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Fundamentalist Christians Blame Social Media for Homosexuality; Demand Death Penalty for Homosexuality

Posted by V the K at 9:00 pm - April 1, 2016.
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Cue the outrage.

Oh, wait, did I say Fundamentalist Christians? That’s a typo. I meant Mohammedan Clerics.

A newspaper in Saudi Arabia has reported that prosecutors in the country are pushing to enforce the death penalty for homosexuality – because social media is turning people gay.

I guess we can call off the outrage.

Hat Tip: Louder with Crowder

The Fascist Impulse

Posted by V the K at 9:12 am - April 1, 2016.
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Ever since Democrats decided, way back in the seventies, that ‘the personal is political’ (a horrific philosophy that has been devastating to our body politic), left-wing Democrat politicians have sought to take their personal obsessions, resentments, and grudges and use the power of the state to enact them on everyone else.

Take the case of the man-hating California feminist in the California Assembly who used state power to enact retribution against men by saddling them with child support for children they didn’t actually father. Or any number of Democrats who hate guns and therefore think that no one else should be allowed to own one.

Or, take the case of an unelected First Lady of the United States to impose dietary restrictions on everyone else because she sucks at managing the nutritional needs of her own family.

As we learn from Politico, Mrs. Obama was inspired to take on childhood obesity in part because of her own struggles to feed her family well: with both her and her husband working, “family dinners too often slipped into a rotation of fast food, microwaved frozen dinners and pizza,” and her daughters began to get fat. One is tempted to ask: why did she let this happen in the first place, and what does it have to do with a massive campaign spearheaded by the federal government?

As a friend put it: “Michelle apparently can’t work a crock pot, so she takes it out on everybody.”

People who think they know best how to run everyone else’s life are the very last people who should have access to Government power. Unfortunately, our system draws them directly into it.


Neglecting the Basics of Government

If you ever wondered why places that are one-party Democrat fiefdoms (most rust-belt cities, for example) are so dysfunctional and miserable, John di Leo offers an explanation, that I think is in part on point, but misses another part. It’s a long article, but I’ll try and excerpt the main point.

In today’s case, we see the Left react to a very real problem – the downgrading of a city’s bond rating, which means that all new borrowing will become much more costly for the city than it was before – by identifying other very real problems – a plethora of empty buildings – without any hint that he knows why they’re empty or what steps are needed to fill them, without recognizing that these are all just more symptoms of other, deeper problems.

It is indeed the chicken-or-egg problem, on the grand scale.  Chicago has lost about two-sevenths of its population since its high-water mark in the 1950s.  Rather than seeming to care why the city is bleeding residents, it just looks on it as yet another challenge, not as a symptom of something else.

Ask the very same question of a conservative, and you would receive a very different answer.

Why was our bond rating downgraded again; what does this mean to us?

“That’s a softball question,” a conservative would reply. “it was downgraded because a city that’s been bleeding both population and jobs for generations, plagued with high crime, a greedy leviathan, and a welfare state population locked in stasis, is simply unsustainable. The idea that there’s enough duct tape in America to keep this wreck together indefinitely is obviously fiction.”

“But if you want a hardball question,” the conservative would continue, “ask how to solve it.”

Di Leo correctly identifies a symptom — the refusal of Democrats to govern in accordance with common sense principles of economics and the role of Government in providing basic services. But he doesn’t get into why Democrats govern that way.

Certainly, some of it is because politicians generally and Democrat politicians especially are corrupt. But even the ones who aren’t in it for the graft have motivations that are at odds with good governance. It’s not simply that they don’t grasp basic economics or the basic role of Government,  it’s that theygo into Government with the goal of imposing a Utopian Ideology on everyone else, and being lauded for it by their peers in the media.

While Democrats go on endless crusades to “Fight Climate Change,” outlaw the private ownership of firearms, and ensure transgender bathroom equality… they neglect the necessary and unglamorous work of Government.  I guess because People and Esquire don’t do fawning profiles of politicians who balance the budgets, fix the streets, and clean the deadweight out of state and municipal bureaucracies.

By the way, the Illinois “Human Rights Commission” has fined a Christian business owner $80,000 for declining to participate in a gay wedding.  Freedom of speech and freedom of religious conscience are apparently not Human Rights, as far as the state of Illinois is concerned.