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Lefty SJW Wonders why Her Special Snowflake Is an Obnoxious Jerk

Posted by V the K at 8:13 pm - September 13, 2015.
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(Hat Tip: Protein Wisdom) Ronnie Cohen is a freelance journalist from San Francisco who writes on social justice and environmental issues. (Oh, boy.)  She has a teenage son, whom she has raised in the all the left-wing dogma of environmentalism and social justice. Now, she can’t figure out how he turned out to be an obnoxious little prick and she’s a total wuss who caters to him.

I can do nothing right in my teenage son’s eyes. He grills me about the distance traveled of each piece of fruit and every vegetable I purchase. He interrogates me about the provenance of all the meat, poultry, and fish I serve. He questions my every move—from how I choose a car (why not electric?) and a couch (why synthetic fill?) to how I tend the garden (why waste water on flowers?)—an unremitting interrogation of my impact on our desecrated environment. While other parents hide alcohol and pharmaceuticals from their teens, I hide plastic containers and paper towels.

I feel like I’ve become the adolescent, sneaking around to avoid my offspring’s scrutiny and lectures. Only when Cory leaves the house do I dare clean the refrigerator of foul-smelling evidence of my careless waste—wilted greens, rotten avocados, moldy leftovers. When he goes out to dinner, I smuggle in a piece of halibut or sturgeon, fish the stocks of which, he tells me, are dangerously depleted. Even worse, I sometimes prepare beef—a drain on precious water, my son assures me, and a heavy contributor to greenhouse-gas emissions.

Read the whole thing, and if you want to learn how to raise a smug, spoiled, self-righteous eco-monster brat, it’s an excellent guide.

There is no mention of a father in the article at all; because Ronnie Cohen is “a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man.”

So, where did the snot-nosed little prick ever get the idea that it was okay to be snotty and obnoxious to people for not being green enough?

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  1. All teenagers rebel, especially the boys. My youngest son was placed on a bus at 7am the day after his graduation from High School to live with his older brother. Within 6 months he was begging (and I mean begging) to come home. Mark Twain once remarked that when he (Twain) was 16 his old man was so stupid it was hard to believe. When Twain returned home in his 20’s he could not believe how much the old man had learned. My greatest fear about Cohen’s son is that rather than going into the world where he might learn something, he is going into the world to experience an environment (University) that will re-enforce the idiotic things she taught him. Growth comes through opposition not conformity. Only when one’s ideas are questioned do those ideas meet with the light of day. But then again all the Left really wants is for everyone to mindlessly repeat the garbage they have been proclaiming since the 1960’s. For one brief moment Cohen has been treated by her son as all of us with opposing ideas have been treated for years. LOL

    Comment by Greg Fisher — September 13, 2015 @ 9:51 pm - September 13, 2015

  2. Is that a rhetorical question?

    Comment by CthulhuDreaming — September 13, 2015 @ 10:29 pm - September 13, 2015

  3. That Cory dude will never make a decent living or stay at a job longer than a few months. His obnoxiousness and helicoptering will turn off anyone. It would be a shock if he has any friends at all.

    Comment by davinci — September 13, 2015 @ 11:11 pm - September 13, 2015

  4. This speaks volumes on so much:

    The utter folly of environmental extremeism,

    The results of raising a male without a father, so he learns that he doesn’t need to be responsible to anyone for his actions (see: inner city males).

    The result of being over critical of others’ choices,

    Just so much. So much.

    Comment by Craig Smith — September 13, 2015 @ 11:17 pm - September 13, 2015

  5. Several observations;
    a. Dear Author has other children. **shudder** Snowflake is her youngest.
    b. Snowflake is 3000-miles away, so probably at some East Coast liberal-arts commie-nest…or at Yale.
    c. Snowflake will meet a new boyfriend — BFF my a** — a nice WASP preppie from Connecticut.
    d. Decides he actually wants to work on Wall Street after they spend Thanksgiving with the family at the family compound on the Cape and he bonds with BF’s Sr. Partner Dad over an excellent Scotch single-malt.
    e. Registers as a Republican.

