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2015: The Year of the Bully

Posted by V the K at 9:04 am - December 29, 2015.
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Bullies are people who delight in using a position of power to inflict suffering on people with little or no power. As the progressive left accumulated unprecedented power in the Obama Era, they have demonstrated themselves to be peerless bullies.

The Progressive Left dominates the judiciary, the media, and nearly all Government bureaucracies. As such, they were able to force the public to accept gay marriage as a matter of law. The gay left had previously claimed that all they wanted was ‘Equality,’ defined as state recognition of gay relationships as marriages. As it turned out, achieving this goal was not enough. Those who did not support gay marriage had to be punished, had to be forced to acknowledge the greatness of the gay left; whether it was a Silicon Valley Executive who donated to a group supporting traditional marriage, or a mom and pop bakery who declined to participate in a gay wedding. The gay left used their control of the courts, the media, and some government agencies to punish their defeated opponents. They became bullies.

The path from “victim” to bully was even shorter for the sexually dysphoric. Refusing to believe that a human being with a penis is a brave and stunning woman brought down the wrath of the gender-bullies. By the end of the year, the city of New York announced a plan to inflict fines of tens of thousands of dollars on those who offended the sexually dysphoric by not using their preferred made-up pronoun or in any other way offending their self-proclaimed “gender identity.”

2015 also brought the rise of the ‘Cry-Bully.’ The Cry-Bully is a product of what happens when a spoiled and coddled generation of ‘Special Snowflakes’ is incubated in a college environment where victimhood is prized above all else. Above all else, cry-bullies seek the power to deny Free Speech to those who would disagree with them, claiming that such words and opinions are traumatizing to them. Their inability to deal with mere words is to be seen not as neurosis or weakness, but as something ennobling.

As 2015 closes, the front-running candidates for both the Democrats and the Republicans could be described as bullies. Hillary Clinton has a long history of treating underlings, critics, and her husband’s women with abuse and contempt, and her position of power within the Democrat Party has enabled her to construct a primary process that amounts to an anointment. Jeb Bush thought his network of cronies and power players would assure him a walk to the Republican nomination. Instead, he ran into a more traditional type of bully, Donald Trump. To a segment of the Republican Party dispirited and demoralized by their party leadership’s consistent knuckling under to Democrat bullying; Trump’s swagger and insults make some people feel like they are on the other side of the power equation for once. After decades of ‘Go Along to Get Along,’ it can be hard to blame them?