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Symptoms of a Society That Cannot Deal With Reality

Posted by V the K at 12:39 pm - March 31, 2016.
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I’m Not Male. I’m Not Female. Please Don’t Ask Me About My Junk. Also, I’m not just doing this for attention or because it’s trendy, which is why I wrote this article for a mass market publication and am fully available for television interviews.”

I know people who identify as genderqueer, agender, genderfluid, and non-binary who have beards and wax their legs. I know others who sculpt their faces with makeup and prefer suits. I know some who wear no makeup at all and prefer short hair—all sorts of expressions that depend wholly on the individual.

In other words, you know a bunch of people with personality quirks. But instead of shrugging it off and saying, “Whatever,” it’s somehow of critical importance to elevate every deviation from the norm into an “Identity,” and to demand that society change all of its norms and rules to accommodate your self-proclaimed identity.

And then you get angry with people who refuse to live in your fantasy world and demand that they be punished.

A society that is determined to deny biological reality isn’t suited to handle more complex realities either (The Threat of Triumphalist Islamic Expansionism, the Fiscal Unsustainability of Ever Increasing National Debt; the Inevitable Failure of Marxist Economics). This is why I have so little faith in the ability of Western Civilization to survive over the next century.

Special Black Snowflakes: “College is a Barren, Racist Wasteland.”

Posted by V the K at 11:41 am - March 31, 2016.
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The American System of Higher Education is entirely run by and for left-wing socialists. How is it, then, that college campuses have become such hotbeds of racism, to hear the Special Juicebox Wankers tell it?

Alanna Hardy, a black student at the University of Rochester, a $64,000-a-year private school in New York, recently lamented having to spend time at the “barren, racist wasteland that is the U of R.”

Another, Charlisa Goodlet, said that she is a “prisoner within my own city” by having to attend the elite college.

Both live in a blacks-only on-campus mansion that was built by a fraternity and then seized by the school and made into a dorm called the Frederick Douglass Leadership House. Hardy called the segregated dorm an “oasis” where she could recover from the pain of having to be near whites and Asians while walking to class.

Instead of being called out as a spoiled brat, the college president shook her hand and thanked her for having the “courage” to speak out.

The Association of Queer Women and Allies passed out “free contraception” and touted its office as a “safe space.” (It is unclear why the Lesbians thought they needed contraception.)

That last is a puzzler.

Meanwhile, on the left coast:

An activist group at Stanford University is demanding that white people — as well as men of any race who are not transgender — be forbidden from being appointed as the school’s next president or provost.

How about Condoleezza Rice?

April 1 Comes Early at Mother Jones

Posted by V the K at 7:50 am - March 31, 2016.
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Actual Headline: Hillary Clinton Is Fundamentally Honest and Trustworthy

I’ll save you the trouble: Basically, all of her scandals and crimes are just Republicans making sh-t up.

That’s the actual argument.

And it’s good enough if you’re a braindead LIV who only cares about getting your FSFTG, or if you’re just a Democrat who’s as hopelessly corrupt as she is.

By the way: Here’s a link to a YouTube video of Hillary lying for 13 minutes straight.

Climate Change Is Pretty Much the Fraud We Thought It Was

Posted by V the K at 9:08 pm - March 30, 2016.
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So says… one of the Architects of the Climate Change Scam.

If they were honest, the climate alarmists would admit that they are not working feverishly to hold down global temperatures — they would acknowledge that they are instead consumed with the goal of holding down capitalism and establishing a global welfare state.

Have doubts? Then listen to the words of former United Nations climate official Ottmar Edenhofer:

“One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with the environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole,” said Edenhofer, who co-chaired the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change working group on Mitigation of Climate Change from 2008 to 2015.

So what is the goal of environmental policy?

“We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy,” said Edenhofer.

The fact that leftists have been pushing the Full Implementation of Global Socialism as the only way to stop Global Warming was kind of a major hint.

