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If You Thought the Girl Scout Cookie Thing Was the Stupidest Thing You Would Read Today…

Posted by V the K at 5:01 pm - April 5, 2016.
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… Think Again: Washington Post Juicebox Wanker: I have a serious reason for raising my cats gender-neutral.

The cats’ lives wouldn’t change, I reasoned, and it would help me learn to use plural pronouns for my friends, neighbors and colleagues who individually go by they, their and them. Even though using they, them and their as singular pronouns grates on many people because it’s grammatically incorrect, it seems to be the most popular solution to the question of how to identify people without requiring them to conform to the gender binary of female and male. It also just feels right to refer to people as they wish to be referred to.

Not to mention, since Transgendereds are really trendy right now, it got “freelance writer Lauren Taylor” a story in the Washington Post and makes her a finalist when she runs into her other wankers at Whole Foods or and they hold their weekly “Wankers Trying to Out-Virtue-Signal Other Wankers” contest.

I don’t really care if one deranged woman decides she is going to use her “fur-children” as stand-ins for people she may or may not know who may or may not suffer from the trendy mental illness of gender dysphoria.  But that a major newspaper thought this was newsworthy is fracking ridonkulous.

Juicebox Wankers Deconstruct Girl Scout Cookies

Posted by V the K at 4:14 pm - April 5, 2016.
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One of the reasons… one of the many reasons… I think Bernie Sanders is an idiot is because of his promise of ‘free college for everybody, man.’ The main product of American Higher Education, theses days, is idiotic screeds like this in the guise of scholarly research.

Smart Cookies: The Gendered Spaces of Labor, Citizenship, and Nationalism in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale

Based on a two-year study on the Girl Scout cookie sale, using qualitative methods and rooted in feminist methodologies, this project seeks to understand how ‘spaces of giving’ emerge in the cookie sale and how these spaces shape social constructions of gender, citizenship, and national identity.

I am not making this up.

The Perpetually Offended Are Once Again Offended

Posted by V the K at 3:17 pm - April 5, 2016.
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Declining overpriced casual clothing store ‘The Gap’ or more precisely, Gap Kids, has withdrawn and apologized for an ad for it’s Ellen DeGeneres line of ugly clothing for children because Special Juicebox Wankers whined that it was racist. Here’s the picture. Can you find the ‘racism?’



You know what would have been worse? If one of the white kids had been holding chalk!

Hateful Sex Columnist Is Hateful

Posted by V the K at 7:29 am - April 5, 2016.
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Dan Savage’s schtick is based on two things: bitter, unhinged hatred of Republicans, Christians, and decent people in general and encouraging people to have promiscuous sleazy sex. Which is why, despite having all the charm of a cold sore, he’s become the leading media spokesperson for the LGBT subculture. His values and those of the media align pretty much perfectly.

In his latest “Savage Love” column in 50 papers, leftist gay activist/sex columnist Dan Savage discussed a recent talk he gave at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco as part of their lecture series “Uninhibited: About Sex.” He was celebrating what he called “the sex-positive movement” and the 25th anniversary of what he called “my skeezy sex column.”

“I’m not at all concerned about the potential destruction/implosion of the GOP—those [swear words, because queens who want to look tough use lots of swear words] have it coming—but with the likelihood of political violence. I’m concerned that black and brown people—Latinos, Muslims, African Americans—will be subjected to more political/social/economic violence than they already are. People will die as a direct result of Trump getting the GOP nomination. This is a terrifying moment.”

In reality, people are already dying because of the Obama-Bush loosy-goosey immigration policy. Fourteen were murdered in San Diego by an Islamist who got through the Obama Administration’s screening process apparently using a fake name that no one even bothered to check. Hundreds more die as a result of gang violence, drunk drivers, and violent crime because of the Obama Administration’s refusal to control who gets into this country, and refusal to deport anyone until *after* they commit a violent crime.

Dan Savage is probably okay with illegal immigrants murdering people because some of them might be Republicans.