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Rethinking the Tax Exempt Status of Churches

Posted by V the K at 8:17 pm - June 28, 2015.
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With last week’s decision imposing gay marriage on the entirety of the country despite lacking any legitimate Constitutional authority to do so, the Supreme Court has put the radical left within striking distance of one of its most ambitious objectives; the taxation (and regulation) of religious institutions and houses of worship.

Drew M. at AoSHQ doesn’t think it’s a bad idea.

US bishops have spent decades advocating liberal big government programs (ObamaCare, as long as they are exempted and amnesty spring to mind) all while enjoying an exemption from its effects or sharing in the burden of the costs via their tax exemption.

Well they are going to get a taste of what they’ve been building and they aren’t going to like it one bit.

While I will lament to loss of an important American value, it won’t be the first progressives have killed. But I will laugh as they and others like them are shocked that the government they are so happy to sic on others turns on them.

Added: In the interest of interfaith comity I should note I’m looking forward to synagogues and mosques being taxed as well.

90-95% of your congregants vote for Democrats? Well, then I’m sure you’ll be happy to be subject to even more of what they impose on the rest of us.

Time to Pop the Corns

Posted by V the K at 8:05 pm - June 28, 2015.
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A Gay Pride Parade in Chicago (cough, silly anachronism, cough) was disrupted by #BlackLivesMatter protesters; who are angry that teh gheys get what they want, but nobody’s agreed to disband the police or cough up slavery reparations yet.