A Word to the Wiseau

Posted by V the K at 1:33 pm - March 30, 2016.
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Donald Trump issued a response today to Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, who has charged his campaign manager with battery.  I believe it went something like this.

YouTube Preview Image

New York Values

Posted by V the K at 8:26 am - March 30, 2016.
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The left-wing Governor of New York is banning state employees from traveling to North Carolina, on the basis that barring biological males from using the women’s bathroom is the worst violation of Human Rights in the History of Everything.

On the other hand, traveling to the Communist Island Gulag of Cuba is something he supports and encourages.

Cuomo recently visited Cuba and even teamed up with JetBlue to encourage travel to the nation, which would “[open] the door to new economic opportunities” for New York businesses. As The Washington Free Beacon points out, however, this move is quite hypocritical in light of the governor’s ban on state travel to North Carolina. Cuba has a horrible history of sending gay and transgender people to prison and labor camps for their ‘deviant lifestyle.’ And while things have certainly improved on the island nation for this minority group, many say they are still harassed and detained by police, and have a difficult time finding work.

I guess the difference is that northeastern leftists prefer Communists to Southern Christians; they understand Communists.

I still don’t see why using the bathroom and locker room appropriate to your biology is such a big, fat, hairy deal… but it seems to be the new Civil Rights/Destroy Traditional Values Crusade of the Embittered Left.

Now, Why Would Europe Suddenly Feel the Need to Segregate Women?

Posted by V the K at 7:55 am - March 30, 2016.
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In Germany, they are introducing Women-Only railcars to protect women from sexual assault.

Germany will join India, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Indonesia as a select few countries that have segregated carriages for women and children.

Gee, Germany didn’t have a problem with rape until very recently. I wonder what could possibly have changed?

So far, barely a peep from feminists about this segregation. They are much too concerned with identifying the correct gender pronouns to use to express to 57 genders, fighting “white privilege,” and figuring out the gender of glaciers to concern themselves with little things like demographic oblivion.

By the way, Britain’s Socialist Labour Party also thinks that segregating the ladies into cars is a great idea. They won’t say it’s because of the Mohammedans… but it’s because of the Mohammedans.

But remember, anyone who is worried about “creeping Sharia” and the dhimmitude of Western culture in the face of Triumphalist Islam is a lunatic and an extremist.

Also, did you hear about the Moderate Mohammedan shopkeeper who wished his Christian patrons a Happy Easter? His fellow Mohammedans beat him to death for it.


Not Worth the Paper It’s Written On

Posted by V the K at 7:19 am - March 30, 2016.
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Remember how the Obama Regime tried to play the Iran Nuclear deal as a really fantastic thing that was going to stop Iran from developing nukes and if they violated it, they were going to “snap back” all the sanctions to ensure compliance? Remember how critics who said that Iran would just use the billions of dollars they got from the deal to finance terror, build weapons, and continue to develop nuclear arms were called “war mongers?”
1. Iran is violating the treaty by developing nuclear weapons and testing ballistic missiles.

Iran will pursue its development of ballistic missiles despite the U.S. blacklisting of more Iranian companies linked to the program, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander said on Monday.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) test-fired several ballistic missiles this month, drawing condemnation from Western leaders who believe the tests violate a United Nations resolution. (…)

In February, the U.N. nuclear watchdog IAEA confirmed that Iran had “exceeded a limit” of its heavy water it is allowed to keep by a tonne. The heavy water is used in nuclear reactors to produce enriched Uranium needed to build a nuclear bomb.

