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When Chalk Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Chalk

Posted by V the K at 2:32 pm - April 14, 2016.
Filed under: Academia,Free Speech

DePaul University has banned sidewalk chalk; because cisnormative microaggression triggers.

“While these chalk messages are part of national agendas in a heated political battle, they appeared on campus at a time of significant racial tension in our country and on college campuses. DePaul is no exception,” Depaul’s vice president for student affairs Eugene Zdziarski wrote in a campus-wide email obtained by Campus Reform. “The university has been addressing campus climate issues in an effort to provide an inclusive and supportive educational environment. In this context, many students, faculty and staff found the chalk messages offensive, hurtful and divisive.”

Massachusetts Governor Hasn’t Kneeled Enough to Please Gay Left

Posted by V the K at 10:13 am - April 14, 2016.
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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has bent over backwards to accommodate and codify into law the Gay Left’s social agenda. However, he was recently disinvited from a Gala hosted by the Gay Leftist National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce because:

  1. He attended a conference in Las Vegas that also happened to be attended by people the Gay Left doesn’t like.
  2. 2.His support of a Tranny Bathroom Bill was deemed insufficiently enthusiastic.

There’s also an ambition Democrat State Legislator in the mix who maneuvered to have the Republican Governor disinvited (which suggests that the stated reasons for the disinvitation are bogus, and he was really disinvited for political reasons), and the Gay Left happily obliged.

Either way, there is a lesson to be learned here. One, you have to be in absolute obedient lockstep with the gay left (as difficult as that is to do when you’re on your knees) because the slightest deviation will not be tolerated. Two, if you are a Republican, you will probably be unwelcome anyway because the Gay Left is pretty much just a segment of the Democrat Coalition anyway.

The Queer Left and Its Hatred of Parents and Other Adults

Posted by V the K at 7:05 am - April 14, 2016.
Filed under: Gay PC Silliness

‘Adultism’ is the latest form of hate, or privilege, or whatever

Parents know what’s best for their children? At the risk of tossing tons of other scenarios aside, we LGBTQIA+ kids have heard that last one plenty while trying to grow up while out. Parents say we’re not bi. Or queer. Or a boy. Or non-binary.
They give us labels at birth and expect us to adhere to them. And when we don’t? Certainly it’s because our parents simply know us better than we know ourselves.
It couldn’t possibly be that parents are — gasp! — people who are ultimately a different being than their children.
But what of my suggested inability to provide parental advice when I’m not a parent myself? Okay, I give you that one. But the thing is that article wasn’t on parental advice.
It was an article on children’s basic human rights, which we tend to so grossly overlook.
How did that point so quickly get turned right back around to focus on the parents instead of the children?
Because adultism. . . .