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — September 14, 2015 @ 12:07 am - September 14, 2015

  6. Unless the father of your child is

    a. dead (and you’re not the cause)
    b. a felon
    c. a trucker, soldier, or any other job which requires frequent travel
    d. incapacitated (aka extremely disabled, in a coma, etc.)
    e. abusive to you (TRULY abusive, not made up feminist definitions of abuse)
    f. abandoned you for reasons that are not your fault

    There is NO excuse for you to raise a child, ESPECIALLY a boy, without a father.

    Comment by Paul — September 14, 2015 @ 1:15 am - September 14, 2015

  7. It would be a shock if he has any friends at all.

    It’s the SF Bay Area; there are at least two dozen exactly like him (at least age/gender-wise) within distance of the BART system. But while several of them are BFFs, a large part of that group can’t stand most of the other members of that group (even though they are perfectly ideologically and temperamentally matched).

    Comment by RSG — September 14, 2015 @ 6:02 am - September 14, 2015

  8. And she’s sending her snowflake to the east coast-about as far away as he can be. I’m trying to figure out why she let her own child harass her. I think after being grilled by my teenager Inwould encourage him to pay for and take on the role of shopping for all his demands. This mom isn’t going to put up with that crap.

    I wonder where the snowflake’s father is and why he is missing from the article.

    Comment by Just Me — September 14, 2015 @ 7:20 am - September 14, 2015

  9. He has already committed an ecological felony by consuming the fossil fuel to ride an airplane, or even an Amtrak train, on his 3000-mile trip!
    What he, like all enviro posturers, should do, is drop back to the Stone Age pueblo. No computers, no telephones, no heated/cooled housing, eat only what he can gather, walk everywhere he goes. In such life he will be guilt-free, and in possession of the moral high ground.
    Thus he will drop out of any semblance of modern life. Invisible and silenced, he can annoy none but his co-villagers.

    Comment by Dr Pete — September 14, 2015 @ 7:31 am - September 14, 2015

  10. Peyote. That is the answer. He should found a tribe and live a pure and absolute life off the grid on a patch of Gaia and focus his being on Peyote. He doesn’t need no stinkin’ military-industrial complex civilization corrupting his perfect being.

    Mom should rent an electric car and drive him to Southeastern Oregon and dump his carcass out near the Warner Wetlands along with his Swiss Army Knife and a tom-tom. And then drive away without looking back.

    Comment by Heliotrope — September 14, 2015 @ 9:55 am - September 14, 2015

  11. It’s not just the justifiable karmic ass-biting that this mother is suffering. The great thing here is that “junior” is calling out Mom as the hypocrite she is.

    Just as all the greeners, she wants to preach environmentalism as if it doesn’t interfere with the benefits of their technological world. She can’t decry technology and still have her plastic containers, her gasoline-engine cars, air travel, etc. Greeners think they can live “in consort” with the earth as we did 40,000 years ago while still enjoying their iPads and not dying off at age 25.

    As I said, junior is calling out Mom as a hypocrite Luddite better than any conservative ever could and she doesn’t like it. Good for “junior.”

    Comment by T — September 14, 2015 @ 12:12 pm - September 14, 2015

  12. She can’t decry technology and still have her plastic containers, her gasoline-engine cars, air travel, etc.

    Sure she can; all she has to do is buy some of Algore’s carbon indulgences, and pay extra every month for “renewable energy” in her electric bill. Both of those make everything all better, and guarantee that the children of tomorrow will continue to see beautiful rainbows.

    Comment by RSG — September 14, 2015 @ 4:22 pm - September 14, 2015

  13. “That Cory dude will never make a decent living or stay at a job longer than a few months”

    Everything said about white privilege is actually about jews.

    Comment by Steve — September 14, 2015 @ 8:49 pm - September 14, 2015

  14. @ Steve, did you put that comment on Stormfront as well

    Comment by Anonymous — September 15, 2015 @ 9:34 am - September 15, 2015

  15. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Still relevant today.

    Comment by juan — September 15, 2015 @ 11:02 am - September 15, 2015

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