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The Tyranny of the Mentally Ill

Posted by V the K at 4:50 pm - June 6, 2015.
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We live under the tyranny of mentally ill people.

No, I’m not talking about the delusional megalomaniacal narcissist who is our president, or the paranoid sociopath who is poised to succeed him. I speak of the manner in which our social policies and politics are being tailored to the whims of people who are mentally defective. I am referring to the way our academic institutions, our elected government officials, even our business enterprises are forced to cater to people who are mentally ill at the expense of the rational majority.

  • Example 1: A woman suffers the delusion that she has been raped after she is spurned by her former lover. She calls attention to herself by dragging a mattress around campus. [Later, she makes a sex video that she publishes on the internet but tells people that if they watch it, they’re raping her again.] She wins praise from the left-wing media, feminist groups and is invited to the State of the Union speech by a United States Senator. Colleges everywhere adopt policies that deprive sane men of Constitutional rights in order to appease hysterical women. [Hystrionic Personality Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder]
  • Example 2: Feminists who lack the basic coping skills to manage a difference of opinion insist that they must be protected from exposure to any opinion they don’t agree with, less they feel unsafe. They insist on being provided with “safe spaces” where they can play with stuffed animals and Play-Doh. Institutions of higher education accommodate these demands. A leading feminist organization gives a lifetime achievement award to a puppet from a children’s show. [Hystrionic Personality Disorder, Immature Personality Disorder]
  • Example 3: Progressive leftists invent the concept of “microaggressions,” a construct that gives hypersensitive, narcissistic people an unlimited license to find offense in the ordinary behavior and language of normal, well-adjusted people. Universities and social groups respond by restricting the speech and behavior of well-adjusted people so that hypersensitive types don’t feel “unsafe.” [Avoidant Personality Disorder, Persecutory Delusion]
  • Example 4: A hysterical woman Mohammedan on a United Airlines flights throws a tantrum because a filthy infidel woman would not give her the full can of Diet Coke she demanded. The airline apologizes to her and fires the stewardess, because despite (or perhaps because of) her history of dramatic exaggeration and connections to dubious organizations, no one dares cross the deranged. [Hystrionic Personality Disorder, Persecutory Delusion]
  • Example 5: The progressive left celebrates violent thugs and denigrates those who protect innocent people from the predations of violent thugs. [Hybristophilia]. The thugs complain that they are being treated unfairly that the police are interfering with their predatory activities. [Antisocial Personality Disorder, Persecutory Delusion] Politicians of all stripes put restrictions on the police to appease the thugs.
  • Example 6: A state in a condition of extreme drought cannot build new water infrastructure and is forced to dump millions of gallons of precious freshwater into the ocean to satisfy a cult of radical environmentalists who oppose any human activity that is perceived to alter the natural environment in any way. [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in the service of Gaia Worship]
  • Example 7: A man who had his features surgically altered to (sort of) resemble a woman proclaims himself “the new normal.” No, it’s not normal. It is something than can be tolerated or accepted, but it is not normal. [Body Dysmorphic Disorder] But we are ordered not only to pretend it is normal, but to celebrate his “courage.” And anyone who refuses to buy into the delusion that a person with a penis is a woman is equated to a Klansman or a Nazi.

Without winning an election, without ever putting their demands before the public, mentally ill people have come to run our society; dictating behavioral norms, censoring speech, and forcing politicians to adopt irrational policies lest they upset the fragile sensibilities of deeply unbalanced people. How long can a society survive when the inmates are literally running the asylum?

Why Is Josh Duggar Worse Than Kaitlyn Hunt?

Posted by V the K at 10:49 am - June 6, 2015.
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We don’t know the particulars of whatever sex crimes Josh Duggar may have committed when he was fourteen years years old (a juvenile), but we do know that the left wing thinks that on the basis of those past behaviors, regardless of his apparent repentance and good behavior since, he… and every other evangelical Christian… should be punished forever. Perhaps by stoning.

In contrast, Kaitlyn Hunt was 18 years old (an adult) when she stalked and raped a fourteen year old girl. Ms Hunt, in contrast, became a cause celebre on the left (not quite to the degree of a Mike Brown or a Mumia Jamal, but still a celebrity).

Looking at these two cases, should one conclude that it’s socially acceptable for an adult lesbian to stalk and molest an underage girl? (The Vagina Monologues contained exactly such a scene.) But on the other hand, if an underage boy commits a sex offense, he should be branded, shunned, and punished for life… along with his entire family?