2. Iran is using its windfall to expand its military capabilities.
Iran has embarked on an ambitious military build-up, never before seen in the history of the Middle East, financed by about $150 billion Tehran is set to receive as part of the Obama-Kerry Nuclear Deal. This build-up dwarfs the military budget of Israel, a country Iranian Regime continues to threaten with annihilation.
3. The Obama Regime is not putting sanctions back in place.
Obama Administration has instead responded reluctantly to Islamic Republic of Iran’s repeated testing of ballistic missiles capable to carrying nuclear warheads by blacklisting a handful of Iranian companies.
And has anyone else notices that there’s been a spike in Mohammedan Terror attacks (Paris, Brussels, Lahore, Iraq)  ever since Obama released billions of dollars to Iran? Coincidence?
It is as I said from the beginning, the purpose of the deal was not to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, it was to prevent anyone from attacking Iran while they developed nuclear weapons.
Obama’s disarmament policies have been successful in one area; the US Military has been so thoroughly gutted that it’s running out of bombs to drop on ISIS and the Marines have to scavenge for parts to keep their 40 year old fighter jets flying.  No wonder we can’t even defeat “the JV Team” of Islamist Extremism.

Insane Women Think Gun Owners Should Have Mandatory Psych Exams

Posted by V the K at 9:39 am - March 29, 2016.
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A Protester Calling Itself “Mama Nanny Cat Dog” Thinks Gun Owners Are Crazy.

Kathy Witkowski-Jacobs, a self-identified “hippie” from Arlington who requested to be referred to as “Mama Nanny Cat Dog,” was the lone protestor to show up outside the store. At her feet was a plate of food somebody at NOVA Armory had brought out for her.

“First of all, I think anybody that has a gun needs to get their head examined like we get our eyes checked every year,” she said. “Those that have guns need to get regular yearly check-ups because look at the monster that went into Newtown and annihilated all those babies. It’s not the guns, it’s the gun owners who are unstable.”

She said she knew that there were a lot of gun owners who are stable but she wants all gun owners to undergo yearly psychological evaluations to figure out which ones aren’t. When asked why she opposed the opening of NOVA Armory in particular she said, “Well, there’s guns in there. I don’t want any gun stores. I don’t want any gun stores.”

Also, in an editorial, Hillary Rodham Clinton unveils the key points of her Gun Control Agenda, which lines up well with the “I don’t want any gun stores” view of Mama Nanny Cat Dog.

1. Repeal the law that protects firearms companies from nuisance lawsuits so the Left can sue them out of business.

2. Abolish the law that requires the Federal Government to approve or deny gun sales within 3 days of a background check, so that the Government can deny gun purchases by sitting on background checks indefinitely.

3. Use the arbitrary and inaccurate “No Fly” list as a basis for denying citizens their right to self-defense.

Mama Nanny Cat Dog would approve. And then she would do the  ritual interpretive dance that protects her from the mind-rays of the banana people.

The Fall of the American Empire

Posted by V the K at 9:03 am - March 29, 2016.
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Regular readers are aware of this blogger’s opinion that the United States in its current form is fiscally and socially unsustainable, that the eventual disintegration of the USA is a historical inevitability. Kurt Schlichter — citing the Roman Empire as an example — thinks I’m an optimist.

Obama is the poster child for the ruling class’s decline. He is poorly educated – internalizing your commie prof’s clichés and lies does not make you educated even if your degree says “Harvard” – and utterly without any personal investment through service to his country (Obama in the military? That’s a laugh. Do they make camo mom pants?). Of course he has no respect for our norms and customs – he does not know anything about them and he has no personal investment in them. He has no business running anything, as he has amply demonstrated during perhaps the most damaging presidency since James Buchanan’s.

And then we have Donald Trump, who cares nothing for norms and customs and embraces raw power much as Obama and the left do, only he promises to protect the interests of a different constituency. Trump is a vulgar fool milking phony populism for power, best understood as a particularly tacky Graachi. Unlike them, Trump is both ignorant and a coward, but like them, if he does get elected president, he will be cut off at the knees by the patricians of the establishment.

