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The Progressive Left Hates Christmas; And Other Forms of Joy

Posted by V the K at 11:39 am - December 24, 2015.
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Christmas is another occasion to remind ourselves, Progressive Leftists are miserable bastards and they want you to be miserable, too.


As for me, I will be happy to spend Christmas with that family that some deranged commenters think loathe and hate me. I hope the GayPatriot roundtable will also be spending Christmas with the families that leftists think hate and despise them as well.

The Gift of the Magi – Progressive Version

Posted by V the K at 11:36 am - December 24, 2015.
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A single mother in what was once Great Britain did porn in order to buy Christmas presents for her son.

Megan Clara spent the last year starring in porn movies so she could afford everything on her 5-year-old son Ashton’s Christmas list. The 20-year-old UK resident says she was devastated last holiday season when Ashton complained he didn’t have the same expensive presents as his friends.

“Ashton has wanted a bike for over three years and I’ve finally been able to make his dream come true. It’s an amazing feeling. The only downside is that he now bribes me into buying him toys for being well-behaved,” she said.

There is so much ruin in this story I don’t know where to begin. Commercialized sex – check. Empty materialism – check. Passing on those values to the next generation – check. Defending all of these bad choices – check.