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Who to Root For When Both Sides Are Rotten?

Posted by V the K at 7:46 am - June 11, 2015.
Filed under: Racism (Real / Reverse / or Faux)

Despite what the title implies, this is not a Democrat versus Republican post, although the title would work equally well. It is also not about airlines and obnoxious Mohammedan victimhood-mongers. This is about the police and urban minority communities; neither one of whom are “right” in current circumstances, by which I mean, we’re supposed to hate the police for being “racist” and feel pity for all the totes innocent urban youth that are supposedly being gunned down with impunity everyday. And who are, in fact, being gunned down with impunity every day, but by other urban youth, not the “racist” police.

An honest person cannot look at law enforcement behavior over the last couple of decades and say they don’t do a lot of things that are downright shitty: arresting citizens for peacefully exercising their Constitutional Rights, running civil forfeiture scams to make money for Government, no knock SWAT raids in the middle of the night that terrorize innocent people. A lot of this is the product of greedy politicians who treat law enforcement as a revenue stream, who have turned the “War on Drugs” into a massive, brutal, and abusive Government $40Billion-a-year jobs program.

Urban minority communities are not exactly blameless either. We have seen that as soon as the police back off, violence and crime explode. While it is anathema for leftists to admit it, Thug Culture and the celebration thereof, are real things. Neighborhoods are bad because of the people who live there, not because of people who don’t; no matter how “racist” or economically unequal those non-residents are. There is nothing about poverty — especial not the soft, American kind of poverty with cell phones, high-end sneakers, and epidemic morbid obesity — that forces people into lives of crime and violence. A lot of this is a product of corrupt politicians who derive power and money from keeping minority communities dependent on Government and perpetually aggrieved. The Democrat political leadership has been conditioning urban minority populations for decades that they should be angry and aggrieved, that other racial groups are oppressing them, that they are owed for past injustices, and that they are not responsible for their circumstances.

From a strictly rational point of view, the solution should be obvious; the police need to stop using military tactics for ordinary law enforcement, police need to stop violating the Constitution, laws against victimless crimes need to be abolished, and law enforcement needs to cease being a revenue generator for Government. Minority communities need to stop glorifying thugs, stop blaming other people for their own failures, and start taking responsibility for themselves and their neighborhoods. As my grandmother (who fled Detroit in the early 1970’s when it started going to sh-t) used to say, “No one is so poor they can’t clean up their own front yard.”

Despite what minority communities have been conditioned to believe, they do in fact owe something to the rest of society; hard work and good behavior.

But we live in an era when rational, commonsense solutions are “politically untenable.” Because we are governed by greedy, corrupt lunatics.