Hillary Clinton is an even more anti-Republic candidate. Like Trump and Obama, she cares nothing for anything but power. Another sub-par mind trading off her degrees from a half century ago, this unaccomplished, bitter harridan lacks the wisdom to chart a course that avoids aggravating our society’s already gaping wounds. Instead, she’ll pour salt into them for no reason other than her own delight at asserting power, gleefully poking at normals with initiatives like forcing women to accept men into their bathrooms and trying to disarm the law-abiding. Inevitably, she will be stunned when she finds her actions greeted by a reaction she cannot control, and the American Republic will disappear as her rule by power is replaced by her opponents’ rule by power. Oh, we may get a good emperor or two along the way, but history tells us how this story ends.

Read the whole thing.

Is this “Homophobic?”

Posted by V the K at 9:38 am - March 28, 2016.
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Asking for a friend. (I guess I should also explain that Ford, Chevy, and Dodge refer to makes (brands) of pick-up trucks, as some people may need to have that explained to them.)


If this has triggered, traumatized, or otherwise hurt your feelers, please proceed immediately to your nearest “safe space.” Coloring books, plush toys, and hugs from lonely zoftig girls with bad dye jobs will be provided.

Emory Students Defend Why Seeing “Trump 2016” Chalked on the Sidewalk Made Them Wet Their Pants in Pure Fear

Posted by V the K at 4:40 pm - March 26, 2016.
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The Emory University students who protested because of “Trump 2016” chalked on their sidewalks whine to Newsweek about how their tantrum was totally justified and stuff.

“I legitimately feared for my life,” a freshman who identifies as Latino told The Daily Beast. Another student told the publication, “Some of us were expecting shootings. We feared walking alone.”

Because they saw the words “Trump 2016” scrawled in chalk on a sidewalk.

It must be terrible to live in constant, abject fear that someone might say something rude to you, or challenge the things you believe with different arguments and stuff (i.e. “Hate speech”).

Not even Bill Maher is defending this bullshirt.

At least they are somewhat aware of how stupid they look to the rest of America and the world.

Really, what well-adjusted individual wants to be this:

Calling this person a "faggot" would be an insult to effeminate gay men throughout history.

Calling this person a “f—-t” would be an insult to effeminate gay men throughout history.

Constitutional Carry Signed Into Law in Idaho

Posted by V the K at 1:00 pm - March 26, 2016.
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While states with “Common Sense Gun Laws” are prosecuting actors for handling prop guns and confiscating guns from veterans who check in for insomnia treatment, other states are embracing the Constitution and respecting the basic human right of self-defense.

Idaho Governor Butch Otter has signed a bill allowing concealed carry of firearms in city limits Friday afternoon. SB-1389 allows Idahoans who are 21 years or older, to carry a concealed firearm statewide without a permit.

Can you believe his name is Butch Otter? It’s like having a Democrat President named Femme Twink.

Obama: No Real Difference Between Capitalism and Communism

Posted by V the K at 4:59 pm - March 25, 2016.
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Obama  tells Argentinian students that the differences between Capitalism and Communism are merely “intellectual arguments” and by the way Cuba has a fantastic health care system.

Oh, you know, you’re a capitalist Yankee dog, and oh, you know, you’re some crazy communist that’s going to take away everybody’s property. And I mean, those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it neatly fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory — you should just decide what works.

Except, the Communists really did take everybody’s property in the USSR, Cuba, and Venezuela… and there is an ever-increasing appetite for confiscating wealth and property in the United States as well, so that part is not merely an intellectual argument.

Also, Capitalism (or Free Markets, which is the better term) did not murder 100 million people in the 20th Century, or devastate the economies of Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, and Argentina, for that matters, everywhere else a planned, centralized, political economic model has been implemented.

The most successful economy in South America is also the least socialist, and that country is conspicuously absent from the president’s itinerary.


Eurotopian Medical Ethicists: Live Organ Donations Should Be a Thing

Posted by V the K at 1:23 pm - March 25, 2016.
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In Eurotopia, it’s become common practice for doctors to end the lives of people who are disabled, terminally ill, or depressed. So, why let all those juicy red organs go to waste.

