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The Best of #BlackLivesMatter

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has been around for only two years, but they’ve already provided many memorable episodes.  These are my favorites, what are yours?

10. That Time #BlackLivesMatter Taught the Police a Lesson by Burning Down Their Own Neighborhood. Also, That Other Time #BlackLivesMatter Taught the Police a Lesson by Burning Down Their Own Neighborhood. And, Of Course, That Other, Other Time #BlackLivesMatter Taught the Police a Lesson by Burning Down Their Own Neighborhood.

9. All Those Times They Decided to Annoy White Liberals Eating Brunch on Sunday.

8. That Time They Were Chanting For Cops to Be Murdered, but Later a #BlackLivesMatter Apologist aaid it was totes okay because they were JK.

7. That Time #BlackLivesMatter rent-a-rioters attacked and vandalized a Christmas tree in a public park. I think someone started singing ‘White Christmas’ and it just escalated from there.

6. That Time #BlackLivesMatter apologists said that rioting and looting were only objectionable to white people. (“Cops exist so people can’t loot ie have nice things for free so idk why it’s so confusing that people loot when they protest against cops”)

5. That Time That Motorist Plowed Right Through a Bunch of #BlackLivesMatter Actividiots who were blocking a freeway. That was awesome.

4. That Time That #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Whined That the Terror Attacks in Paris Were Unfairly Depriving Them of Publicity.

3. That Time #BLM Convinced Four of the Dumbest People on CNN to Imitate the Myth-Based “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Salute.



2. That Time Fake Black Man Shaun King‘s (Cough… con artist… cough) #BlackLivesMatter Charities Were Revealed to be Fake as well.

1. That Time Michael Brown’s “Parents” Got Into a Street Brawl with his Grandmother over T-shirt sales. They never gave a damn about him when he was alive, but now that he’s dead, they sure give a damn about the merchandising rights.


Hillary the Absent-Minded Diva

Posted by V the K at 4:00 pm - December 1, 2015.
Filed under: Hillary Clinton

After eight years of a president who would rather be golfing, we are now faced with the prospect of an addle-minded, confused old woman who would rather be shopping.

In response to a forwarded message on December 18th, 2011, from aide Huma Abedin with the subject line message reading “6 soldiers among dead; Syria weighing observers (AP),” Hillary’s first response was, “Is Dalton Brody off Conn or Wisconsin?”

Dalton Brody describes itself on its own website as the “premier gift and accessories retailer” that “carries the full line of the world’s most luxurious crystal by English Designer William Yeoward.”

Terror attack? Dead People? Bor-ing! Let’s talk about shopping.

On the same day, Abdein forwarded Clinton a report from the AP regarding Pakistani troops’ battling Taliban fighters over the remnants of a downed U.S. drone. Our always attentive Secretary of State responded: “I like the idea of these. How high are they? What would the bench be made of? And I’d prefer two shelves or attractive boxes/baskets/contaimners [sic] on one? What do you think?”