apparently, they don’t need no water, and left to their own devices, would let the MFer burn.

I also cannot help but wonder if this isn’t a foretaste of what will happen when America’s unsustainable fiscal and economic policies finally implode.

Update: Johns Hopkins University on lockdown; not sure if it’s because of riots or because someone was spotted on campus carrying a bag of Chik-Fil-A.


NY Times Editorial: Gays Who Step Off the Democrat Plantation Should Be Punished

Posted by V the K at 7:05 pm - April 27, 2015.
Filed under: Civil Discourse,Liberal Intolerance

An editorial by the NYT’s Abe Rosenthal thinks the two gay hoteliers who met with Ted Cruz deserved the attacks and harassment they got for insolently reaching out to the other side in a civil manner.

It is, however, equally hard to understand what on earth they thought they were doing. There is not a Republican on the national scene who supports the right of Americans to marry whomever they choose. Very few of them truly believe in protecting the civil rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans at all. And Mr. Cruz dwells on the far side of right-wing crazy on most issues, including this one.

The two gay dudes have since repented for being civil to a Republican, and promised it will not happen again.

“When in the course of human events…”

Posted by V the K at 7:53 am - April 27, 2015.
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Ace makes the case for a velvet divorce of the United States along left-right lines. The progs can create their statist utopia, where in return for complete loyalty to the party, the party will promise you welfare, social justice, and equality. They can use the power of the State to punish every heteronormative microaggression trigger. The right can create a Constitutional Republic with freedom, debate, and opportunity.  Here’s a sample, read the whole thing.

Of course, we would have to overcome the insatiable craving of the Left to have power over others, first.