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The Climate Cult Wishes You to Die Cold and Hungry

Shot: Climate deal will lead to bans on heating and cooking with gas in the UK 
Chaser: UK Winter death toll “to exceed 40,000”


Democrats More Hostile to Due Process More Than Terrorism

Posted by V the K at 8:07 pm - December 15, 2015.
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The GOP generated a bill that would have prevented suspected terrorists from buying guns while protecting the Constitutional Right of Due Process.

Under Republican legislation sponsored by Senator John Cornyn, the federal government may delay the sale of a firearm to someone on the watch list for up to 72 hours. During that time, if the government can show a judge there’s “probable cause”–the same legal standard used to obtain a search warrant–that the individual is plotting terrorism, then the gun sale is denied outright.

It was blocked by Senate Democrats, because they really want this issue on the table television to distract their idiot voters from Obama’s failed terrorism policies.

Also, this is what happened when Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy asked an Obamacrat Apparatchik about Due Process protections and the “No Fly” list.

“What process is afforded a U.S. citizen, not someone who’s overstayed a visa, not someone who crossed a border without permission, but an American citizen—what process is currently afforded an American citizen before they go on that list?” Gowdy asked DHS secretary Kelli Ann Burriesci at a House Oversight Committee hearing.

“I’m sorry, um, there’s not a process afforded the citizen prior to getting on the list,” Burriesci said.

Nor do Democratics want there to be.

From Here, it’s only going to get More Stupid

Posted by V the K at 6:35 am - December 15, 2015.
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At some point, the management of decided to stop being a mere Democrat Propaganda Website and become *The* Website of Angry Stupid Clickbait, providing such gems as:

And lately, the New York Daily News is getting in on the Angry Stupid Clickbait action:

Part of this is corporate strategy; a click is a click even if it is just people coming to see the Freak Show. And, as Red State notes, NYDN is swirling the financial drain anyway.  But I think there’s a political strategy behind it as well.

The Democrat Party learned a lot from the lessons of 2012, the biggest one being that the whole “Mitt Romney wants to outlaw tampons and gave a woman cancer” thing really worked. The Democrat base is the idiocratic left; people who really believe there’s a war on women, that Republicans will outlaw contraception, that Republicans will “put (black people) in chains” as Joe Biden put it, and that the Government can provide Free Stuff forever with no consequences. People like these Democrat Iowa Caucus goers.

Terrorism “is really not that big of an issue to me,” said Michael Fett, a 33-year old musician who will caucus for the first time in February when he backs Sanders. “We have only had a few terrorist attacks here in America where a significant thing happened.”

As the Democrats become ever more dependent on voters who don’t have a friggin’ clue about economics, politics, foreign affairs, or even basic reasoning skills, the media complex that shunts voters to the Democrat Party will ever more take its cues from trashy cable TV.

And now the Democrats are really threatened because Donald Trump is going to cut into their pool of dumb, poorly informed, low-information voters. The Venn diagram of “Stupid People” and “People who will vote for somebody just because he’s a celebrity” looks a lot like the corporate logo of Target stores.


Ted Kennedy: Hero of Chappaquiddick

Posted by V the K at 5:28 am - December 15, 2015.
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Hollywood is re-writing history to suit a leftist agenda; nothing new here.

Sam Taylor-Johnson, who directed Fifty Shades of Grey, is in talks to direct Apex Entertainment’s feature Chappaquiddick. Written by Taylor Allen and Andrew Logan, Chappaquiddick is political thriller that unveils the true story of what is described as the seven most dramatic days of Senator Ted Kennedy’s life. “You’ll see what he had to go through.”

What *he* had to go through? Seriously? This is like when they made a movie about Che Guevara and left out the mass murder and racism.

John H. at Powerline gets it just right:

I suppose you could make an interesting movie about Chappaquiddick. It would be the story of a rich man’s privileged life, one where the death of a “little person” counts for nothing compared with his political ambitions. It would be the story of a political machine whose brain trust didn’t even include Ted–considered by them to be an idiot–in the meeting where they planned a strategy to deal with his vehicular homicide. It would be a story of political corruption and of a debased electorate whose weird devotion to the Kennedys prevented Ted from paying even a minimal price for his fatal cowardice.