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When Will the Left Ban T-Shirts Celebrating This Racist?

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To a Lot of People, This Flag Represents Hatred and Bigotry

Posted by V the K at 7:42 pm - June 23, 2015.
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John Nolte has a point, if you’re on the wrong side of gay marriage or any other agenda items, then this is the flag of your oppressor. This is the flag they waved as they took away your business, made you lose your job, or vandalized your church.

This Confederate Battle Emblem business isn’t really about sparing people’s feelings, or ending discrimination. It’s about showing who has political power, and who doesn’t. And I have proof for this proposition.

The Pope’s Hypocrisy

Item 1: Pope Francis attacks wealth-holders and calls for the redistribution of (other people’s, natch) wealth to the poor.

Hypocritical Element: The Vatican’s holdings are worth tens of billions; and there is no discussion of liquidating them for distribution to the poor.

Item 2: The Pope says that Weapons manufacturers can’t call themselves Christians.

Hypocritical Element: Not only is the Pope protected by paramiliaries armed with firearms, but the Vatican Bank is a major shareholder in Pietro Baretta Arms.

Item 3: In issuing an encyclical calling for the faithful to embrace the dogma of Climate Change and support the expansion of Government power and the diminishing of individual rights in order to fight it, the pope said, “I would like to enter a dialogue with all people about our common home.”

Hypocritical element: “All People” does not include climate change skeptics, who were excluded from participating in the encyclical.

You begin to see why this Pope is unusually popular on the Progressive Left. And watching the party that has always insisted that religion had no business in government, the same progressives who have been slamming the Roman Catholic church for decades, suddenly cheering as the Pope endorses their policy prescriptions is rich indeed.

The Left’s Obsession with Symbols and Magic

Posted by V the K at 7:34 am - June 23, 2015.
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The silly and idiotic bureaucrats at the World Health Organization have undertaken a project to change the names of all diseases to make them politically correct; the previous names were hurting the feelings of people… and pigs, apparently.

Meanwhile, in America, the left rallies around banning the Confederate battle emblem, which is apparently a magical totem with the power to deprive an entire race of people of the ability to achieve and self-actualize.

The left is culture obsessed with symbols.

As much the left wants to blame the killings in Charleston or the failures of large portions of the black race on the “stars and bars,” the flag had nothing to with these problems any more than its presence on the roof of the General Lee enabled it to sail through open boxcars on moving trains and emerge unscathed on the other side.

There is nothing evil or magical about the Confederate battle emblem. To believe so is childish.

Anger about the flag allows a large group of utterly useless people to rally around a cause and get a temporary ego fix because they are “change agents(TM)” or that they are somehow going to “change the world” by protesting against a piece of cloth. (Yeah, it’s funny how the American flag is “just a piece of cloth” when lefties want to burn or stomp on it, but the Confederate war emblem is “a totally important SYMBOL, you guys.”)

And if engage the rationalization that, “Well, it’s wrong to have the Confederate flag on a Government building, but no one is suggesting making it totally illegal,” you are a very naive individual indeed. The sitgmatization effort is already in full force. Try to hang one in a college dorm room and see what happens.

The problem isn’t so much with the immediate arguments, but with the implication.
Taking the flag down is conceding, “OK, you’ve got us. This is hate speech, so we’re taking it down.”

This 1.) Legitimizes the idea that hate speech can and should be censored and 2.) cedes to the left all the power in deciding what hate speech is.

It is not a good precedent.