An article written by a gaggle of Netherlander doctors and medical professors in the Journal of Medical Ethics, now suggests taking the next step of directly harvesting-to-death sick, disabled, and mentally ill suicidal people (all eligible for euthanasia in both countries) without bothering with the lethal injection beforehand.

Post-Christian Eurotopia is like one gigantic Washington DC of elites thinking they know what’s best and shut up; they are as utterly devoid of morals, ethics, and scruples as a prototype AI put out on Twitter. And we all know how that worked out.


Washingtonian Magazine Admits: Yes, We Despise America and Hold the Rest of You in Contempt

Posted by V the K at 9:12 pm - March 24, 2016.
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Washingtonian Magazine attempts a defense of criticisms of Washington DC made by “flyover state hayseeds ” (Yes, they use that phrasing). They end up validating every criticism… Washington DC really is a place where self-centered elitists really don’t give a damn about anything but their own power and egos and have a sneering contempt for the rest of the country.

“Yes, (our) stock-in-trade is abstractions: statistics, seminars, social science. But those abstractions—that out-of-touchness, if you will—are the very things that help our technocrats rise above parochialism. They don’t worry about the effects of policies on their neighbor or on the business around the corner. Sure, our wonks have a point of view, an ideology even. But they cast their arguments in terms of the national interest, and they mean it. If Washington were allowed to make policy—without the heartland and its parochialism getting in the way—we might actually fix this place.”

So, basically “Shut Up, You stupid hicks. We know what’s best for you and we don’t give a damn about you.”

Which is exactly why people hate Washington.

This arrogance is the number one thing I don’t miss now that I no longer live there.

Hatred and Derangement

Posted by V the K at 5:14 pm - March 24, 2016.
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A writer at the left-wing Huffington Post is happy about a young American being sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea because he’s a white man and as such he deserves it.

I am not making this up.

I’m a black woman though. The hopeless fear Warmbier is now experiencing is my daily reality living in a country where white men like him are willfully oblivious to my suffering even as they are complicit in maintaining the power structures which ensure their supremacy at my expense.

Yes, this country is so racist and discriminatory it lets a complete idiot like you rant about privilege on a popular leftwing website.

But, sadly, she is not this week’s most stupidest leftist. The leading contender for that award goes to the deranged university professor who has threatened to call 911 every time the ROTC does practice drills because they make her feel unsafe.

I am also not making that up.

Also in news of gun-hating derangement, the state of New Jersey is prosecuting an actor for using a prop gun, because it violates New Jersey’s scheme of “Common Sense Gun Laws;” the kind of laws the left wants implemented nationally.

I can’t make anything up more stupid than the left really is.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, the little boy who was used as a stage prop when Obama signed Obamacare into law has gone tranny. Ain’t it funny how many people are deciding they want to be trannies? I mean, given how much society hates trannies and never rewards them with fame, popularity, or special treatment, it’s kinda weird how so many people are signing up for that.

The NFL Pressured the Rams to Draft Michael Sam

Posted by V the K at 1:59 pm - March 24, 2016.
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Apparently, the league was so keen to appease the PC Gay Left that they made a deal with the Rams to make sure they drafted a gay player, even if it turns out he wasn’t really so good.

It will be so much better when an openly gay player makes the NFL on the basis of actually being really good at playing football; and not as an affirmative action hire to appease people who don’t much care for football anyway.

When You’ve Lost Piers Morgan

Posted by V the K at 1:43 pm - March 24, 2016.
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It slowly dawns on the left that Barack Obama is an incompetent narcissist.


Gay Left Hate Group Attacks Christian Easter Procession

Posted by V the K at 8:46 pm - March 23, 2016.
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Funny how we are lectured to never say anything unkind about Mohammedans because “it might lead to violence.” Yet, the left encourages anti-Christian hate speech.

I get so tired of repeating this.

Update:  Meanwhile, the Integration of Mosque and State proceeds apace, as the ACLU nods in approval.