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Hillary Whips Out the Gender Card

Posted by V the K at 10:01 am - December 3, 2015.
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Hillary just released an ad with the basic message, “Elect me because I’m a woman.” This is the primary rationale for her candidacy. Just as it was unlikely a half-term, far left senator with a shady background would have been unelectable as a white male; it is unlikely an elderly, corrupt, dishonest, and thoroughly unlikable candidate would be this elections Democrat nominee if it were a white male.

Heather Wilhelm at Red State points up the absurdity of the left’s obsession with race and gender.

On one hand, we’re told that gender is meaningless and that people can be whatever gender they believe themselves to be. On the other hand, weirdly, we’re told it’s hugely important and progressive to obsessively check gender boxes when appointing cabinet members, or, say, the next president of the United States. It all leads to the most laughable of conclusions: We need to focus like a laser on the gender of our next leader to prove that we are enlightened enough to look beyond gender—all while obsessing about gender, nonstop, in all ways, all the time.

Read the whole thing.

Death by Political Correctness

Posted by V the K at 8:05 am - December 3, 2015.
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“If you see something, say something,” the Regime says. But when if someone “sees something” … say a Mohammedan carrying around something that looks like a bomb … and then says something… well, then they lash out with the fury of a million angry progressives for “profiling” and “racism.”

So, naturally


By the way, have you noticed how all of the left-wingers who were saying all weekend that all Christians and Pro-Lifers everywhere were responsible for the Colorado shootings are now saying that it would be wrong to correlate this shooting with Islam because that would be hateful and bigoted?

I notice these things.

So, if you do notice Mohammedans behaving suspiciously, my recommendation is to not report them for planning jihad. Report that they are violating environmental laws and forming a Tea Party group. That will bring down the wrath of the Obama Regime in a hurry.

Update: This Mark Steyn column from 2002 is a reminder of another terrorist incident that was partly enabled by political correctness.

Because of course that’s how they would respond to an act of radical Mohammadan Terror

A pair of radicalized Mohammedans murdered 14 disarmed people in a gun-free zone yesterday. So, naturally, the Obamacrats are demanding more disarmed citizens, more Gun-Free zones, and more Mohammedan immigration from radicalized parts of the world.

When the only tool you know is a hammer, et cetera…

The left also took the opportunity to vent their anti-Christian bile by engaging in a coordinated campaign of prayer-shaming.