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And All This Time I’ve Been Told There’s No Comparison

Posted by V the K at 8:33 pm - April 7, 2016.
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Not making this up.

Asked “can paedophiles actually change?”, the expert wrote: “I believe Paedophilic Disorder is a sexual orientation with individual that are attracted to child features. In other words, an individual with paedophilia has the same ingrained attraction that a heterosexual female may feel towards a male, or a homosexual feels towards their same gender. 

Gee, it’s a good thing the socialist left doesn’t make a habit of normalizing and mainstreaming deviant sexual practices.

It is my understanding that according to Rule 46 of the Lefty Comment Troll Handbook that anyone who does not explicitly and vigorously denounce the opinion expressed in the linked article can be accused of fully agreeing with it; just as someone who does not constantly denounce each and every occurrence of anti-gay violence (by non-Mohammedans) can be accused of supporting anti-gay violence.

Just for the record, I reject and condemn any effort to normalize and mainstream paedophilia or tolerance of paedophilia, as should be clear from the context.  And I’m not a supporter of anti-gay violence either; except for obnoxious left-wing gay activists who incite violence and hatred, seek to deny other people their rights, and frankly deserve to get punched in the face.

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Norwegian Leftist Feels Guilty For Being Raped by Immigrant

Posted by V the K at 10:00 am - April 7, 2016.
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A left-wing Norwegian politician was raped by a Somalian immigrant. Now, *he* feels guilty for… I don’t know… being European and stuff.

“I got a strong feeling of guilt and responsibility,” Hauken wrote. “I was the reason he wouldn’t be in Norway, and instead be sent to an unknown future in Somalia. He had already done his time in prison. Would he get punished again, and this time much harder?”

Kind of the Eurotopian left in a nutshell: “We feel so much guilt because our ancestors had colonies and because we have money that we’re going to bring in uncivilized people to rape us and take our welfare; because we deserve it.”

“In his culture, sexual abuse is about power, not lust,” Hauken said. “And it’s not considered a gay action to be the one who engages in power and violence.”

“I don’t feel anger against my rapist, because I look at him as a product of an unjust world. A product of an upbringing full of war,” Hauken said.

What this all means, according to Hauken, is that refugees need our help more than ever.

I can’t even.

 A Quebec aboriginal man who repeatedly burned a five-year-old girl with a cigarette, leaving permanent scars on her face, arms, legs and genitalia, has been given a lenient sentence after a judge determined he is a “collateral victim” of residential school abuse.
“The court imposes a less severe sentence on Mr. Bellemare considering the consequences experienced by the community because of residential schools and the aboriginal reality,” Lambert ruled.

The Implicit Racism of Hillary and Bernie’s Campaign

One thing that’s been fascinating to watch this election cycle is Hillary and Bernie tacitly repudiating Obama. One would expect — after eight years of a Democratic Presidency that’s been lauded as so successful by the media — that they would be saying, “Obama did a fantastic job, the country has never been more secure or more prosperous.” Instead, both of them are running on a platform, essentially, that “America sucks.” The economy is terrible. Income inequality is terrible. Race relations are the worst they’ve been since the 1950’s. This is what you would expect an opposition candidate to be saying, not the incumbent party. When Bill Clinton references “the awful legacy of the last 8 years …” that’s pretty disrespectful to the Man in the White House.

At the same time, they are not repudiating Obama’s actual policies, but promising to accelerate and expand them across the board. Therefore, the implication is not that Obama’s policies are wrong-headed but that Obama has not implemented them properly. So what they are saying, in effect is, “Democratic Socialism will work, but only if old white people like us are in charge of it.” And they point to some of the whitest countries on Earth… Sweden and Denmark… as their “proof.”

Also, the Democrat policy prescriptions they embrace are all pretty much the kind of Government Paternalism that was once called “The White Man’s Burden;” the notion that minorities and the poor are simply incapable of looking after themselves. Therefore, they must have welfare programs, they must have housing programs, they must be given preferential treatment. Not only that, but the Government must even micromanage their diets, mircomanage their health care, and constantly talk up how wonderful these communities are because they are like sensitive, dysfunctional children whose feelings must not be aroused lest they start screaming and breaking things.

The condescension with which Democrats treat minorities is fascinating; the fact that minority communities seem to lap it up and reward them with votes is even more fascinating.

Do you ever wonder if the incessant media/elite focus on “social justice” — hissy fits over transgender bathrooms, accusations that anything and everything is racist — primarily serves to keep their ill-educated, resentful base preoccupied from questioning why the people who claim to care so much about income inequality have proven to be really good at keeping and even growing their own wealth while the rest of society declines?

As the “GapKids” item from earlier this week indicates, the left can literally find racism anywhere they look. Hillary and Bernie’s campaign seem to be a bit more obvious in the disrespect they show to America’s First Black* President, but they seem to be pretending not to notice.

The Grapes of Math

Posted by V the K at 8:54 am - April 7, 2016.
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California (and New York) imposed $15-an-hour minimum wage laws that will be phased in over the next five years.  This is what is going to happen:

  1. Big Businesses will replace as much of their work-force as possible with automation.
  2. Small businesses will go out of business or relocate to more business-friendly states.
  3. All businesses will try to get more done with fewer workers.
  4. Contrary to what the left claims, welfare rolls will not be reduced because welfare recipients adapt to minimum wage increases by working less so they can stay on welfare.