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A Cupid Stunt in Missouri

Posted by V the K at 5:44 pm - December 7, 2015.
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Democrats may not have any practical solutions to offer our country’s challenges, but they excel at snark and divisive political stunts.  A dingbat Missouri legislator has decided to propose a law that she says will make getting a gun as difficult as getting an abortion. And, no, she does not mean that minors will be able to buy guns without parental consent at taxpayer expense.

“Since restrictive policies regarding a constitutionally protected medical procedure are the GOP’s legislative priority each year, it makes sense that their same restrictions apply to those who may commit gun violence. Our city mayors and law enforcement drastically need help in saving lives,” Newman said in a statement to St. Louis magazine.

[Pulls out Constitution. Finds nothing in it about Medical procedures.]

I wonder if someone will filibuster her bill, and then run for governor.

I’d say she should stick to making sandwiches, but I bet she sucks at that, too.

Obama’s Elitist Nihilism

Posted by V the K at 9:19 am - December 7, 2015.
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Victor Davis Hanson:

The ideological success of Obama-ism, to the degree that it exists, rests largely in using sympathetic media, universities, foundations, the entertainment industry, and billionaire progressive activists — in the other words, the small but highly wealthy, influential and powerful coastal populations — to convince Americans that it is hip and cool to support agendas that they otherwise suspect, and to scare them that the alternative is a racist, sexist, homophobic America run by wealthy, cruel white male Christians.

The goal of mass migration, open borders, and an expansion of the welfare state was to create new voters, who would be both dependent on those who administered and promised greater government largess and yet enraged at those privileged enough to pay for it. The message was embedded within the non-ending administration disparagement (“spread the wealth,” “you didn’t build that,” “no time to profit,” “punish our enemies,” “nation of cowards,” “my people”) and presidential incitement in the Ferguson and Travyon Martin cases.

Otherwise, there is no Democratic agenda per se that is workable. Progressivism has become as nihilistic as Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and the cry-bully movement on campuses—all liberal children that devoured their parents while winning zero support among the populace.

The Obamacrats’ Desperate Hand-Waving Is a Distraction from Their Failures

Not even six months have passed since the left warned us that the ‘Terror Watch List’ was a dangerously arbitrary list with almost no safeguards. The Government has no duty to inform people they are on the list, there was no due process, and appeals are long and costly. No fewer that 280,000 people are on the secret Terror Watch List who have no known ties to any terrorist group.

But then something happened; Mohammedan terrorists including a woman who had breezed through the Obama Regime’s vaunted “Screening Process” for immigrants and refugees from Muslim lands, murdered 14 people. An administration (and party) prone to fits of desperate hand-waving to take attention away from their spectacular failures decided to change the debate from “How were these dangerous people allowed to commit terror?” to “How can we take advantage of this ‘Wonderful Opportunity‘ (as Obama’s Attorney General Loretta “My Last Name Is My Life” Lynch described the terror-murder of 14 people) to push for the Gun Control we wanted to do anyway.”

And, Voila, the Democrat Party (and some Democrats In All But Label Only {DIABLO}) have decided that a Secret List of “Suspected Terrorists” with no due process and no safeguards is the ideal vehicle for stopping people from owning guns. Never mind that Syed Farook and his lovely burlap sack of a wife would not have been on such a list because he was a respectable public employee and SEIU member (probably), and apparently acquired their weapons through a straw purchaser anyway… which was already illegal.

The Democrats don’t really care about the flaws in the list because their real goal isn’t to stop terrorists from getting guns, but to stop people from acquiring guns generally. The use of the Terror Watch List is just another incremental step in that direction.

But suppose… just suppose… there were such a list of people who could be barred from purchasing weapons. Such a list would have to meet the following criteria:

1. It would have to be completely open; the Government would have to inform you immediately if you were put on it and why

2. It would have to have strict criteria for inclusion such as a provable affiliation to a terror group. And you might add in severe chronic mental illness (not minor issues like insomnia or depression which have led to gun-confiscation in New York and California), and/or a felony conviction.

3. It would have to have safeguards. Most importantly, it would have to have Due Process such as requiring a court order for you to be included on the list.

4. It would have to have a rapid and cost-free appeals process; ideally, limit the Government to ten days to prove you’re a threat and if they fail, you have to be removed.

The Obama Administration’s “No Fly” and “Terrorist Watch” lists meet exactly none of these criteria, and is not a valid tool for depriving law-abiding Americans from their Constitutional and Human Right of Self-Defense.