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The Progressive Left: A Bunch of Dour Humorless Sourpusses

Posted by V the K at 10:25 pm - June 9, 2015.
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A good progressive is not allowed to laugh at anything that might possibly be perceived as oppressing or hurting someone (Christians, heterosexuals, and Republicans exempted, of course). In fact, the progressive leftist derives moral superiority from not laughing at “offensive” humor. So much so that stand-up comedians are actively avoiding college campuses. Because the PC Police could not handle a joke like this.

C.W. Cooke comments.

I first noticed the Progressive Comedy Pause while sharing my hilarity at office staff meetings. The majority would laugh but the committed lefties would stare blankly, each eye like that spinning wheel your smartphone shows while an app is loading. (The PCP might be why progressives just hoot and clap at Bill Maher’s jokes; the laughter reflex is considered problematic.)

It’s harder to laugh when you’re scared and much of the left is terrified. They know that an inappropriate chuckle, the wrong tweet, or last year’s term for an aggrieved minority can lessen their standing with progressive peers, if not get them fired from a job. Lefties also have turned the negative of humorlessness into the positive of moral superiority. Sniffing “That’s not funny!” at an inoffensive Caitlyn Jenner joke signals that you are more evolved than the average cis-het-white-oppressor.

I’m gonna make fun of Caitlyn Jenner if I want to. I’m gonna make fun of Barack and Michelle Obama. I’ll make fun of Rachel Maddow. And I’ll laugh my ass off while the lefty sourpusses stew in their sanctimonious bitterness.

One of the advantages to being an anti-social conservatarian who doesn’t care about political correctness; it’s a lot more fun.

The List of Things That Aren’t Racist Is Getting Almost as Short as the List of Obama Foreign Policy Accomplishments

Posted by V the K at 12:32 pm - June 9, 2015.
Filed under: Racism (Real / Reverse / or Faux)

Having a pool in your community that is only for the use of residents and guests? – “That’s raycis-s-s-s-s-!” according to Emily Badger at the Denver Post.

We don’t know what precisely happened Saturday before and after the moments captured on video. But for these black teens, the issue may not have been so much — or solely — their behavior, as their presence at a pool where residents who called the police suspected they did not belong.
The incident exposes the unspoken logic of gated resources: They are meant to give residents control over who’s in the community that can use communal goods. Private community swimming pools do a good job at this (in this McKinney community, residents are allotted a few guest passes a piece). Really private pools — in the fenced back yards of individual homes — achieve this even more effectively.

So having your own fenced backyard is racist. By extension, having your own car instead of sharing public transportation is racist.

The actual consequence of a policy that all privately owned pools should be open to the public would not be more pools, but actually, no pools. (Except for the very, very rich).

But presumably the left would like that. You know, equality and all that.

As for the Texas pool party incident — it seems to be not quite the innocent black teens lawfully enjoying a pool party without bothering anyone until the Ray-ciss-s-s-s-s-s police showed up narrative the MFM has been promoting. This is why I don’t get outraged about these things, but always wait a day or two for ‘The Rest of the Story.’